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«OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Thank you for choosing a Crusader caravan. Welcome to the Crusader family. We wish you safe, enjoyable and trouble free ...»

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Thank you for choosing a Crusader caravan. Welcome to

the Crusader family. We wish you safe, enjoyable and

trouble free caravanning.

To assist you with familiarizing yourself with your caravan and its’ components we have

prepared this basic handbook for your easy reference. We trust it is of benefit to you

Basic Cleaning Just like your car, your caravan requires regular inspection, maintenance and cleaning. Clean the outside to remove any dirt and apply a suitable polish to protect it from the elements. Clean the inside surfaces with an anti-bacterial cleaning solution and vacuum the floor. If you plan to clean the upholstery and curtains, choose a warm day so you can leave the door and windows open.


Note: provisions of your caravan warranty coverage determine that you must have your caravan serviced and inspected on a regular basis by a recognised Crusader Caravans service agent Start at the front of the caravan Check Couplings Off road type couplings: Ensure coupling moves freely – oil or grease as necessary Fixed Couplings: check the operation of spindle and screw nut.

NOTE: On all couplings, trigger lock on handle should be moving freely and in good condition (oil regularly).

Check Handbrake Check for corrosion where base plate affixes to the A frame.

Hand brake lever should move freely and lubricated regularly Check condition of brake cable and pulleys.

Check Safety Chains Inspect for signs of rust or cracks at fixing point on caravan draw bar Chains must be long enough to reach towbar chain hooks (crossed over) allowing for cornering.

Check Jockey Wheel Handle and wheel should turn freely (if lubrication is needed, squirt oil under handle to travel down shaft).

Wheel should spin on axle freely.

Check jockey wheel clamp and clamp bolt for easy operation.

If your caravan is being stored for extended periods and is not under cover it is imperative that regular checks of the caravan be made to ensure that there is no evidence of damage to the inside of the caravan particularly after heavy or prolonged periods of rain.

The caravan door, windows and hatches should be opened on a regular basis to air the caravan interior Chassis frame Should be checked regularly for rust and stress fractures, particularly outriggers and all cross member fixing points, ‘A’ frame, springs and spring hangers and stabiliser legs.

Check for signs of movement around spring hangers, shackle plates and bushes, U-bolts and fish plates.

Check corner stabilisers for ease of movement and ensure handle is in good condition.

Check pull out step for cracks, rust and ease of operation.

Check Wheels, Rims & Tyres Check wheel rims for buckles, cracks or other damage after each trip.

Check tyres for signs of unusual or excessive wear from under/over inflation or wheel alignment problems.

Bearings and oil seals should be inspected and repacked regularly.

Electric brake wiring should be checked regularly for damage or disconnect Wheel nut tightness and tyre pressures should be checked regularly but should be checked at least every 1500 kilometres Check Water Tank Check hoses for leaks, kinks, signs of damage Check hose clamps for tightness.

Check tank straps for signs of cracking, rust or looseness.

Check water tank stone protector condition Corner Moulds, windows & door Inspect sealing around corner moulds, windows & doors etc. should be checked regularly for cracks, holes or dislodgement which may allow water entry.

After heavy or prolonged rain check the inside of the van for water leaks.

Exterior Lighting It is an important safety factor that all 12V brake indicator, tail and running lights should be operative and lenses not faded. These should be checked before each departure Check rubber seals around all exterior light bases to prevent intrusion of water.

Check 12V wiring and plug for any signs of breakage or insect nests in 12V plug.

Gas Fittings Check gas connections by turning gas bottle on and spraying fittings with soapy water. If bubbles occur it means there is a gas leak. Turn gas off at the gas bottle, Check flexible hose for fraying or kinks.

Main Door Lubricate door lock and hinges with light oil (CRC type) regularly Check condition and operation of annex roller and cabin hooks.

Door lock tongue and striker plate should be regularly checked for signs of wear.

Interior of Van Hatches and operating mechanisms should be cleaned regularly.

All flyscreens (pop tops only) should be intact and cleaned regularly Check cupboard door hinges and stays ease of operation Cupboard locks should be lubricated to avoid jamming which may strain and break lock.

Fridge and stove should be firmly fixed to surrounds - loose bolts could result in appliance jarring loose in travel. (Grasp appliance and attempt to move back and forth).

Check mattresses regularly for signs of moisture retention - causes premature wear.

Any discolouration of ply lining around hatch, windows, ceiling, or wall corners indicates the ingress of water. Rectification of this problem should be attended to without delay Running Operation Connect the caravan tow plug to your vehicle and ensure all the caravan’s lights, indicators and brake lights work correctly. This procedure should be done prior to each departure Repairs Any suspected fault or damage to your caravan must be reported and attended to without delay by an authorised Crusader Caravans repair agent for warranty to be valid. Failure to notify and have corrected any known or suspected fault or damage to your caravan by an authorised representative of Crusader Caravans could void your warranty IMPORTANT NOTE: Any suspected problems with gas lines, gas appliances or any electrical fault should be referred to a qualified gas fitter or qualified electrician respectively and should not be tampered with by an unqualified person.

Caravan awning Awnings are a valuable part of a caravan. They effectively double the amount of space available.

It is advisable after every trip to wash the awning down and leave extended to dry. If stored for a long period of time it should be extended every 6 months or so to check for mould, etc.

Do not use ordinary household detergents when washing the awning as it may destroy the water resistant coating. Washing with a mild truck wash should keep most of the mould and mildew at bay or a product such as "Tricleanium". Which is 100% alkaline salts not acid like CLR or Sulfuric acid. Reapply a water resistant spray if necessary. For particularly stubborn stains use CHUX Magic Eraser from the laundry aisle of your supermarket. Keep an eye on any repairs that may need attention with your awning, as catching them early can mean the difference between a simple repair or a costly replacement.

–  –  –


Please note: Every effort has been put into ensuring the accuracy of this booklet however Crusader Caravans do not take responsibility for any discrepancy that may exist.


Thirvale Pty Ltd in Trustees for The Seranth Trust trading as Dreamhaven Caravans – ABN: 20 799 107 499 8 Dreamhaven Court, Epping, VIC 3076 – Po Box 1105, Epping DC, VIC 3076 T: 03 9408 0166 F: 03 9401 5225 E: admin@crusadercaravans.com.au


The water pump is operated by an isolation switch located inside the van (as seen below) IMPORTANT.

When connected to mains water pressure, ensure that this isolation switch is turned off – OTHERWISE you will continue to pump water from your water tanks and NOT mains water.




The water pump is normally located under the fridge or in a separate cupboard nearby.

See picture below.







!1 !


The water tanks are controlled by two separate isolation valves. It is ideal to close off one of these valves to ensure that water is only pumped from one tank at a time. This will prevent the pump drawing air from an empty tank if both valves are open. Then once this tank has emptied shut off and open the other valve to the water tank with water. This will then enable water to be pumped from the second tank without experiencing any difficulty or damage to the pump.

(Pumping dry and burning out) Isolating either valve restricts the flow of water from either tank. (See Below) !


There are two methods in filling your water tanks.

Firstly manually through the water fillers....




Secondly through the main pressure connection and via the switch valves underneath the caravan, by simply opening them to allow water !2 to fill the tanks. Once completed, you will notice two clear pipes also underneath the caravan. These clear pipes are your overflow indicators. You can now switch the valves off and continue to use main pressure once the tanks are full.

Ensure that these valves are switched off when operating the water pump otherwise the pump may draw air into the system.



When connected to mains water pressure, ensure that the pump isolation switch is turned off – OTHERWISE you will continue to pump water from your water tanks and NOT mains water.


If you discover that there is minimal water flow when operating under the water pump or there is obvious indicating that air is in your water pipes. You need to bleed the system.

Procedure: Open all taps (Ensuite – vanity – shower – kitchen – A frame tap) Turn on water pump. Proceed to A frame tap....once water is flowing normally turn tap off....follow same procedure with kitchen tap – vanity and shower.

The system has now been bled of any air pockets.

–  –  –

You can check this by releasing the pressure release valve to ascertain that there is continuous water flow out from the unit. See picture 1.

picture 1:!

If not – ensure that the mains water is connected to the caravan or ensure that your water pump switch is operating (Picture 2) and there is sufficient water in the water tanks fitted to the van.

Picture 2:!

–  –  –

IMPORTANT: There are three 240volt switches associated in using the hot water unit.


Step 1. Inside the van, as pictured below (picture ‘A’) you will find a Hot Water isolation switch.

This switch is used to turn on the 240 volt power point where the HWU is plugged into to operate the unit.

Picture ‘A’!


Step 2. This ‘On / Off’ switch (picture ‘B’) is located on the unit and accessed from the external hatch opening.

This is the main 240 volt switch to the unit and must be left on at all times as the isolation switch (picture ‘A’) works in conjunction with this switch (picture ‘B’)

–  –  –

The hot water unit is connected to a 240 volt power (on/off) wall switch located inside a cupboard near the unit. Ensure that this is plugged in and switched on.

See below:


! !


If either one of these three switches is in the ‘OFF’ position then the hot water unit will not operate under 240 volt power.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Gas Operation:

–  –  –








Remove cover before turning hot water unit on… otherwise unit will not operate !






12 Volt power is drawn from the battery via the ‘Battery Protector’ switch which is located in the front boot of the caravan. (in most caravans).....The battery protector switch must remain in the OFF positions, because the 12 volt power supply has bypass this switch (NOT bypassed the battery protector unit)

–  –  –


The ‘CUT OUT VOLTAGE’ switch is located under the ON/Off switch on the ‘Battery Protector’ this should be left on 11.0 Volts to ensure that the battery does not exceed the voltage output.


IMPORTANT: If the caravan is being used for lengthy periods under ‘House Power’ only. This may result in loss of power due to the

–  –  –

If this occurs YOU MAY lower the voltage output switch to 10.5 or 10 volts to reduce power. But always ensure that you return this switch back to 11.0 volts when battery is fully charged.




This battery protector is governed by a 50amp fuse. The amber lights needs to be ‘on’ to ensure there is a 12 volt supply to the caravan.




The battery charger is a devise designed to charge the battery when it is plugged into 240volt mains power or a generator.


If your van is fitted with Solar Panels then the battery is charged via the Solar Controller (Regulator) !13 When the charger is operating correctly the ‘On Charge’ light will activate. If this fails then check that the lead is correctly plugged in to the power point and the back of the unit. The battery charger also has an ‘on/off’ switch on the unit this should remain ‘ON’ at all times.

A fuse is located at the rear of the unit which needs to be unscrewed from the unit.

What will accompany the “On Charge Light” will be one of the three other lights.....”Bulk”....Absorption”......”Float”.....if this doesn’t occur check unit.

If charger is ON, but still no charge is taking place then check nearby fuse.

–  –  –


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