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«Rev. Johnny R. Davis 787 Queensbury Drive Montgomery, AL 36116 334-281-7481 godson3307 Crusader-in-Chief Bro. Levert Hedgemon III 2206 – E. ...»

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Dr. Lillie Thomas, President



Dr. Vernon Swift, President




Rev. Johnny R. Davis 787 Queensbury Drive Montgomery, AL 36116 334-281-7481 godson3307@aol.com Crusader-in-Chief Bro. Levert Hedgemon III 2206 – E. 56th Street Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35405 (205 561-6658) (205 826-8513) Table of Contents Table of Contents ---------------------------------------------------- 3 Foreword -------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 Purpose/Objectives --------------------------------------------------------- 5 Ages/Colors/Uniform -------------------------------------------------------- 5 How to Organize a Crusader Chapter -------------------------------------- 6 Goal/Motto/Watchword/Creed ---------------------------------------------- 6 Duties of Officers ------------------------------------------------------------- 7 Order of Meeting -------------------------------------------------------------- 8 Pledges/Flag Ceremony ------------------------------------------------------ 8 - 9 Carrying Out a Motion ------------------------------------------------------- 10 Crusader Princess/Parent Council ------------------------------------------ 10 Mission As a Crusader ------------------------------------------------------- 11 Crusader Training and Development Curriculum ------------------------ 12 – 21 Rites of Passage Ceremony -------------------------------------------------- 22 - 23 Young Men’s Auxiliary ------------------------------------------------------ 24 State Competitions ------------------------------------------------------------ 25 – 32 Bible Lessons (2015 – 2016) ------------------------------------------------ 33 - 46 Suggested Monthly Activities ---------------------------------------------- 47 - 48 God Squad - ------------------------------------------------------------------- 49 Bible Books - ----------------------------------------------------------------- 50 Articles of Faith for the Baptist Church ----------------------------------- 51 Crusader Songs ----------------------------------------------------------------- 52 Rotation of Elected Officers ------------------------------------------------- 53 Officers Directory ------------------------------------------------------------ 54


Our Crusaders Guide is an aid to help our Counselors teach and direct our young men. The Guide is design to give the overall programs of the Crusaders Department and basic operating instructions. All the information, such as, how to organize, goal, motto, watchword, etc.

are all designed to unify young Christian men in the State of Alabama.

Our Theme this year is “Crusaders With Courage, Confidence, And The Power Of Love.” We believe that God has given us everything necessary for us to win the battle. Therefore we will move forward with courage, confidence, and the power of Love. With a common goal and a steadfast purpose, we will be able to overcome any obstacle in our way.

This Guide includes a structured mentoring program that can be used to instill a sense of manhood for our young men. This mentoring process builds strong relationships among our Crusaders and our Counselors.

The Crusader Training and Development Curriculum, along with the Weekly Lessons, offers a Bible centered approach to youth development. With this consistent and comprehensive effort to train our young men, we can give them the tools that are necessary for them to succeed.

Finally, a guide can only give guidance when it is followed.

Therefore we encourage our Counselor to use the information and ideas put forth in this guide. Keep in mind that it is only a guide to aid and not a law book to dictate. Feel free to use some individual creativity as you teach and carry out your Crusaders program. The rewards are always great.

–  –  –


The purpose of the crusaders’ organization is to provide organized and attractive programs where boys and young men can grow spiritually, morally, socially, educationally, and physically.


1. Each crusader will accept the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Savior.

2. Each crusader will acquire a meaningful knowledge of the Holy Scriptures.

3. Each crusader will be able to apply the Word of God to his every day living.

4. That each crusader will be actively involved in the mission and ministry of the church.


1. Bible study will be conducted weekly or bi-weekly.

2. Training in Christian principles will be done through various activities.

3. Recreational and sports activities will be held regularly.

4. Missionary projects will be planned and implemented.

5. Crusaders will be involved in local, state, and national assemblies.

AGES There are four units of the Crusaders’ Department, which may meet together for devotion, business, and fellowship but later separate for studies,

activities, and outreach ministries. The units are as follows:

Junior Unit 9-11 Intermediate Unit 12-14 Senior Unit 15-17 Young Men’s Auxiliary, Ages 18-35 (Boys younger than nine may be included as trainees)

–  –  –

How to Organize a Crusader Chapter

1. The president of the missionary society should get the consent of the pastor.

2. The pastor along with the sponsoring group should appoint a well-qualified adult person as the Chapter Counselor.

3. Call a meeting of all the boys and young men of the church.

4. Discuss the goals and objectives of the chapter.

5. Elect officers.

6. Invite the District Counselor or a Local Counselor to help in the initial planning.

7. Send the name of the Chapter, along with the name, address, and phone number of the Chapter Counselor to the State Counselor.

8. Proceed with regular meetings and activities, using the Crusader Guide for directions.

–  –  –

1. CRUSADER-IN-CHIEF – shall preside at all of the chapter meetings. He shall strive for the success of the chapter and shall direct the overall business.

2. FIRST ASST. CHIEF – shall preside in the absence of the Chief, or at his directions. He shall serve as chairman of the Membership Committee.

3. SECOND ASST. CHIEF – shall preside in case his two major officers are absent. He shall serve as chairman of the Recreation Committee.

4. THIRD ASST. CHIEF – shall preside when all other Chiefs are absent. He shall serve as chairman of the Benevolence Committee.

5. CHAPTER RECORDER – shall record the minutes of each meeting and any other records designated by the Chapter. He will need to be accurate, regular in attendance and neat in order to keep records well.

6. CHAPTER SCRIBE – shall correspond with other chapters and State Officers, and report as directed. He shall perform the duties of the recording secretary in the absence of the recorder

7. CHAPTER STEWARD – shall keep account of all monies received and spent and report the same to the organization. He shall aid in the teaching of stewardship of money and enlist every member in the principles of tithing.

8. HISTORIAN – shall keep records and keep the chapter informed of the past achievements of the Crusader program.

9. PARLIAMENTARIAN – shall know basic rules of how to conduct the meeting and shall keep the meetings in order.

10. CHAPLAIN/DEVOTIONAL LEADER – shall carefully plan the music and devotion for each meeting. He should involve others in the devotion.

11. OUTREACH LEADER – shall plan witnessing activities to bring others to Christ.

12. CHAPTER HERALD – announces meetings and heads the Publicity Committee.

–  –  –

I pledge allegiance to the Christian Flag and to the Savior for whose kingdom it stands; one brotherhood, uniting all mankind into service and love.

–  –  –

What is the definition for ‘Pledge’? A pledge is a promise or vow. What is a vow? A vow is a solemn promise to do something or to live, or act a certain way.

When we accept Christ as our personal Savior, we make a commitment to turn from the old way that we lived and to live life a new way. Often the minister will ask you how long are you willing to serve Him, and most often your reply is, “for the rest of my life”. There you have made a promise or a vow to live a life, which would be pleasing to God.

–  –  –

1. Motion is made.

2. Motion is seconded

3. Motion is restated by president.

4. Is there any discussion?

5. Discussion.

6. Are you ready to vote?

7. Ready / Not Ready.

8. Restate the motion.

9. Those in favor say, “Yes”; those opposed say, “No”.

10. Motion approved; Motion not approved

–  –  –

The Crusader Princess for your chapter can be chosen from either the Red Circle or the Sunbeam Band. She is an honorary member of the chapter, but has no vote.

She is elected bi-annually and graces the platform on all special Crusader programs.

The Crusader Princess represents all that is pure, gracious, and beautiful in womanhood. Each Crusader Princess attending the Annual State Convention will be honored in the State Princess Court. Each will march in the Grand Procession and will be seated with their various escorts during the featured presentation. She will wear a white dress.


Much effort should be made to involve parents in the Crusaders’ Program. A good approach is to organize a Crusader Parent Council. The purpose of the council

will be to:

Provide assistance to the counselor in promoting the crusaders’ program.

Provide direct involvement of parents with their children.

Follow these steps in organizing the council:

1. Discuss with the Missionary President and Pastor and secure their approval.

2. Call together as many parents of crusaders as possible for an organizational meeting and presentation of purposes.

3. Select a Chairperson and task Force workers. Task Force Workers will be responsible for assisting the counselor with various needs of the chapter like transportation, convention trips, socials, money, refreshment, recreation, etc.

4. Decide on frequency of CPC meetings. (Also plan periodic chapter meetings with parents,)

5. Set up any other guidelines or procedures appropriate for your chapter.

Use the council extensively in helping to promote a full and rich program for the chapter.


The book of Acts is the first flaming missionary report of a world crusade. The twelve who followed Jesus through Galilee were typical representatives of the missionary movements that were to follow down to this present day.

The 12 were chosen for fellowship and training that He might send them forth to make the whole world spiritually, mentally, and physically fit. This flaming evangelical spirit of the missionary crusade also characterized the life of Christians who fought infidels for Palestine. The sacred places of the church were profaned or destroyed and to the Christians of Europe, Jerusalem was to be a holy spot. The tomb of Jesus, the Mount of Olives, and the life and death of Christ were sacred. Splendid heroism, religious self-sacrifice, and Christian devotion led many to join this missionary crusade to keep Jerusalem holy.

The Children’s Crusade, which took place in 1212, was one of the strangest happenings in history. An army of French children, led by a peasant boy named Nicholas, crossed the Alps by a more eastern route. This band of children and young people called for the quest of Jerusalem. They marched from town to town in search of the Holy Land. Out of this background of comradeship and understanding of shared failures and successes, we call upon you to join this noble company of pathfinders of the World Missionary Crusade.

What is a Crusader? A crusader is a disciple of Christ.

Disciple: one who accepts not only the views of the teacher, but also attempts to put them into practice. What does this mean, “A Disciple of Christ”? That means that first of all, I have to accept Christ as my Lord and Savior. I’ve got to believe that Christ died for me and that He wants me to live my life according to His instructions, which are found in the Holy Bible.

As a Disciple of Christ, I must read His Word everyday. He has clear instructions how He wants us to live. He wants us to treat everybody with love and kindness. When there is an elderly person who needs help, He wants us to help them. Whenever there are classmates who seems to be alone, He wants us to be a friend to them.

A crusader is to always show the character of Christ, since we are made in His image. And His image is an image of love, peace, and holiness. A crusader tries to live a life that will glorify God. In other words, he tries to do those things, which will make God Happy.

–  –  –

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