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As Christian young men our dress should be modest and representative of who we are. Learn appropriate dress for all occasions. Church attire can be dressy or casual, but not too casual. Every young man should have at least one dark suit and he should learn how to tie a tie. When you step out of your door, you should be appropriately dressed for whatever the occasion is. Your dress says something about you.

Memory Verse: Romans 12:2 – “And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.”

–  –  –

In Rick Warren’s “Purpose Driven Life” he said, “the purpose of your life is far greater than your own personal fulfillment. If you want to know why you were placed on this planet, you must begin with God. You were born by His purpose and for His purpose, Colossians 1:16. What are we saying? We are not in this world for our own personal gratification but as we move and achieve, all that we do should have God in mind. Whatever I do, God should get the Glory. So with this in mind, I should always want to please God in all that I do. That is the purpose by which our lives should be driven, with a purpose to please God and to let Him use my life to Glorify Him.

Memory Verse: I Peter 2:9 – But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of Him who hath called you out of darkness into His marvellous light.

Sports and Recreation Participate in a local basketball league or baseball league, or the sports or recreational activity of your choice. You may choose bowling or golf. Your coach or counselor should discuss one of these scenarios with you each week during your participation.

–  –  –

To be successful in any type competition, you must have a Game Plan.

Coaches and athletes always go into the game with a plan to win. The same should hold true in our life’s situations. There will be many things presented to you and many temptations laid at your feet where you must make a decision.

Your decisions determine in a large part on your success or failure in life.

Presented theses six weeks will be different scenarios (Possible situations), which could come up in your life. Discuss your Game Plan for each scenario.

Week 1: The Exam -- You are taking your final exam in Math and the person sitting next to you has all the answers on a card and wants to share them with you. What’s your Game Plan?

Week 2: Sex Connection -- Your girl friend calls you and tells you that her parents are out of town for the day. She invites you over for sex.

What’s your Game Plan?

Week 3: The Car -- Your parents go out of town and the keys to the car are left on the table. Your best friend encourages you to get the car key and the two of you go joy riding. Your parents have not given permission for you to drive their car. What’s your Game Plan?

Week 4: Hookup -- Your girl friend works at Targets and wants to hook you up with those sneakers you’ve been wanting.

What’s your Game Plan?

Week 5: Drugs -- You are at a friend’s house and his big brother offers you free marijuana. What’s your Game Plan?

Week 6: Gay -- A close friend of yours tells you, “I’m Gay.” What’s your Game Plan?

–  –  –

Dress: Dark suits, dark ties, and white shirts Coordinator of ceremony to be State Counselor, District Counselor, or local designated counselor. Ceremony can be done in the local church, local or wing district, or state convention.

–  –  –

All to Jesus I surrender, Make me, Savior, wholly thine; Let me feel thy Holy Spirit, Truly know that thou art mine.

All to Jesus I surrender, Lord, I give myself to thee; Fill me with thy love and power, Let thy blessing fall on me.

–  –  –

All to thee, my blessed Savior, I surrender all.


The Young Men’s Auxiliary was organized on a State level at the 1985 session of the Alabama Baptist Crusaders’ Convention in Selma, Alabama. This organization will be the young adult arm of the Crusaders’ Department and will be a part of the missionary society.

Purpose The purpose of the YMA is to provide an organized channel for young men ages 18-35 to develop and perpetuate their own spiritual growth and touch the lives of others through outreach ministries.


1. To practice a closer commitment to Christ.

2. To regularly engage in Bible study.

3. To study the issues dealing with young adult life.

4. To develop a fuller outreach ministry.

5. To assist in promoting the Boys Crusaders organization.

Organizational Structure Each YMA can decide on its officers, meeting time, meeting place, format, frequency of meetings, and plans for spiritual growth and outreach. Secure approval from your pastor and missionary president. Once organized send the State Crusader Counselor information on your organization and the names and addresses of officers.

Rank IV-VII – Young Men’s Auxiliary – ages 18-35 Rank IV – Man of Promise

1. Complete the Rites of Passage Ceremony.

2. Complete post secondary school plans.

3. Attend at least two local or state conventions.

Rank V – Man of Standard

1. Attend two Christian training Workshops or conferences.

2. Mentor at least five crusaders in learning their memory work.

3. Demonstrate the attributes of a true Christian Leader. (To be verified by your pastor and missionary president) Rank VI – Junior Counselor

1. Plan a recreational program for the year for your chapter approved by the senior counselor, missionary president, and pastor.

2. Supervise a group of crusaders at two annual meetings.

3. Demonstrate a basic understanding of the Word of God. (To be verified by your pastor and missionary president) Rank VII -- Counselor Successfully serve as Junior Counselor for three years.

The Science,Technology and Theology Competition is the latest addition to our events line up. It gives our youth an opportunity to perform the necessary research to lead to the creation of a project in the area of science and technology with a theological theme. It seeks to draw on a crusader's Biblical knowledge and relating it to science and technology. It will also allow them an opportunity to briefly demonstrate their communication skills.

–  –  –

Pronunciation and enunciation (Pronouncing words correctly, clearly, and distinctly). 20 Articulation (The smooth flow of words – not blundering) 10

–  –  –

The Arts and Crafts Competition gives youth an opportunity to express their talent through drawings, sketches, paintings, woodwork, ceramics, needlepoint, and any creative artistic ideas. The exhibit will also allow youth to demonstrate their knowledge of God, the Bible, and their spiritual make-up. Through this activity God will be glorified as our youth express the wonderful talents with which the Lord has blessed them.


1. Each chapter can submit one exhibit for each age category.

2. Exhibit must be completed from start to finish by the youth. Counselors must verify that the exhibit was done by the youth.

3. Exhibit must be based on the theme for the current year.

4. A drawing, painting, sketch, etc. must not be smaller than 9x12 and no larger than 24x36.

Age Categories Juniors: Ages 9-11 Intermediates: Ages 12-14 Seniors: Ages 15-17 College: Ages 18-21 Crusader Trainees: Ages 8 and Under Judging Criteria

–  –  –

Awards 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place trophies will be presented in each age category.

An A.B. Melton Trophy will be presented to one winner for “Outstanding Interpretation of the Theme.” Honorable Mention Ribbons will be presented to 4th Place winners.

All participants will receive a Certificate of Participation.

Group exhibits may consist of all ages and are judged by the same criteria. A separate award will be given for a group project.


The Topical Essay Contest will give crusaders an opportunity to research religious and societal topics and not only write on the topic of their choosing, but, if selected, present their writing before the convention body. This activity seeks to draw on crusaders’ Biblical knowledge and background for interpreting the issues of life. It will also allow those selected an opportunity to demonstrate their oratory skills.


–  –  –

Age Categories All ages can participate. Depending on the number of Essays received and the age span, judging may be done using these

categories: Juniors: Ages 9-11; Intermediates: Ages 12-14; Seniors:

Ages 15-17; College: Ages18-21 Judging Criteria

–  –  –

Session I – Book Drill (Juniors: Ages 9-11) (And younger) In this session, the books of the Bible will be called. The participant must locate the book, place his index finger on the book’s name, and step forward within 15 seconds. The Line Judge will check each to verify that they have the correct Book.

Administering of Points 5 pts – to all participants who locate the book and step forward within the 15-second allotment 5 pts – to the first participant who locates the book and steps forward within the 15-second allotment Session II – Scripture Drill (Ages 12-17) In this session, Scriptures of the Bible will be called. The participant must locate the exact Scripture (book, chapter, verse). He has to place his index finger on the Scripture and step forward within 15 seconds. The Line Judge will check participants who stepped forward to verify that they have their finger on the exact verse called.

Administering of Points 5 pts – to all participants who locate the scripture and step forward within the 15-second allotment 5 pts – to the first participant who locates the scripture and steps forward within the 15-second allotment

Participant must follow the Drill Command:

Attention – stand straight, eyes on caller and Bible at side.

–  –  –

Start – begin searching and step forward when Scripture is located.

Awards 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place Trophies will be given for each drill.

–  –  –

The top three scholars from your Chapter can enter this competition.

Each player on a team will be numbered.(Player 1; Player 2;and Player 3) The conductor will ask the first round of questions to each player on each team.

The player must answer the question in 10 seconds. If the question is answered correctly, the player will be awarded 10 points. If it is answered incorrectly, 5 points will be deducted. If you do not know, it would be better to say, “I don’t know”. Each player is asked a different question.

At the end of the first round, the scores will be tallied for each team. The top two teams will play in the championship round. If there is a tie with the top teams, a tiebreaker question will be asked each team until there are only two top teams for the championship round.

At the end of this round, the team with the highest score wins.

An award will be given to the winning team and to individual top scorers.


–  –  –

Mr. Harold Washington has established the Bessie M. Washington Scholarship in memory of his mother and the founder of the Crusaders’ Department, Dr.

Bessie M. Washington.

Criteria Must have a letter of recommendation from your pastor.

Submit a list of your church and community involvement.

Submit a one page typed essay on your ‘Educational/Career Goals’.

Must be between the ages of 17-21 and enrolled in an institution of higher learning prior to receiving the scholarship.

–  –  –

The Spelling Bee is designed to sharpen our boys’ skills on pronouncing and spelling Biblical characters, places, and events. This event will take place in two days at the state convention in Selma. On Wednesday will be the eliminations and on Thursday will be the Spelling Bee Finalists. Depending on the number of participants, the competition may be completed on Wednesday. Counselors are encouraged to conduct a local Spelling Bee at their church and in their district.

Then send your top speller for each age category to the state.

Procedures The Spelling Bee will be conducted according to age groups: Juniors, ages 9-11; Intermediates, ages 12-14; and Seniors, ages 15-17.

All words are taken from the Bible, King James Version.

Words start with an easy level and progress to the more difficult.

The caller will call the word twice.

Once the word has been called, the participant must repeat the word and spell the word.

The participant may ask for clarity of the word or for the word to be used in a sentence.

The participant must spell the word straight through without stopping.

Participants are eliminated if they miss two words.

The finalist will be the top three spellers for each age category.

Winners will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Places for each age category.

–  –  –


Mr. Curtis Robinson, State Athletic Director


The purpose of the Athletic Association is to provide organized recreation and sports activities for youth, ages 9-17 in a Christian atmosphere where positive guidance can be given. (Boys younger than nine can also participate as well as the Young Men’s Auxiliary.)


To develop athletic skills in youth.

To guide youth in developing a meaningful relationship with God.

To develop good sportsman like conduct.

To develop the team concept.

To help build confidence.

To help youth develop good relationships in family, school, community, and with their peers.

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