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«PREPARATION GUIDE Dr. Ronnie Owens Ronnie Owens Ministries 3316 Owens Ridge Rd Tazewell, TN. 37879 Dear Friends, I am ...»

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Dr. Ronnie Owens

Ronnie Owens Ministries

3316 Owens Ridge Rd

Tazewell, TN. 37879


Dear Friends,

I am looking forward to being considered for an area wide crusade. God

has given us another opportunity to bring others to Him before His

return and we need to do all that we can, to reach as many as we can, as

quickly as we can.

Because you have scheduled this meeting I know that you are interested in the lost and I will work with you to reach all that we can. I will begin now by committing this meeting to the Lord in prayer as well as seeking His guidance in all that I should say and do during my visit. Please remember me in your prayers as I plan and prepare and seek God’s will.

I know that it is difficult to read all the material that comes your way as pastor and committee members but it is important that you take the time to read over all the material provided in the packet. If you have any questions regarding the date or time or any material in the packet please contact me as soon as possible for an explanation or date correction.

Please notify me as soon as possible of any other speaking opportunities you have arranged in addition to our scheduled services.

Praise The Lord, Brother Ronnie Owens, Evangelist Financial Guide Pay for preparation and revival expenses out of the 1.

church budget. Please do not deduct from the love offering.

Pay all visiting singers and groups from the church 2.

budget. Please do not deduct from the love offering taken for the evangelist.

Take up a love offering at each service for the 3.

evangelist. Brother Ronnie will trust the Lord to meet his needs, and will trust you to take up an offering each service. Therefore, there is no set amount discussed in coming, with the exception of the travel expense, by this ministry to do a Revival/Crusade.

Many feel it is not necessary to pay the travel 4.

expense. Please understand that there is great expense in fuel, repairs, maintenance, insurance, meals, and many other expenses that arise each week. This amount is not to be taken from the love offering – this is a travel expense. Please consider this prayerfully. Normally Brother Ronnie will travel in his own bus however with the price of fuel these days he will only bring his bus at your request and if the church can provide the expense to bring it. Otherwise he will fly or drive and he turn in tickets, mileage and other travel expenses.

We hope you will follow this simple plan.

Love Offering – We know that churches vary in the methods they use for providing the honorarium (love offering). We ask that offerings be taken at each service. We simply believe that if the pastor enthusiastically shares a positive word about Brother Ronnie’s ministry and people are given an opportunity by passing an offering plate to them, the Lord will take care of the offering as His Spirit leads the people in their giving.


FROM YOUR PEOPLE AT OFFERING TIME. All to often churches fail to take up an offering at each service, or just forget to do so at one or more of the services, some have even refused to do so. Please keep in mind that for Brother Ronnie to stay on the road in evangelism and to provide for his family we have found that God will supply if the people are given the opportunity to give. Please, take an offering at each service.

The plan is simple (1) pay for expenses out of church budget (2) pay all visiting singers and groups from the church budget (3) take up a love offering at each service for Bro. Ronnie.

(4) reimburse Travel Expenses in a check payable to Ronnie Owens.

We hope you will follow this simple plan.

Checks – All love offerings received during the crusade time will be given to our ministry in one check made payable to Ronnie Owens Ministries. Checks will be deposited into Camp Jubilee, Inc. employer ID# 58-1888297.

Brother Ronnie’s Tapes Please set up a table in the vestibule for each service for tapes preached by Bro. Ronnie.

He will need a competent person to help him with the sales. If your church does not allow the sale of tapes please notify us as soon as possible concerning your policy. The money derived from the sale of these tapes will go toward the expansion of our ministry in other areas. It is also helpful if the pastor will mention the tapes at the end of the service as a reminder that they are available for purchase. If any tapes are defected please notify our office and we will send a replacement tape upon request.

Daily Appointments Bro. Ronnie will be more than happy to speak at your local high school assembly concerning “How To Win by Avoiding Detours” such as suicide, alcohol, drugs and violence. In your conversations with the school official, please assure them that Bro.

Ronnie will not mention religion in any way in his presentation. The teenagers will love Bro. Ronnie and will come to the crusade services where he can share the message of Jesus with them. Bro. Ronnie wants to make an impact for Christ on community leaders as well. He would be happy to speak to any civic groups, business fraternities or service clubs that you can arrange.

Special Preaching Appointments Notify Bro. Ronnie in advance if you are planning any special speaking appointments. It is important to be prepared in study and prayer when speaking.

Bro. Ronnie has worked with jail ministries and would also be happy to speak at any of the jails, prisons and correctional institutions in your area. Although there are many opportunities in an area to share Christ it is important to allow Bro. Ronnie time to rest and prepare through prayer and Bible Study each day for the nightly service. Be sensitive to the fact that rest is needed. If he is on the road all day he will have no time to prepare spiritually or physically for that night. If at all possible always be back before 3:30 p.m. each day you are out visiting.

Time To Rest and Pray Having time to rest, pray and prepare is essential for each service. Due to the fact that Bro. Ronnie preaches almost every night, somewhere, all across the country, it is vital that he be given time to prepare mentally, physically and spiritually for each service.

Bro. Ronnie will not personally ask you to give him this time, so we are making this request in his behalf, so you as pastor, who knows first hand all that is needed to prepare for a service, will set aside at least two hours each day for Bro. Ronnie to rest, pray and prepare. This time would be best in the afternoon prior to the night service if at all possible.

Music Some pastors find it desirable to invite a guest minister of music for the crusade. Please be aware that just because a man may be a very gifted and godly minister of music on a church staff, he may not be gifted in music evangelism. This also applies to special singing groups that you may invite to do the music for the week. Bro. Ronnie recognizes the importance of a united effort in song and sermon, please discuss with him the person you plan to invite, if anyone, before you extend an invitation to that person.

In your planning, we hope that you will remember that full-time evangelists have no other means of support than love offerings, unlike salaried pastors and music directors who sometimes lead revivals and then return to their places of regular employment. So, customarily, churches who use full-time evangelist recognize this need and share the entire love offering with the preaching evangelist and pay the visiting music minister from their regular budget. In the event the person you call to lead the music is a full time “Music Evangelist” it is understood that the offerings must be divided. Please keep in mind when you make your plans that in a situation like this your church is meeting the needs of two full time families and be prayerful and attentive concerning the offerings.

Finances Crusade Expenses – Because our ministry has no other means of support than the gifts of people who are blessed by the preaching of Bro. Ronnie our policy requests that all expenses of the crusade be taken out of your regular church budget. Such expenses might include travel, motel accommodation, advertising, special promotions, accompanists, special singers, singing groups, etc. Most churches have found that their budgets are more than replenished as a result of increased giving and new members resulting from the crusade. Please follow these suggestions, BECAUSE UNLIKE MANY



Revival/Crusade Guide Preparing as if it all depends on us and praying because it truly all depends on God!

Thank you for the opportunity to serve your church during this revival/crusade week.

Bro. Ronnie is looking forward to being with you and your church during this special time of worship and harvest. We want to assure you that we will be praying and preparing ourselves to be used of God during this meeting. Because Bro. Ronnie served as a pastor for over 22 years before entering full-time evangelism, he insists on our recognition of your authority as pastor in all our advance preparation as well as the actual services. However, we believe that you will agree that the outcome of any meeting depends largely upon the degree of advance united prayer and preparation. We truly are to “prepare as if the out come all depends on us and pray knowing that it truly all depends upon God.” In preparation of this meeting we have the following requests for your consideration as we prepare to come and share His wonderful gospel.

Travel Expense Bro. Ronnie will usually always bring his bus. When an airplane ticket is necessary, we will make all the arrangements and secure the lowest possible price. Bro. Ronnie will submit a receipt for reimbursement upon arrival. These expenses should be paid from the regular church budget and not deducted from the love offering.

Accommodations As stated above Bro. Ronnie will bring his bus if at all possible. In the event he is unable to do so we ask that reservations be made at a motel before he arrives. To ensure that he will receive the rest needed for the meeting we ask that you do not put him in a home. We appreciate the kindness of volunteers but find that this is stressful on all concerned.

To avoid any misunderstanding in crusade plans and preparations please read each portion of this section carefully.

If you have any questions or concerns please notify Bro. Ronnie as soon as possible for clarification.

Office Phone: 423-733-8581 Home: 423-733-4292 Cell: 423-526-9321 Thank You, Evangelistic Staff Conversation Hello, this is (Your Name) ____________________________________________

With (Church Name) ________________________________________________.

Have you heard about the upcoming Revival/Crusade that we have scheduled?

If Answer is No:

Well, I would like to extend a warm invitation to you and your family, and friends to be our guest. The Revival/Crusade will begin on __________________, ___________________ at ________________.

(example: June, 13th thru 17th ) (example: 7:00 PM) (day: Sun. Mon. Tues. etc.)

–  –  –

Our evangelist will be BROTHER RONNIE OWENS. You will want to hear him share God’s good news. You can locate us at (Give complete and simple directions to your church) also give the phone number of the church in the event further information is needed.

(Repeat the Revival Dates, Day, and Time) I want to thank you for you time and courtesy. We will be honored to have you with us.

If The Answer is Yes:

I am thrilled to know that you have already heard about our Revival/Crusade and I wish to take just a moment to remind you that the services will begin on __________________, ___________________ at ________________. (example: June, 13th) (day: Sun. Mon. Tues. etc.) (example: 7:00 PM) The service will be held at ________PM nightly.

(example: 7:00 ) We will look forward to having you with us.

Caution and Encouragement: If a person hangs up, do not allow this to discourage or defeat you. This will happen often. In the event that a rude person answers, be calm and pleasantly say to them, “I want to thank you for your time. I hope you have a pleasant day.” God will richly bless your effort and your faithful call.

Sign Up List for Telephone Workers I am willing to give of my time and talent calling prospects and others, inviting them to the Revival/Crusade.

Meeting for Instructions & Telephone Sheets Date: __________ Time: ___________ Place: ___________

–  –  –

Telephone Contacts The purpose of Telephone contacts is to inform the local area of the Revival/Crusade at your church. To be effective on the telephone

you will need to follow the following steps:

1. Be comfortable

2. Be yourself

3. Be relaxed

4. Be sure to always speak plainly and clearly

5. Always give your name

6. Be brief but complete

7. Be positive and friendly

8. Be polite

9. Be sensitive to the person you have called

10. Be careful never to lose control of your temper

–  –  –


THE PURPOSE: The purpose for publicity is to make the city or county aware of the Crusade.

1. It is best if those serving on the Publicity Committee know something about advertising or publicity if at all possible.

2. Your goal is to reach two groups (A) The churched, (B) The unchurched.

3. Be sure to check with the Finance Committee before any purchases are made for advertising. This will be the major cost item in the revival budget.

4. Check carefully, and ahead of time, much advertising is available free.


1. TV Spots, Radio Spots, Newspaper articles, etc.

2. Small business cards.

3. Billboards costly, but excellent method.

–  –  –


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