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«PREPARATION GUIDE Dr. Ronnie Owens Ronnie Owens Ministries 3316 Owens Ridge Rd Tazewell, TN. 37879 Dear Friends, I am ...»

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Many people are blessed with the God given ability to create new ideas. See what your own group can come up with to advertise revival.

Prayer Commitment Card Sign this commitment sheet and hang it on the refrigerator in your home. This will be a daily reminder of your commitment.

Put Revival date at top and your church name at bottom then sign your name on the lines.



“ And it came to pass in those days, that He went out into a mountain to pray, and continued ALL NIGHT in prayer to God.” Luke 6:12



8:00-8:30 8:30-9:00 9:00-9:30 9:30-10:00 10:00-10:30 10:30-11:00 11:00-11:30 11:30-12:00 12:00-12:30 12:30-1:00 A.M.

1:00-1:30 1:30-2:00 2:00-2:30 2:30-3:00 3:00-3:30 3:30-4:00 4:00-4:30 4:30-5:00 5:00-5:30 5:30-6:00 6:00-6:30 6:30-7:00 7:00-7:30 7:30-8:00


1. Read through the following scriptures:

Psalms 31, 32, 34, 40, 51 (read these scriptures aloud even if you are alone)

2. Read, or sing all the verses of the following hymns:


–  –  –

4. Prayer time: Begin by giving God praise for all He has already done in your heart and in your church, praise Him for who He is (Almighty God and Our Blessed Savior), praise Him for salvation in your life and in the life of you family and church family, pray for each person listed on the prayer list, pray for the lost, pray for prospects, pray for yourself and your family, for the church and the church leaders, for the revival and the evangelist, pray for our nation and the leaders of this great nation that we will once again be “one nation under God”.

5. Leave with a prayer on your heart. If you are not alone we ask that you dismiss quietly so as not to disturb others who may still be praying. Please refrain from casual conversation at this time – This can become loud and disruptive to those still in prayer or those coming to start their time of prayer.


(1) Sing one hymn, if at all possible.

(2) Read a Scripture passage.

(3) Read the prayer request list for that day and take any additional request. Try to keep prayers directed as much as possible specifically toward the revival. (Lost family members, the lost in your area, those who are out of the will of God, those not attending church, etc.) Be careful to keep this time a time of prayer request.

It can easily turn into a chat room instead of a prayer room.

(4) Follow with a time of prayer, either by designation of various persons appointed before the meeting, or voluntarily. Everyone should be given the opportunity to pray that would like to and no one should be forced to pray publicly if they do not wish to. The chairman should ask that the prayers be kept brief due to the amount of time for the meeting and keeping in mind that people have to be up early for work the next day. Being mindful in this matter will ensure that people will come each week for prayer. (We do not want to exhaust people before the revival.) (5) When the time is through, dismiss! Be careful to hold the meeting to one hour if at all possible and do not go over. REMEMBER: “Men ought always to pray and not to faint.”


“And it came to pass in those days, that He went out into a mountain to pray, and continued ALL NIGHT in prayer to God.” Luke 6:12 I. THE PERIOD The prayer meeting begins Saturday night at 8 p.m. and concludes on Sunday morning at 8 a.m.


Since there are 24 thirty-minute time slots, you will need a minimum of 24 people. You can have more than one attending each session if you have enough prayer people.


We strongly urge you use the designated “REVIVAL PRAYER ROOM” for this meeting. It should be comfortable with good lighting and an outside entrance if at all possible. The room should have a few chairs, paper for prayer request, a copy of any prayer lists that have already been made, a box of facial tissues, a song book, and a Bible.

IV. THE PLAN So many times we ask our people to do something, but we fail to tell them what to do or how to do it. Below is a suggested prayer meeting order of service.


The head of this committee should be a person devoted to prayer. In order to lead others to commit to prayer the leader must be an example. As soon as dates are set an urgent and general call to prayer should go out to all members. All members should be encouraged to pray daily and constantly in their own private devotions, and regular meeting, for God’s blessing on and guidance in the Revival. PRAYER IS THE KEY TO A GREAT REVIVAL. All members should pray for the lost in your area and all those who will be attending each service. Try to keep each prayer group between 6-10 people in each group. We strongly suggest the no refreshments be served. We need to focus on prayer.



Prayer Reminder Cards are an excellent way to advertise and remind you church family of the upcoming Revival. Each card should include the revival dates, time of all services, the name of church, the Pastors Name and the name of the Evangelist, Bro.

Ronnie. Reminder cards should be distributed throughout the church during Sunday School and each worship services, etc. Ask each person to put the reminder card in his or her home and work place where it can be seen throughout the day to serve as a call to prayer for the revival. A sample is included in this revival preparation packet.


The Ladies Morning Prayer Group will consist of groups of ladies who meet together in homes or at the church one morning a week for about an hour, starting two months before the revival is at all possible. This is a time for the faithful prayer warriors of your church to pray for the revival meeting and for the lost in your area.


If at all possible, it is great to have prayer meetings for the men. Such prayer meetings for the men could be held one night each week, or perhaps in a central place during the noon hour. Prayer groups should, if possible, be organized in the factories and business places. This is an excellent way to share Jesus to those you work with and spread the word of the revival.


This group should meet for half and hour preceding each meeting. A room should be located, set aside, and clearly marked as the “REVIVAL PRAYER ROOM.” Someone should be designated to be in chare each night. It may be better to have several share the responsibility in leading these meetings. Paper and pencils should be in the room at all times for prayer request to be written down during the meetings and copied for use in any other prayer meetings.


Home prayer meetings should be scheduled and held for one month before the revival if at all possible. The home prayer meetings consist of groups who meet together in homes specifically for purposes of prayer. The meeting should be held one evening a week for about one hour, no longer. These meetings should be lead by faithful men in your church


The following is a general guide and suggested outline for organizing a crusade. This is in no way mandatory. These are merely suggestions of tried and true methods for a successful Revival. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Dr. Owens at any time regarding Revival/Crusade preparation. Dr. Owens may be reached by leaving a message at home by calling (423) 733-4292 or he may be reached on the road by car phone (423) 526-9321. Your Revival/Crusade meeting is very important and we are available to answer any questions you may have, please feel free to call.

It is very important to set up Revival/Crusade committees as soon as possible. Below is a list of committees and what the function of each committee will be. If you have any questions concerning these committees please give me a call.

This section will cover the Prayer Committee. Section three will cover the Publicity Committee, and the Phone Contact Committee. Section four will cover expense, accommodations and other detailed information pertaining to the Revival/Crusade.

Section five is reserved for your personal notes concerning this meeting. We hope that you will find these suggestions helpful in planning, preparing and praying for your upcoming Revival.

We suggest that as Revival Preparation Chairman that you seek out devoted and dedicated individuals to serve as the head of each committee. May God bless your efforts with an abundant harvest of souls.

Ingredients For Genuine Revival I. Praying must be Intensified – Mt. 17:21; I Thes. 5:17 II. The Prospects must be Found – Jn. 4:35 III. The Preparation must be Made – Luke 10:1; Mk. 6:39,40 IV. The Participation must be Unified – Phil. 1:27 V. The Proclamation must be Heard – Rom. 10:14, 17

–  –  –



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