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«Feature Overview TEC H N I C A L W H ITE PA P E R J U LY 2 0 1 2 What’s New with VMware vCloud Director 5.1 Table of Contents What’s New with ...»

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What’s New with VMware

vCloud Director 5.1 ® ™

Feature Overview


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What’s New with VMware vCloud Director 5.1

Table of Contents

What’s New with VMware vCloud Director 5.1.................................... 3

Software-Defined IaaS.........................................................3 Hardware and OS Support..................................................3 Software-Defined Storage..................................................3 Software-Defined Networking...............................................4 Elastic Virtual Datacenter...................................................5 Ease of Consumption..........................................................6 Usability...................................................................6 Snapshots..................................................................6 Metadata..................................................................6 Security and Control........................................................... 7 Single Sign-On............................................................. 7 vCloud Networking and Security Gateway Services............................ 7 Load Balancer......................................

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What’s New with VMware vCloud Director 5.1 VMware vCloud® Director™ (vCloud Director) orchestrates the provisioning of software-defined datacenter services, to deliver complete virtual datacenters for easy consumption in minutes. Software-defined datacenter services and virtual datacenters fundamentally simplify infrastructure provisioning and enable IT to move at the speed of business.

Numerous enhancements are included within vCloud Director 5.1, making it the best infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) solution in the marketplace today. This document highlights some of these key enhancements and is targeted toward users who are familiar with previous vCloud Director releases.

Software-Defined IaaS Just as the virtual machine is the virtualized compute container that has been the hallmark of the virtualization decade, the virtual datacenter is a new logical container that provides all infrastructure services, including virtualized networking, storage and security.

Hardware and OS Support Support of an IaaS environment begins at the hardware layer. At the forefront of technology, vCloud Director now supports VMware vSphere® 5.1 (vSphere 5.1) virtual hardware version 9 and all the features it provides, such as support for 64 virtual CPUs and 1TB of memory for virtual machines.

A key feature of virtual hardware version 9 is support for Intel VT-x/EPT and AMD-V/RVI technologies.

Leveraging the hardware-assisted CPU virtualization capabilities of these technologies enables more efficient execution of the hypervisor.

Enabling hardware-assisted CPU virtualization increases the amount of memory overhead and restricts the use of VMware vSphere® vMotion® (vMotion) to hosts that support this technology. This is an important consideration for ensuring continued capability within the environment.

Guest operating system (OS) support also has been increased to include Microsoft Windows 8 and MAC OS versions 10.5, 10.6, and 10.7.

Software-Defined Storage Not all storage in an environment is the same. Storage systems range from very high speed and low latency to very slow speed and high latency. Typically, increases in performance require a corresponding increase in price.

Using metrics such as these, system administrators strive to optimize the storage provided to users in such a way as to provide the best storage services at the least cost to the organization.

VMware vSphere 5.0 (vSphere 5.0) introduced storage profiles, which enabled users to map the capabilities of a storage system to a storage profile. By selecting the storage profile matching their requirements, users could ensure that the virtual machines they created utilized an appropriate datastore.

Storage profiles, now in vCloud Director 5.1, are available to cloud administrators, enabling them to offer multiple tiers of storage within a single virtual datacenter. For example, a cloud administrator can create storage profiles identifying three different storage tiers—gold, silver and bronze. These storage profiles represent the capabilities of the given storage. After the storage profiles have been created, a single primary virtual datacenter can consume all of them. The cloud administrator then can present all or a portion of the storage tiers to a given organization. The organization administrator can define a default storage tier to be used when organization vApp authors create vApps. The vApp author can override the default storage tier as needed. This enables the vApp author building a typical three-tier application to provide gold-tier storage to a database while providing silver-tier storage for the Web and middleware.

Storage profiles also are integrated with VMware vSphere® Storage vMotion® (Storage vMotion) and VMware vSphere Storage DRS™ (Storage DRS). This enables the automatic relocation of workloads to storage matching the requirements specified by the storage profile.


What’s New with VMware vCloud Director 5.1 vApp templates, media and independent disks also support the use of storage profiles. In the case of vApp templates, a default instantiation storage profile also can be defined, to designate the storage tier to be used, if available, when the vApp template is deployed.

Software-Defined Networking Providing IaaS services involves more than providing just compute and storage. It also involves providing agile networking capabilities and services that are easy to consume. To enable this, the vCloud Director 5.1 release incorporates a series of enhancements involving networking.

Prior releases of vCloud Director provided a model of networking for an organization in which the networking was separated from the organization and required a VMware vCloud® Networking and Security (VCNS) Gateway (previously known as the VMware® vShield Edge™ Gateway) for each network. In vCloud Director 5.1, this organization network model has been replaced with an Organization vDC (Org vDC) network model. Org vDC networks tie the network resources to the organization. This greatly simplifies the deployment and configuration of the network, enabling the network to be deployed as part of the organization. Networks continue to have the ability to connect multiple organizations through the use of a shared Org vDC network.

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Figure 1. Contrast in Network Models Used in vCloud Director 1.

5 (Organization Network) and vCloud Director 5.1 (Organization vDC Network) Building on the association of an Org vDC network to an organization, an integrated Org vDC workflow has been introduced. Compute, storage and networking now can be created in a single workflow, enabling administrators to deploy a complete infrastructure in minutes.

In previous releases, the VCNS Gateway that provided network services and security was not visible to the user.

Now, the VCNS Gateway is a first-class entity in vCloud Director and is accessible through the vCloud Director user interface.

The capabilities of the VCNS Gateway have also been enhanced. A VCNS Gateway now provides multiple interfaces to an external network. Each of these interfaces enables an IP address to be assigned to them for external network connectivity. Rate control is configurable on the external interfaces as well, enabling the throttling of both inbound and outbound traffic.


What’s New with VMware vCloud Director 5.1 Administrators now can assign noncontiguous blocks of IP addresses to the organizations using the cloud services. This enables the cloud administrator to assign a block of IP addresses when an organization initially is deployed. If the organization’s resource use grows, requiring additional IP addresses, another block of IP addresses can be assigned to the organization. This capability, in addition to the ability to assign multiple subnets to an external network, gives the cloud administrator increased agility to grow with demand.

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[.10-.20] [.55-78] Figure 2. Noncontiguous Blocks of IP Addresses Now Can Be Assigned to an Organization (The first block of IP addresses, shown in red, was assigned to the organization initially. The second block of IP addresses, shown in blue, was assigned as a result of organizational growth.) Availability of the VCNS Gateway device has been increased through the introduction of a high-availability feature. This enables a secondary VCNS Gateway to be deployed to provide fully stateful failover of services in the event of a failure of the primary VCNS Gateway.

Two different VCNS Gateway deployment models are now offered: “compact” and “full.” The full version can achieve a higher throughput than the compact version and is on par with similar mid- to high-range physical devices in the marketplace today. Providing this increased performance consumes additional resources and might not be required in all environments. Users are free to choose the model appropriate to their environment and even to upgrade from the compact to the full model if higher performance becomes required.

Now the VCNS Gateway can function as a DNS relay as well. This feature enables a vApp author to point all the virtual machines within a vApp to the VCNS Gateway for DNS resolution. The VCNS Gateway sends responses to DNS queries back to the virtual machines after acquiring the information from the DNS servers of the external network. Because this provides a layer of abstraction between the external network and the virtual machines within a vApp, the virtual machines are unaffected by changes to the external network that impact DNS resolution.

Elastic Virtual Datacenter In vCloud Director 1.5, the concept of Elastic Virtual Datacenter (Elastic vDC) was introduced for use with the pay-as-you-go (PAYG) resource allocation model. Elastic vDCs enabled a Provider vDC to utilize more than one single resource pool or cluster. Today, vCloud Director 5.1 extends this concept to the allocation pool resource model. This provides a container that can grow automatically, without manual intervention by the cloud administrator, in response to organization requests. Intelligent placement methods utilized by vCloud Director ensure that administrators must not necessarily concern themselves with which cluster or resource pool is best suited to host a given workload.

Coupled with the capabilities of VXLAN to provide a stretched L2 domain, vCloud Director can consume resources from different resource pools, regardless of the physical network configuration. This capability provides a seemingly endless supply of resources that can be consumed.


What’s New with VMware vCloud Director 5.1 In previous versions of vCloud Director, Elastic vDCs were restricted for use with the PAYG allocation model. Due to this, customers resorted to assigning multiple Provider vDCs to offer the same functionality with other allocation models. A feature has been added now that enables a cloud administrator to consolidate two Provider vDCs into a single one to obtain the optimal utilization of resources.

Although vCloud Director provides an automatic placement engine that intelligently manages the deployment of workloads, there are times when the manual rebalancing of virtual machines across Provider vDC resource pools is preferable. This includes scenarios where an administrator decommissions an existing resource pool or adds a new resource pool. For such scenarios, a feature has been included that enables the migration of virtual machines utilizing a shared datastore. Administrators can choose to migrate a virtual machine to a specific location or to leverage the vCloud Director placement engine to relocate the virtual machine to a suitable location automatically.

Ease of Consumption For maximum effectiveness, in addition to having all the tools required for deploying IaaS services, the solution must be simple to use. It also must include all the services and functionality required for proper operation.

vCloud Director provides this, enabling users to deploy complete solutions within minutes.

Usability Enhancing the user experience is of paramount concern to VMware. With the vCloud Director 5.1 release, several

usability enhancements were made, including the following:

• The enhanced “Add vApp from Catalog” wizard makes it easier to quickly locate gold master templates, visualize the remaining virtual machine quota available, and access important information about the vApps and the virtual datacenters. This wizard also has been streamlined by providing more defaults for commonly accepted features.

• It provides easy access to virtual machine quota and lease expirations.

• A redesigned catalog navigation and subentity hierarchy now enables each catalog to have its own set of navigational history, with automatic refreshes of data to provide the most up-to-date information.

• Help and documentation links now are provided throughout the user interface, enabling users to directly access the latest information from vmware.com.

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