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«RESERVATION & TRAVEL POLICIES Payments: A $100 per person deposit is required in order to confirm a reservation. The final balance is due 45 days ...»

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Payments: A $100 per person deposit is required in order to confirm a reservation. The final balance is

due 45 days prior to arrival date. Reservations are not confirmed until proper payment is received.

Reservations made within 45 days of arrival require full payment at time of reservation.

Forms of Payment: All payments must be made in US currency and can be done by bank wire or credit card. If wiring payment, the sender must pay for any bank transfer fees.

We accept payment by MasterCard, Visa and American Express. If you are paying your deposit by credit card, your card will be automatically charged for final payment on the due date.

Group Reservations: Special payment and cancellation policies apply to groups. Please inquire.

Cancellations/Refunds: Cancellation made 46 days or more prior to arrival will receive a full refund.

Cancellations made within 45 – 30 days of arrival will forfeit the deposit. Cancellations 29 days or less, no-shows or premature departure: no refunds. Full amount is forfeit. The unused portion of any reservation is non-transferable and not refundable. Den Laman is not responsible for missed or delayed flights.

Re-Booking and/or Change in Reservation Fee: A US$25.00 fee will be assessed for any change made to reservations once vouchers and documents have been issued. Change fees are in addition to any applicable penalties as the original date is being cancelled.

Maximum Occupancy and Bedding: Maximum occupancy for studio and one bedroom apartments is two adults and/or children, four adults and/or children for two bedroom ocean view and ocean front units.

Please be sure you understand the bedding available in the unit you have reserved. Extra beds are limited in number and must be reserved in advance for an additional $25.00 per night. This is an extra BED charge, not an extra PERSON charge. Total occupancy must remain within the maximum allowable per unit. Please notify us if you will be traveling with an infant needing a crib for a one-time $20.00 fee.

Driver’s License and Age Requirements: If you choose to rent a car or truck, it will be necessary to produce a valid driver's license and be at least 23 years of age to rent a vehicle. Drivers age 23 - 25 will find that most rental agencies will require them to purchase Vehicle Insurance (Collision Damage Waiver or other) impose a surcharge, and have a higher deductible. Vehicle Insurance is purchased and paid for directly with the rental agency when you pick up your vehicle.

Avis Car Rental would like to make certain that each guest is taken care of in a timely fashion so they can get on the road to their vacation as quickly as possible. In order to ensure that your paperwork is ready for you to sign when you arrive, you will receive a form from us to complete with you information after we confirmed the car to you. This form can be send back to us, so Avis Car Rental can prepare your paperwork.

Entry Requirements: Everyone, including children of any age entering Bonaire must have a valid passport and a return or ongoing ticket. No visas are required for US or Canadian citizens. For other nationalities, it is your responsibility to ensure your own visa requirements, and no refunds will be awarded for customers denied access for lack of a proper visa.

U.S. Toll Free: 800 382-1094 • Island Direct: 011-599-717-1700 E-Mail: reservations@denlaman.com info@denlaman.com www.denlaman.com 6/22/2016 Traveling with Minor Children: Some countries require the parent(s) of minor children (under 16) to present copies of documents associated with the childs Passport Application in addition to the Passport itself. To prevent any issues with immigration, it is recommended that parents travel with a copy of their childs birth certificate, and refer to http://travel.state.gov/content/passports/english/passports/underhtml for any additional documentation requirements.

! Travel Insurance: We are not responsible for compensating or crediting any traveler for any loss incurred due to medical issues, family emergencies, delays or cancellations. Trip interruption/cancellation insurance is your only protection. We highly recommend you purchase either Deluxe or Elite coverage from our trusted provider via this secure link: www.itravelinsured.com. We also encourage all divers to have Dan Master Insurance Plans.


Packing Considerations: Casual attire is the norm; evening clothes are casual to casual nice. We’ll have body soap and hair dryers in the bathrooms, but please bring your own shampoo and conditioner.

Beach towels and all linens are provided except wash cloths. Please bring your own if you cannot do without! Please also bring your own travel alarm clock.

We also encourage all guests to bring their own reusable water bottles. Bonaire's tap water is one of the purest and safest water sources in the world to drink, so there is no reason to buy bottled water. Your efforts will help keep Bonaire’s landfill clear of waste that cannot be recycled.

Your apartment has a full kitchen. Your living area has a TV and CD/DVD player so be sure to bring along your favorite DVD’s or CD’s. There is also a pay-per-load washer and dryer on property. The electric voltage in your unit will be both 220 volts with European round plugs and 127 volts 50 cycles with US Standard square plugs, slightly different from the US, though most appliances and battery chargers will operate fine. We advise you to bring an international adapter plug so you are sure that you can use your personal appliance.

Airline luggage restrictions are constantly changing. Be sure to check your airline's web site(s) for the most current information on baggage allowances and restrictions. For most international flights, any luggage over 50 pounds will have a surcharge and you could potentially be told to remove something from the bag. In most cases luggage over 70 pounds will not be accepted. Domestic flights especially those booked independently of the international flight will most likely have other allowances and restrictions. Best advice is travel light!

In the unlikely event you arrive on Bonaire without your luggage, please make sure you have packed your “trip essentials” in your carry-on bag, such as your C-Card for diving or Referral Papers for Dive Courses, a pair of shorts, bathing suit, dive mask, medicine, sunglasses or anything you consider necessary to begin enjoying your stay from the moment you arrive. Inter-island airline passengers should keep in mind that the overhead compartments are very small and most carry-on luggage will need to be checked curb side before boarding the plane.

There are no restrictions placed on bringing fruits, vegetables, meats or other perishables into Bonaire, however the Van Den Tweel grocery store and Warehouse Bonaire among others, carry a wide variety of goods from Holland, the US and South America.

U.S. Toll Free: 800 382-1094 • Island Direct: 011-599-717-1700 E-Mail: reservations@denlaman.com info@denlaman.com www.denlaman.com 6/22/2016 Grocery Stocking Service: Den Laman offers a grocery stocking service for orders placed at least 48 hours in advance. Please view http://www.denlaman.com/grocerylist.xls for more information on how to pre-order. You can send the form to info@denlaman.com. A $25.00 service charge will be added to all orders.


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Picking Up Your Rental Vehicle: Avis Car Rental and most other agencies have offices located on the Airport grounds, on the far left side of the airport parking lot as do most other rental agencies. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that upon arrival, you “divide and conquer,” sending the person or persons who will be authorized to drive your vehicle to complete the contract work, while the others remain and wait for the luggage. If any of the car rental agencies are closed when you arrive, please take a taxi, (approximately $20.00 to Den Laman) and the rental agency will deliver your truck to you the next day.

Driver’s License and Age Requirements: If you rent a car or truck, it will be necessary to produce a valid driver's license and be at least 23 years of age. Drivers age 23 - 25 will find that most rental agencies will require them to (1) have had a valid license for a minimum of two years, (2) Vehicle Insurance (Collision Damage Waiver or other), (3) impose a surcharge, and (4) have a higher deductible.

Truck Rental Voucher: All rental agencies will need to see your voucher. Please make sure you have your rental truck voucher with you.

Collision Damage Waiver Insurance: Vehicle Insurance, which ranges from $11.00 - $25.00 per day depending on the rental agency, is highly recommended for all drivers. Most credit card companies, auto and home owner insurance policies exclude coverage on truck rentals. (See reference above to drivers ages 23 - 25.) Insurance deductibles range from no deductible to $1750.00 depending on the rental agency, the type of insurance coverage selected, the type of vehicle rented and if the driver is under 25.

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the fine print of your contract and insurance program. Vehicle insurance is purchased directly with the rental agency when you pick up your vehicle. You should also be aware that most rental agencies will post a security deposit/authorization charge to your credit card to cover any vehicle insurance deductible at the time of rental.

Other Charges: Charges ranging from $5.00 per day and up for additional drivers. Fees may also be applied for the rental of child seats, damage to remote controls, tire replacement and more. For details on Avis Car Rental Terms please visit: http://www.avisbonaire.com/terms.html For Budget Car Rental Terms view: http://www.bonaire-budgetcar.com/terms-conditions.html.

Taxis: If you have not rented a vehicle, taxi rides will run approximately $20.00 from the airport.

Arriving at Den Laman: Check in time is 2:00 p.m. If you arrive earlier and your unit is available we will provide you with immediate access. Since this is not always possible, the Reception Staff will offer you suggestions for breakfast/lunch options and comfortable seating areas, and we will be happy to store your luggage until your condo has been serviced and is ready for your occupancy.

U.S. Toll Free: 800 382-1094 • Island Direct: 011-599-717-1700 E-Mail: reservations@denlaman.com info@denlaman.com www.denlaman.com 6/22/2016 Reception Office at Den Laman: The Reception Office is open to welcome all guests arriving between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. daily, and will return to welcome passengers arriving on later flights. We ask that later flight passengers please proceed directly to Den Laman as soon as you have collected your rental vehicle as the staff will have returned to the property specifically to meet you! Please be sure we have your accurate flight information to ensure we are there when you arrive. If we do not have your arriving information and you are arriving outside the office hours, you can call us on the outside phone, but it might take 15-30 minutes for us to get to Den Laman and welcome you. A credit card will be needed upon check in at the property as a deposit against incidental charges incurred during the stay. If a guest does not have a credit card then a US $100.00 cash deposit per person will be required. No personal checks will be accepted on island.

Telephone: There are phones in the apartments, though calls can only be received when the Reception Office is open. The number for Den Laman when dialed from the US is 011-599-717-1700. Calls can be placed for outgoing calls at any time with a pre-paid telephone calling card available for purchase at the local telephone company “Telbo” in downtown Kralendijk.

Internet: Wireless Internet Service is available free of charge in all apartments.

Housekeeping Service: Housekeeping service is provided complimentary every other day. Daily service can be provided upon request for an additional $25.00 per day.

Dining Options: Breezes N’ Bites is located on property serving breakfast from 7:30 am- 10:00 am seven days a week. Closed on Wednesdays (only available for pre-paid breakfast). All other days’ dinner is served from 6:00 – 9:00 pm. Lunch is served from Thursday to Sunday 11.00 am – 03.00 pm. (The bar remains open between lunch and dinner.) In the Mini-Mall in front of the complex is the “Between 2 Buns” deli. This excellent deli offers friendly service, excellent food and reasonable rates in the air conditioned shop. Stop by for breakfast, lunch or a snack Monday - Friday 7:00 am - 5:00 pm, and Saturday's 8:00 am - 4:00 pm. Lover’s Ice Cream Parlor is also in this complex. There are also several other restaurants are within easy walking distance.

Batteries: The Island does not have a toxic waste disposal system. Yearly more than 100,000 used batteries from visitors end up on our landfill. Corroding batteries leak toxic chemicals into the soil and, ultimately, the sea. Please take your used batteries home with you where they can be recycled.

Weather/Time: The average year-round temperature is 81.5 degrees, with a +/- 2.5-degree seasonal variation. An arid island, Bonaire receives on average only 20.5 inches of rain annually, 65% of which occurs October – January. Bonaire operates on Atlantic Standard Time, not on daylight savings time.

Currency: The US dollar is the official currency on Bonaire. Traveler’s checks and credit cards are widely accepted but be sure to have your passport or photo ID available. There is a bank with a 24-hour ATM within walking distance as well as a number of other banks with ATMs around the island. Note: If using credit cards on island, please be aware that most credit-card companies are now adding an extra 2% to 5% fee on international transactions in addition to any currency-exchange commissions.

U.S. Toll Free: 800 382-1094 • Island Direct: 011-599-717-1700 E-Mail: reservations@denlaman.com info@denlaman.com www.denlaman.com 6/22/2016 Tips: Tipping for good service is customary in Bonaire – 15% is standard. Some restaurants add a service charge automatically. If in doubt, ask. Guests at Den Laman might consider tipping housekeepers, restaurant servers, dive staff, tour guides or anyone else who provides good service. This will be highly appreciated. Den Laman, Breezes N’ Bites and Bonaire Dive & Adventure DO NOT include a service charge in their rates!

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