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2. Pastoral Ministry internships provide ministry leadership experiences in a congregation in which students are able to deepen pastoral identity and develop ministry practices, and are typically completed in the summer after students’ second year of seminary as a ten-week, fulltime ministry assignment (400 hours, 4 credits). Students desiring a longer term pastoral ministry experience in a congregational setting or specialized ministry setting (e.g. campus ministry, chaplaincy, church planting, community development, or international missions) may explore these options for completing this internship with the Director of Mentored Ministries.

3. Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) provides ministry opportunities in approved institutional or church settings together with professional supervision and intensive peer group reflection. CPE can be completed concurrently during the school year or over the course of a summer. (4 credits)

Internships – MA (2 credit hours)

MA internships assist students in understanding how God is molding them spiritually, personally, and professionally through their seminary studies, work of ministry, and area of specialization. The primary consideration in the selection of an internship is the student’s area of specialization (worship, missions, education, pastoral care, etc.). Ordinarily, students will have completed 18 semester hours of course work before beginning an internship.

1. Specialized Ministry Internships provide students with a ministry experience that immerses them in a ministry context which provides the student with a significant leadership opportunity in the area of their ministry specialization. This internship requirement may be met via a part-time internship during the academic year or a 5 week full-time internship during the summer (200 hours, 2 credits).

2. Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) provides ministry opportunities in approved institutional or church settings together with professional supervision and intensive peer group reflection. M.A.

students specializing in Pastoral Care especially are advised to explore this option for completing their internship requirement. CPE can be completed concurrently during the school year of over the course of a summer (2 credits for internship and 2 hours of course credit).

3. Cross-cultural Internships provide opportunities to explore the contextual nature of ministry and are typically completed in the summer after students’ first year of seminary as a five-week, fulltime ministry assignment (200 hours, 2 credits).

2015-2016 Academic Catalog |CALV IN THEOLOGICA L SE MINARY 36 Course Connections The following courses are intentionally interdisciplinary, teaching students to draw on their work in a variety of fields when they approach particular ministry challenges. These courses intersect with the Mentored Ministries program in mutually enriching ways.

"This class offered me chances to think about practical ministry questions and situations through the glasses of church history, systematic theology, and Scripture itself. The professor also helped us realize just how much we have learned in these last three years." Third-year student in a Capstone Course Theological Education as Formation for Ministry intentionally engages in the process of spiritual • formation so that habits developed through theological education will form students for ministry.

(MDiv, MA) Evangelism and Cross-Cultural Ministry introduces models of personal and congregational • evangelism, models of contextual ministry, and skills necessary for cross-cultural ministry; and teaches how to write and communicate faith stories for evangelistic purposes, present the gospel individually and corporately, conduct evangelistic Bible studies, and lead a congregation to the best model(s) of outreach for its context and to church planting.

Leadership in Ministry equips students to provide effective pastoral leadership in forming • communities of disciples. It integrates a biblical theology of leadership with personal reflection, discernment of contexts, and practical leadership skills. It also includes a unit on Reading Ministry Contexts, which provides students with basic perspectives and tools for analyzing a congregation and serving as its pastor. Students are prepared to discern a call to a specific ministry setting and to minister wisely in that context. (MDiv)

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At Calvin Theological Seminary we rejoice in the diversity of our student body and are grateful for our international students. The presence of international students on our campus enriches our communal life.

We value the opportunity to get to know one another, to work together, and to support each other in our studies. To that end, we provide programs like International Friends to help us learn together about other cultures.

If you are an international student, we are pleased that you have chosen to learn, grow, and contribute to life here. We pray that your time here will prepare you well for your future service for our Lord Jesus Christ. We offer some resources that may be of benefit to you, including our International Friends program, an English Conversation Partners program, and our Rhetoric Center’s program to help with proofreading papers. We have put together a webpage with information on these programs as well as

other important information for international students. This website can be found at:

http://www.calvinseminary.edu/admissions/international-students-lp/ Please explore these resources and read the information carefully. If there is something that is unclear, do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have about what’s written – or not written – on the website!

We are ready and willing to help you in any way that we can. Our doors are open to welcome and to serve you.

(left to right) Sarah Chun Associate Dean of Students and International Student Advisor Jeff Sajdak Dean of Students Barb Blackmore Assistant to the Dean of Students and to the International Student Advisor

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Calvin Theological Seminary has around one hundred apartments available to its students. The types of

apartments are as follows (prices for 2015-2016):

On-Campus Housing: Knollcrest East • 18 large two-bedroom apartments located in the Sigma and Omega buildings: $705 per month.

• 12 three-bedroom apartments located in the Bavinck, Kuyper, and Berkhof buildings: $715 per month.

• 12 small two-bedroom apartments located in the Bavinck, Kuyper, and Berkhof buildings: $650 per month.

All buildings listed above include a basement with a fully equipped coin-operated laundry facility, storage and playroom space. Each apartment includes wireless internet, a stove, refrigerator and an air-conditioning unit.

There is a playground on site, as well as patrolled campus security. Built into the monthly rental fee is an $85 utility charge.

Off-Campus Housing: Englewood Apartments Eight buildings located on Englewood Ave., located three miles from campus. Each building has four twobedroom apartments. Two are garden level and two are upper units. Each apartment includes wireless internet, a stove, refrigerator, dishwasher and an air-conditioning unit. Sixteen of these units have carports. There is a common coin-operated laundry facility on the grounds of the apartment complex.

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Built into the monthly rental fee is an $85 utility charge.

Off-Campus Housing: Boerema Townhouses Twenty-nine one-bedroom townhouses located on Batchawana Street are also located three miles from campus and adjacent to the Englewood Apartments. Each unit includes wireless internet, a stove, refrigerator, air conditioner. Each unit has a full basement and hook-up capability for washers and dryers. Residents also have access to the Englewood Apartments' laundry facility if needed.

–  –  –

Built into the monthly rental fee is an $85 utility charge.

Single Students Sharing an Apartment Price ranges from $230 – $352.50 per month.

Housing Application The housing application deadline is April 1.

Applications are to be filled out online via Calvin Seminary’s website. You may fill out a housing application once you have applied for admission and have been assigned a User ID and Password by our IT Office. Applicants cannot be assigned to an apartment until the student is admitted.

Contact Housing Administrator Calvin Theological Seminary semhousing@calvinseminary.edu

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The Office of Financial Aid establishes cost of attendance budgets that are used to determine financial aid eligibility. These budgets include estimates for tuition, rent, books and other expenses.

Tuition for academic year 2015-2016 Master of Divinity, Master of Arts, and Master of Theological Studies students are billed $456.00 • per hour.

Master of Theology students are billed $724.00 per hour.

• Doctor of Philosophy students are billed a flat rate of $15,800 annually. The fifth year continuation • fee is $342.

Books Students must purchase their own books. Students should come with enough funds to purchase their books and any other items necessary for beginning study, even if the student is expecting financial aid.

Any scholarship or loan money that is remaining in the student's account after tuition has been paid may be used for the cost of books and other expenses. The book allowance is based on full-time enrollment, but expenses may vary depending on the course and degree program. Book allowance for one academic year is $1,850.00.

Rent Rent is based on students living in Calvin Theological Seminary owned housing. This may be located on campus or at our apartments a short distance from campus. For detailed housing costs, please see the housing information in this document.

Other Expenses Other expenses include allowances for transportation, clothing, recreation, medical insurance, utilities and other miscellaneous living expenses. These expenses vary greatly based on the individual student. The estimates are considered reasonable, but modest, and are determined after surveying segments of our student body.

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The seminary’s goal is to assist you in securing the resources necessary to fund your preparation for ministry. Last year, nearly $1.2 million in scholarship money was awarded to Calvin Theological Seminary students. In addition to those funds, we have several low interest loan options available.

For financial aid process and resources, view our financial aid page online.


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Through the generosity of donors, Calvin Theological Seminary is able to award many merit and needbased scholarships. With some exceptions, scholarship awards are deposited to the student’s seminary account at the beginning of each semester during the academic year in two equal portions. Scholarship awards can be applied to tuition and all related educational expenses. Unless otherwise specified, receipt 2015-2016 Academic Catalog |CALV IN THEOLOGICA L SE MINARY 43 of a scholarship is dependent upon full-time enrollment status. All potential applicants are urged to complete the Application for Financial Aid available online through our website, by March 1 each year.

Any discrepancy between the scholarship descriptions printed on our website and the official protocol governing a scholarship will be decided in favor of the official protocol kept on file in the Development Office.

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* Most of these electives may be taken by ThM students for 3 credits; different assignments are given to students in different degree programs. When registering, ThM students must choose the “T” option.

** ThM level courses may be taken by MDiv and MTS students for 2 credits; different assignments are given to students in different degree programs. When registering, MDiv and MTS students must choose the number without the “T.”

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303 Christian Theology in Introduces Reformed theology through a study of confessions, from the Reformation era (Belgic Confession, Heidelberg Catechism, Canons Reformed Confessions of Dort) and the more recent past (Contemporary Testimony, Belhar Confession), and through the basic elements of the Reformed worldview grounded in this confessional theology.

304 The Church in Historical Surveys the story of God’s people from 100 – 1247 A.D., conversing with ancient and medieval brothers and sisters in Christ by reading and Context I responding to their testimonies, theology and practices.

–  –  –

306 Preaching Theory and Introduces the practice of preaching through lectures, discussions, readings and preparatory exercises; and provides a grammar for talking Methods about sermons and an elementary approach to sermon construction. Topics include theology of preaching, technique in telling stories, writing for the ear, pastoral issues in the pulpit, use and presentation of scripture in the sermon, and how and where to find illustrations.

310 The Church in Historical Surveys the major turning points in the history of Christianity from 100 A.D. to the present; and focuses on how the church’s institutions, Context Survey thought and practice were shaped by and responded to their contexts at each of the turning points under study.

311 Introduction to Missional Introduces aspects of pastoral ministry for a missional congregation.


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402 Old Testament Narrative Introduces students to Genesis through Kings, Chronicles, Ezra-Nehemiah and Esther as Christian Scripture, by means of a close reading Literature methodology and theological analysis applied to books and selected passages in Hebrew.

403 The Psalms and Wisdom Provides basic knowledge of Hebrew poetry and literary genres of the Psalms and other books of the Writings, a close reading methodology Literature of selected passages in Hebrew, and emphasis on the psalms of prayer, lament, thanksgiving in prayer, song, preaching and pastoral care.

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