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404 Old Testament Prophetic Introduces the institution and nature of prophecy and an exegetical and biblical theological examination of selected prophetic passages, Literature emphasizing the message of the prophets for the church.

410 Greek Fundamentals II Introduces Greek grammar, vocabulary, and syntax (building on NT 301) and the reading of the Greek New Testament, with emphasis on the use of Logos Bible software as well as the exegetical application of the genitive case, adverbial participles, and conditional sentences.

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412 New Testament Letters Reviews the basic principles of interpreting the biblical text from a Reformed perspective, with attention given to Greek grammar, historical context, social setting, epistolary structure and theological themes of the New Testament letters and their message for the church today.

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431 Pastoral Disciplines for Introduces effective personal and marital counseling within the limits of pastoral ministry and explores the theologies and theories of Counseling Ministry transformation that underlie these pastoral skills. Students learn beginning counseling skills and complete a practicum/case study on a field experience packet filled out prior to the class.

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441 Evangelism and Cross- Introduces models of personal and congregational evangelism, models of contextual ministry, and skills necessary for cross-cultural ministry;

Cultural Min and teaches how to write and communicate faith stories for evangelistic purposes, present the gospel individually and corporately, conduct evangelistic Bible studies, and lead a congregation to the best model(s) of outreach for its context and to church planting.

449 Gospel Communication Trains students in the art of public speaking as preparation for preaching and teaching ministries.

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451 Ethics and the Christian Life Studies Christian personal and social morality vital for being an obedient church leader and developing faithful communities of disciples.

452 Forming Worshipping Introduces principles and practices of vital and faithful worship leadership, explores biblical and historical perspectives on worship practices Communities highlighting those of the Reformed tradition, and gives students practice at several basic worship planning and leading skills.

461 Interpretation of Old Students study the narrative literature of the Old Testament. Our reading of the OT focuses on the exile of God’s people from the divine Testament Narrative presence, canonically understood, with special emphasis on defining the exile from the perspective of Esther.

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463 Shalom: Its Meaning and Provides the vision and understanding of God’s plan for creation to inspire lifestyles and ministries that conform to God´s good will for the Significance cosmos, society, the Church, and for each person. Learning and theological reflection is done regarding sites where significant models of community transformation, social justice and care for creation are being developed in the US, Canada, and other countries.

464 Wisdom, Psalms and Students study the wisdom, psalmic, and prophetic literature of the Old Testament. The literature will be considered within the overall Prophecy in the Old canonical theological framework of the divine presence as defined in Genesis-Kings.

Testament 465 New Testament Letters and A review of the basic principles of interpreting the Biblical text (i.e., hermeneutics) from a Reformed perspective as they apply to the New their message to the church Testament letters. Special attention is given to the Greek grammar, historical context, social setting, epistolary structure, and theological today themes of the New Testament letters as well as their message for the church today.

470 Applied Music Skills for Provides one-on-one instruction in applied musical and artistic skills for worship leadership, including various approaches to equipping others Worship Leaders in a congregational setting, and discussions of the pastoral, liturgical, and theological parameters for how particular skills best contribute to the worship life of congregations. Areas may include instrumental instruction; conducting; composition and arranging; or art and media design; students are encouraged to practice their skills in an internship, chapel, or local congregational context.

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472 Choosing Music for Worship Resources students in developing and improving skills in choosing appropriate music for worship services.

473 Public Reading of Scripture Resources students in developing and improving skills in effective public reading of Scripture passages.

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478 Practicum in Teaching with Students will explore the use of various technologies that complement teaching and present several sample lessons using various Technology technologies for critique in a collaborative learning environment.

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483 Using Media Wisely Introduction to use various means of communication, including social networking sites, blogs, video, presentation technology, web pages, newsletters, etc., and the need to develop an integrated approach which reflects the values of a particular ministry.

484 Worship Planning Those who are active members of the Chapel Planning Committee can receive credit for their work by registering for this course.

485 Choral Music Those who are active members of the Seminary Choir can receive credit for their work by registering for this course.

488 Issues in Pastoral Care and This course will develop students' skills in navigating difficult pastoral care or leadership issues in the church today. Topics will vary each time Leadership that the course is offered.

490 Hebrew Review Offers opportunity to secure and build upon gains made in 301 in order to provide a solid foundation for using Hebrew in exegesis.

491 Greek Review Offers opportunity to review and sharpen Greek grammatical and exegetical skills by reading important passages of the New Testament.

492 Hebrew Review II This course reviews key material learned in 321, including a review of the verbal system, basic syntax, and analysis of clauses.

495 Loving Your Muslim Neighbor This skill development course looks at several case studies where Christian love has transformed relationships and understanding with our Muslim neighbor. Negative images have been changed into positive impressions by the sharing of Christ's love.

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501 The Art of Hebrew Narrative Develops greater proficiency in comprehending biblical Hebrew and appreciating its literary artistry and its application in Old Testament exegesis through a careful reading of the Joseph narrative.

502 Exegesis of the Pentateuch Exercises exegetical and theological understanding of Exodus or Leviticus (in alternate years) in its larger canonical context, and its abiding address to the Church. Basic exegetical skills and knowledge of the Hebrew language and computer assisted exegetical skills are assumed.

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509 Exegesis of the Narrative A close reading of selected texts from the narrative literature of the OT (Genesis-Kings; Chronicles, Ezra-Nehemiah, Esther) in the context of Literature of the Old its abiding address to the Church and its task in the world.


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534 Biblical Study Tour to Turkey Travel to biblical and other archaeological sites in Turkey and Greece connected with Paul's Missionary journeys, and the Seven Churches of and Greece Revelation 2-3, in order to understand better the relevant biblical texts in their historical and social context.

541 Calvin the Pastor Examines John Calvin’s life, piety, reform, and pastoral ministry in the context of the Reformation in Geneva.

544 The Apologetical Theology of Studies some works of C.S. Lewis in which he communicates and defends Christianity.

C.S. Lewis

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550 History of Christianity Elective 561 Theology of the Holy Spirit Studies a biblical, historical and systematic examination of the doctrine of the Holy Spirit, with special attention to contemporary developments in Pentecostal and mainline spirituality and theology, and the relation between Christology and pneumatology.

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563 Imaginative Reading for Reads and discusses selected fiction, biography, memoirs, journalism, culture criticism, essays, drama, poetry, and children's literature in Creative Preaching order to deepen the preacher's understanding of human character, divine grace, and the surprises that emerge when they intersect, with special attention to the homiletic impact of the readings.

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564 Intersections of Theology and Examines the theological loci of creation and humanity with an emphasis on how they intersect and often clash with modern scientific Science concerns and considers implications of these intersections for ministry.

566 Reformed World and Life A study of the biblical and theological foundations, philosophical articulations, and specific implications of the Reformed world and life view View developed in the neo-Calvinist tradition of Abraham Kuyper.

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582 Philosophy for Understanding Surveys the history of philosophy from Plato to postmodernism, reviews the historical interaction of philosophy with Christian faith and Theology theology--both positive and negative, and emphasizes the importance of good philosophy for sound theology.

583 Biblical Anthropology and the Considers contemporary Christian challenges to the traditional body-soul distinction in light of Scripture, theology, philosophy, and science;

Body-Soul Debate and argues for “dualistic holism.” A key issue is whether Scripture teaches that persons exist without bodies between death and resurrection.

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602 What Preachers Can Learn Explores what various writers are saying about their craft and its implication for preaching and looks at the creative features of sermon making from Writers through a combination of reading, writing, and practice preaching.

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621 Special Worship Occasions Studies the biblical, theological, and pastoral dimensions of celebrations of baptism, marriage, funerals, and other occasional services such as ordinations, dedications, and commissionings.

623 Music and the Arts in Worship Surveys prominent theological motifs and how they have been reflected in artistic expressions of Christian worship throughout church history, including a study of prayer, texts, sermons, hymnody, architectural forms, and implications for congregational worship today.

624 Advanced Skills in Worship Studies resources, skills, and strategies for planning and leading public worship services, with attention to congregational prayer, training lay Leadership worship leaders, and celebrations of the sacraments.

641 Contemporary Youth Culture Examines cultural institutions affecting youth, analyzes current understandings of family, media, school, and peer relationships among and Intergenerational Ministry adolescents, and teaches how to plan and conduct intergenerational learning, serving, and high adventure activities that promote responsible interaction and spiritual growth.

642 Faith Formation for all Ages Explores the spiritual, moral, emotional, and social needs and development of children and adults, teaches the creative design of faith formation programs and intergenerational education, and develops skills needed to teach a wide variety of programs.

644 Educational Leadership and Studies the skills needed to provide educational leadership and administer educational programs, including leadership models, recruiting and Administration training volunteers, budgeting, program planning and implementation.

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647 Curriculum Design and the Explores curriculum theory and design, and the teaching-learning process that enables students to assess and develop curriculum and select Teaching Learning Process appropriate teaching strategies.

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649 Practicum in Teaching Enhances teaching effectiveness by practicing, reflecting, and critiquing student presentations; explores various teaching styles, and introduces presentation design, software packages, and online resources for enhancing instruction.

650 Foundations of Educational Develops a holistic understanding of educational ministries by examining biblical, theological, philosophical, psychological, and sociological Ministry foundations, and considers how educational practice and theory inform each other.

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661 Ministry to and with Considers the growing presence, challenge, and opportunity for ministry that immigrant populations present for Christian churches, Immigrants emphasizing the development of effective ministries to reach immigrants by partnering with and leaning from them.

664 Basic Training in Church Introduces basic principles and practices of church planting, including issues such as getting started, support base and structures, Planting and Renewal demographics, the person of the church planter, and holistic ministry issues.

665 Contextual Training in Church Builds on the principles taught in 664 by studying organization, leadership and related issues.

Planting and Renewal 667 Loving Your Muslim Neighbor Builds on 718 by exploring further the teachings of Islam, its branches, ministry and outreach models, and contextualization issues.

668 Ministering Cross-Culturally Equips students to minister effectively in cross-cultural and multi-ethnic settings, focusing on the cross-cultural minister, communication, preaching, teaching, relationships, conflict-resolution, worship, and contextualization issues.

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