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«January 2013 [1] Comfortable, energy-efficient kitchen ventilation starts here. Accurex specializes in energy-efficient ventilation systems—for ...»

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All the products you need for

Engineered Kitchen Ventilation Systems.

January 2013


Comfortable, energy-efficient

kitchen ventilation starts here.

Accurex specializes in energy-efficient ventilation systems—for restaurants and other food service

establishments. Our many top performing kitchen ventilation products reflect the industry’s latest

technological advances and will provide you with a fully integrated kitchen ventilation system that

results in an efficient, balanced building where customers and employees prefer to dine and work.

Our state-of-the-art, computer-aided product selection program (CAPS) helps you select and configure products for your system, view real-time drawings and create AutoCAD® files quickly.

You’ll also like the friendly, responsive customer service we provide. Your Accurex representative is just a phone call or e-mail away, and is always well prepared to help you design a ventilation system that reduces future energy and operating costs.

We listen to you, our customer, when designing our diverse product line.

Accurex believes in continuous improvement. Our engineers are constantly developing and redesigning products, responding to the needs of our customers.

Extensive prototype modeling and testing results in products that have higher efficiencies with lower installation and operating costs. Accurex engineers are focused on delivering reliable and convenient products that result in a positive ventilation experience. We proudly support green design.

Reliability and top performance are ensured through extensive testing.

Accurex products are comprehensively tested for structural integrity, aerodynamic performance, sound levels, mechanical operation, vibration, temperatures, environmental impact and more. Fans are tested in two on-site third-party registered air chambers and a registered sound testing facility. Accurex products carry several certifications as they apply, including AMCA, UL, ETL, and NSF.

[2] A single source for all your kitchen ventilation needs.

Whether it’s a large project or a small one, Accurex will build and deliver your entire kitchen system quickly and efficiently. Our products range from kitchen hoods, exhaust fans, dedicated make-up air, packaged rooftops, controls, and variable volume systems to fire suppression, utility distribution and more.

Product Index.

page page 4 Type I Hoods - Grease 10 Pollution Control Units 6 Type II Hoods - Non-Grease 11 Exhaust Fans

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Accurex offers a variety of kitchen hood styles and configurations with flexible size ranges to meet nearly any space and application requirement. Additionally, our kitchen hoods are available with several configurable options and accessories to further meet your needs.

Accurex is the industry leader in grease extraction and offers the most efficient mechanical grease filters on the market in all of our filtered grease hoods. State-of-the art manufacturing and superior materials such as our #4 embossed stainless steel ensures a quality product that is aesthetically pleasing.

Type I Kitchen Hoods Type I hoods are designed for use above grease producing equipment. Accurex hoods are C-UL US 710 Listed and available in several styles and configurations. Hoods can be built in single section lengths from 3 to 16 feet.

Longer hoods are available in multiple sections and can appear as one section utilizing our continuous-capture option to improve aesthetics.

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Integral Supply Hoods Integral supply hoods are designed for either face supply (as shown) or combination (face and air curtain) supply.

Model Designation Guide – Type I Hoods

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Proximity (Backshelf) Hoods The perfect solution for low ceilings, and light- and medium-duty cooking applications, the proximity hood mounts close to the cooking equipment allowing for lower exhaust rates and smaller hoods. Our proximity hoods have five dimensions of adjustment and have an optional plate shelf and/or pass-over enclosure.

Auto-Cleaning Hoods The Grease Grabber H2O provides industry-leading grease extraction capabilities with an innovative auto-cleaning system. It is a highly efficient, closed system that combines time-saving convenience with dramatic cost reductions related to labor, water, and energy use. Filters do not need to be removed and cleaned by hand. The system sends hot water mixed with detergent to spray nozzles aligned along the filter banks and plenum, and later purges it and rinses with fresh hot water. This reduces the need to heat a steady, one-way flow of water, Airflow pattern through Grease Grabber H2O reducing utility costs.

Model Designation Guide – Type I Auto Cleaning Hoods

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For hood specifications, visit www.accurex.com Filtration Options Choosing the right filters for your application can reduce operating costs by decreasing duct cleaning frequency and wear on fan motors and bearings.

Accurex has the most efficient mechanical grease filters in the industry. All of our filters are C-UL US 1046 Listed and NSF Certified. Our efficiency ratings were obtained by testing to the ASTM F2519-2005 Standard.

• Baffle Filter: Standard industry baffle (*30% efficient)

• Cartridge Filter: *30% efficient

• Grease-X-Tractor™: High efficiency centrifugal filter (*60% efficient)

• Grease Grabber™: Highest efficiency dual filtration system (*90% efficient) *Filter efficiencies measured at 8 microns.

[5] Type II Kitchen Hoods These hoods are designed to capture heat and/or condensate from non-grease producing processes.

Oven Hoods Model XO: Primarily used for oven applications. Can be used for other heat and fume removal applications. No gutter or drain. Lighting options available.

Condensate Hoods The following models include a gutter and have an optional drain connection. Condensate baffle options below.

Model XD1: No baffles. Most economical and flexible in condensate applications. Lighting options available.

Model XD2: 1 baffle. Designed for moderate condensation applications.

Great for vertical door dishwasher applications. Lighting options available.

Model XD3: 2 baffles. Designed for heavy condensate applications.

Model Designation Guide – Type II Canopy Hoods

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Fire Suppression Systems The first line of defense against fire in a commercial kitchen is the hood fire protection system. Accurex has a variety of factory prepiped fire protection systems available.

Wet Chemical The Ansul® R-102™ and Amerex® KP™ wet chemical fire suppression systems are automatic, pre-engineered systems, designed to protect ventilating equipment including hoods, ducts, plenums, filters, and cooking equipment. Once activated, the system discharges wet chemical through all nozzles simultaneously.

Amerex® Zone Defense™ and Ansul R-102 Overlapping Appliance Protection offers full flood fire protection that allows flexibility in equipment placement, which can significantly reduce the cost of field changes in the future.

Dual Agent The Ansul® PIRANHA® restaurant wet agent fire suppression system is a dual-agent, pre-engineered automatic fire extinguishing system, designed to protect ventilating equipment including hoods, ducts, plenums, filters, and the cooking equipment. Once activated, the system discharges wet chemical followed by water through all nozzles.

[6] Utility Distribution Systems Accurex’s® Utility Distribution Systems (UDS) provides flexible, convenient and safe utility connections for commercial cooking operations while saving installation time in the field. Factory-built systems offer a cost effective way to replace contractor built utilities in walls which require time and energy to be spent coordinating with various trades and allow for future expansion or relocation of appliances without expensive modifications.

The Accurex UDS provides a single point of connection for gas, electricity, water and optional utilities. The stainless steel exterior is easy to clean and safely conceals all wiring. Utility distribution systems are available in wall and island styles and can be manufactured in incremental lengths, expandable to accommodate virtually any cooking line-up.

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Model Designation Guide - Utility Distribution Systems The Model Number Code is designed to completely identify the unit. The correct code letters must be specified to designate the configurations and size.

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Accurex understands the importance of managing the various relationships between kitchen systems to ensure the best comfort, health and energy efficiency for your customers and employees. It is because we understand, that we provide engineered controls with many options to match your needs.

Variable Volume Accurex saves more energy with industry leading turndown capabilities, high efficiency Vari-Green® motors and the quick response of the Vari-Flow controls.

Energy efficient kitchen ventilation systems are essential in reducing the operating costs associated with foodservice operations today.

A typical kitchen system will be designed for peak exhaust needs and operating at the exhaust airflow rate at all times. The reality is the cooking operation may only demand peak exhaust rates occasionally throughout the day.

Variable volume systems are a cost effective way to reduce energy consumption and operating costs by automatically decreasing the airflow based on demand from the cooking operation. Accurex offers two systems to match your operation with typical payback in 1-3 years. State rebates available in many locations.

Vari-Flow Air Management System The Accurex Vari-Flow Air Management System is our most economical variable volume system while providing top energy savings. This system senses the heat output from the cooking operation to effectively modulate the airflow and offers exceptional turndown and quick response.

The keypad with digital display or the integrated touchscreen, allows for increased flexibility in managing your kitchen environment and maximize savings. Vari-Flow also integrates easily with any building management system.

Melink® Intelli-Hood® System The Melink Intelli-Hood uses both heat sensors and optic sensors to monitor the cooking operation and modulate the airflow. The optic sensors provide additional control, especially in large cooking batteries containing steamers, kettles and other similar appliances that produce a large quantity of smoke or steam.

[8] Temperature Interlock The temperature interlock is designed to automatically start the kitchen hood exhaust fans and keep them running while heat is being generated from the cooking appliances. The interlock will override the switch and start the fans once heat is detected in the event an operator fails to turn on the fans manually—ensuring safety and code compliance. These systems are available as a stand-alone control or as an integrated option in our other pre-engineered controls.

Digital Temperature Interlock Digital temperature interlock includes a micro controller with LED display that can be remote mounted. This option provides easy access and accurate control when making seasonal adjustments to the temperature setting, eliminating the need to access the hood top.

Fan Control Centers The fan control center is a single source for managing all your kitchen ventilation products: fans, make-up air, hoods, fire system interlock, lighting and more.

Pre-wired to your specifications and only minimal field wiring is needed, making installation easy.

XFCC Accurex’s Kitchen Fan Control Center, Model XFCC, is designed to control the exhaust fans, supply fans and lights for the kitchen ventilation system. The XFCC has numerous options and can be interlocked with the fire suppression system.

–  –  –

With the increasing size of the urban landscape, the focus on clean air and multi-use buildings, restaurant odor and grease control play an increasingly important role in commercial kitchen exhaust systems.

No one wants their apartment or hotel room smelling like the restaurant below or their windows smeared from greasy kitchen exhaust air. In addition, restaurants on the ground floor of a high rise building need a cost effective way to discharge closer to ground level to prevent having to run duct work for many stories.

Accurex’s Grease Grabber™ Triple Play and Power Play pollution control units remove smoke, grease and odor from your kitchen exhaust systems.

Triple Play The Grease Grabber™ Triple Play pollution control unit uses a three-stage filtration system including activated carbon panels to remove smoke, grease and odor from the exhaust airstream. A monitoring system tells you when you need to replace the filters.

Additional information: Accurex Grease Grabber™ Pollution Control Units Power Play The Grease Grabber™ Power Play is a selfcleaning electrostatic precipitator that uses electrically charged panels to trap and collect grease. Mechanical filters including activated carbon panels remove any remaining grease and odor. The wash cycle is preprogrammed to wash at set intervals to take even more work out of system maintenance.

Additional information: Accurex Grease Grabber™ Pollution Control Units

–  –  –

Fans for Grease Applications The Centrifugal Roof Upblast, Sidewall Exhaust, Inline and Utility Set fans include both direct and belt driven fans with backward inclined centrifugal wheels. The motors on the fans are out of the airstream, preventing grease buildup. These fans are suitable for kitchen grease exhaust applications.

XRUB, XRUD - Roof Mounted XSEB, XSED - Sidewall Mounted These spun aluminum fans are specifically designed for roof mounted (XRUB/ XRUD) or sidewall mounted (XSEB/XSED) applications. Grease-laden exhaust is discharged directly upward, away from the roof surface or discharged out and away from building walls. The fans feature a one-piece windband continuously welded to the curb cap and double-studded isolators for true vibration isolation.

Additional information: Accurex Exhaust and Transfer Fans Catalog

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