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«FAQs for Custodia® Fungicide Use in Grapes Fungicide Resistance Management How many applications can I apply of Custodia® per season? Maximum of ...»

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Whichever source is used should be free of silt, neutral in pH and free of foreign matter which may block nozzles.

Do I need to apply at a certain time of day?

There are no general rules with the time of day to apply Custodia®. If applying earlier in the morning the plant surfaces may not have dried adequately from heavy dew and more spray will be lost due to runoff. Spraying during the hottest period of the day is generally not preferred as this increases the risk of phytotoxicity to leaves/fruit from some fungicides i.e. Sulphur.

Does droplet size have impact on efficacy? Is good coverage essential?

Thorough coverage of the vines is essential to maximise fungicide performance. Droplet size and water volumes need to be chosen carefully to ensure this is achieved.

Will Custodia® kill beneficial Mites and Wasps? How safe is it on Bees?

At field rates there is no evidence of any negative impact from Custodia® on beneficial Insects including Mites, Bees, Wasps or Lady beetles.

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What foliar fertiliser products or growth regulants can I mix with Custodia®?

Mixing Custodia® with foliar fertilisers is not recommended due to the wide range of products on the market, variability in their specifications and the large number of compatibility tests that would be required. No growth regulants have been tested in combination with Custodia®.

Can I use a pH buffering agent in my tank mix?

Yes. There are no issues with adjusting water pH prior to mixing with Custodia® providing the pH is within the normal range for spraying agricultural chemicals.

Phytotoxicity What Winegrape varieties can I safely apply Custodia® to?

Custodia® has been applied safely to the following varieties:

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It is not anticipated that any varieties will be sensitive to Custodia® applications when used as directed.

What Table Grape varieties can I safely apply Custodia® to?

Custodia® has been applied safely to Thompson Seedless Table Grapes. It is not anticipated that any varieties will be sensitive to Custodia® applications when used as directed.

What concerns (if any) are there for spray drift onto non-target crops?

Minimising spray drift is a general rule for spraying any crop protection product. Aside from any crop specific phyto that can occur when using products such as herbicides, there is also an issue with residues and trade. In the case of Custodia®, the azoxystrobin component is known to be phytotoxic to certain Apple varieties. Adequate precautions must be used to prevent injury to Apple Trees.

AVOID SPRAY DRIFT and DO NOT spray Custodia® where spray drift may reach Apple Trees. Spray equipment that has been previously used to apply Custodia® should not be used to spray Apple Trees as even trace amounts can cause unacceptable phytoxicity.

If a tank mix partner requires wetter, will this be phytotoxic?

A 100% Non-ionic wetter will not change the level of crop safety for Custodia®, however, do not mix with vegetable or mineral oil-based adjuvants.

Do high Summer temperatures cause any burning issues?

There has been no trial work done under extreme weather conditions i.e. week-long periods with temperatures over 40°C. If extreme heat is expected within a few days of application then caution should be exercised when applying Custodia® or any other product.

adama.com 6 Domestic and Export Wine Restrictions Are there MRL’s in place for both Domestic and Export Wine markets?

There are CODEX international food standard MRL’s set by the FAO that apply to Custodia®. MRL’s are generally used to establish the WHP in Wine and Table Grapes. However, in addition to the WHP, there are also export harvest intervals (EHI’s) for all products registered in Winegrapes. The EHI’s are established by the Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI) as not all products with CODEX status will have an MRL in the importing country. This may be because Grapes are not grown commercially in these countries and there is no need to register products for use on Grapes. As a result no MRL is set, which means that the importing country will either not allow any detectable residue of the agrochemical in Wine, or only permit ‘safe’ amounts of it.

AWRI have established an EHI for Custodia® and this is listed in their industry publication known as the ‘Dog Book’.

What is the latest growth stage that I can apply Custodia® on Grapes destined for the Export Wine market?

The WHP for Custodia® is 4 weeks in Table Grapes. For Winegrapes - the EHI recommendation is DO NOT APPLY after 80% capfall.

Efficacy Issues What is in Custodia® and how do its components work?

Custodia® is a co-formulation of a strobilurin and a DMI fungicide.

Strobilurins (Group 11 fungicide) inhibits mitochondrial respiration of fungi. The strobilurin in Custodia® can redistribute via limited systemic movement (both translaminar and acropetal) within the leaf. The mode of action of strobilurins gives them particularly good protectant activity as they can stop spore germination and host penetration. However, once the infection has entered the host plant tissue, the strobilurins have very limited capacity to control advanced infections within colonised plant tissues. Post-infection activity can also increase the selection pressure for resistance and should be avoided.

The DMI (demethylation inhibitor - Group 3 fungicide) fungicide in Custodia® has protectant and systemic activity.

It is rapidly absorbed into the leaves and is translocated acropetally to provide more uniform protection. The DMI fungicides inhibit the production of ergosterol, which is a component of the cell membrane of a wide range of fungi including Powdery Mildew. DMIs are most active on the mycelia (vegetative growth) of the fungi, but have limited direct activity on spores. DMIs also need to be applied before infection to allow the fungicide to enter the plant tissues and redistribute before the infection becomes too advanced to stop sporulation/crop losses.

Is Custodia® as good as other Powdery Mildew options currently available?

Custodia® offers very similar levels of control of Powdery Mildew populations that are sensitive to Group 11 Fungicides including Cabrio® and Flint®. Custodia® significantly outperforms these products when a proportion of the Powdery Mildew population is strobilurin resistant.

Why not simply tank-mix Mirador (Azoxystrobin) and Orius (Tebuconazole) to achieve the same level of actives and outcomes?

Custodia® was developed as a simple and effective solution for controlling disease and complying with the recommended fungicide resistance management strategies for diseases such as Powdery Mildew in Grapes.

What sort of residual protection will I get from Custodia®?

Custodia® will protect leaves and bunches when applied on spray intervals of 10-14 days.

Is there any vapour activity within the canopy?

No. Neither active ingredients exhibit vapour activity.

How safe is it to humans? How safe is it on beneficial insects?

Custodia® toxicity is low for mammals, birds, bees, insects, and earthworms.

Will it have any effect on blister or bud mite like sulphur?

No. Custodia® exhibits no miticidal or insecticidal activity.

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What pack sizes is Custodia® available in?

Custodia® will be available in 5 L and 20 L pack sizes.

How much will Custodia® cost?

Custodia® for Powdery Mildew, Downy Mildew and Botrytis control in Grapes is priced at similar levels to other Label Rates of Group 11 fungicides including Azoxystrobin, Trifloxystrobin (Flint®) and Pyraclostrobin (Cabrio®) and will have the significant benefit of being pre-formulated, easy to mix and proven to be effective with active compounds from two alternative Modes of Action groups.

Visit adama.com for further details.

® Registered trademarks of an Adama Agricultural Solutions Ltd Company.

* Registered trademarks.

Please note: This information is not intended to replace the product labels. Always read the complete product label appearing on the container before opening or using products. Product labels also available on adama.com

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