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February 2006


Business Performance

IBM revenue climbs to $85.09 billion, two percent more than the year before, and net earnings of

$8.1 billion are five percent ahead of 1999. There are 316,303 employees and 664,291

stockholders at year end.

IBM handles 96 percent (400,000 a month) of its procurement invoices on the Web and online procurement saves the company $377 million (up from $270 million in 1999).

Organization Samuel J. Palmisano becomes president and chief operating officer, and John M. Thompson becomes vice chairman.

IBM names Harriet P. Pearson as its first chief privacy officer to guide the company’s privacy policies and practices, lead initiatives across IBM to strengthen consumer privacy protection and further the company’s leadership efforts in those areas.

IBM forms a Life Sciences business unit to deliver leading-edge IT solutions for bio-technology, genomic, e-health, pharmaceutical, agri-science and other life sciences industries. The new organization brings together the company’s strengths in such areas as e-business, supercomputing, data and storage management, data mining and knowledge management along with computational biology and parallel computing.

IBM acquires Aragon Consulting Group, a marketing research and strategy firm based in St.


IBM acquires OpenOrders Inc., a leading provider of enterprise-scale order management and fulfillment software for e-commerce.

Products & Services IBM introduces the IBM eServer, a new generation of servers featuring mainframe-class reliability and scalability, broad support of open standards for the development of new applications, and capacity on demand for managing the unprecedented needs of e-business. The new servers feature technology from IBM’s high-end servers applied across the entire product line, and include: the eServer zSeries -- the most reliable, mission-critical data and transaction server in the industry; eServer pSeries -- the most powerful, technologically advanced UNIX server; eServer iSeries -- the high performance, integrated business server for mid-market companies; and the eServer xSeries -- the affordable Intel-based server with mainframe-inspired reliability technologies.

IBM unveils the eServer zSeries 900, the first mainframe built from scratch with e-business as its primary function. The reinvented mainframe is built to handle the unpredictable demands of ebusiness, allowing thousands of servers to operate within one box. Along with the new design, IBM also introduces z/OS, a new 64-bit operating system.

1406HHX IBM announces the IBM eServer pSeries 680 -- code-named “Turbo” -- as the most powerful commercial server in history. Built on the award-winning RS/6000 S80 design, the p680 immediately captures eight major performance benchmark records using up to 24 copper microprocessors with IBM’s breakthrough Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) technology.

The company reports that it has reached a new milestone in server sales with the shipment of the 1,000th RS/6000 S80 server just four months after its product launch. Six months later, IBM announces “Blue Hammer,” the world’s most powerful UNIX cluster system dedicated to Webbased commerce, to bring the comprehensive management capabilities of IBM’s industry-leading supercomputers to its top-performing RS/6000 S80 enterprise server.

IBM debuts a commercial version of ASCI White -- the most powerful supercomputer in the world. The new RS/6000 SP system uses performance-enhancing copper microprocessors, silicon switching technology and advanced software to provide e-businesses with the unmatched processing speed, scalability and reliability needed for demanding e-commerce applications.

Also introduced is the RS/6000 44P Model 270, the world’s fastest 4-way Web Server. The first entry UNIX server to implement performance-enhancing copper technology, the Model 270 is ideal for running sophisticated e-commerce applications as well as general business applications used by small- and medium-sized companies. Complementing the Model 270, IBM also rolls out the RS/6000 44P Model 170 uniprocessor system. The Finnish academic supercomputing center CSC -- selects an ultra-powerful IBM RS/6000 SP system as its next generation supercomputer for the Ministry of Education. Upon installation, the IBM system will be the most powerful commercial supercomputer in Europe. IBM reports that its next generation RS/6000 SP system with DB2 Universal Database Version 7.1 set a new record for business intelligence performance in the TPC-H benchmark, easily beating the previous record at a price/performance ratio three times better than the competition.

IBM begins volume shipments of the new line of AS/400e servers powered by the world’s first production microchips made of silicon-on-insulator transistors and copper wiring.

The IBM IntelliStation Z Pro NT-based workstation is announced in January, demonstrating IBM’s ability to support companies integrating both UNIX- and Windows NT-based workstations in heterogeneous environments. Complementing the new IntelliStation, IBM offers the T56A 15inch Thin Film Transistor flat panel monitor and the P96 19-inch cathode ray tube monitor. Five months later, IBM rolls out the IntelliStation M Pro and Z Pro, affordable NT computer workstations for tackling complex digital design projects. And four months after that, the company announces the IntelliStation E Pro workstation to deliver workstation power for the price of a PC, along with new models of the IntelliStation M Pro and Z Pro.

IBM introduces in March the Netfinity 7100 and 7600 four-way servers built for Windows 2000 and which leverage IBM’s X-architecture Super Server technologies. That same month, IBM and Microsoft announce a new Internet appliance -- the IBM Netfinity A100 -- using an operating 1406HHX system based on Windows 2000 technologies for Web hosting and serving. One month later, IBM debuts new Netfinity thin servers designed to deliver the highest computing power per square foot on Intel based platforms. With the new offerings, known as the 4500R and 6000R, IBM now provides the industry’s most complete rack optimized server product line for Linux, Windows and Novell operating systems.

IBM announces the world’s most powerful Intel-based server, the 64-processor NUMA-Q E410, along with the industry’s most affordable technology-leading two-way server, the Netfinity 3500 M20.

IBM says in March that the US. Commerce Department has approved the sale of a special series of secure IBM PC 300PL and IntelliStation PCs with 256-bit digital key decryption and management capabilities to businesses, organizations, governments and people around the world.

The following month the new low-cost desktop IBM PC 300, the company’s smallest, is introduced.

In IBM’s most dramatic and significant rollout of desktop technology since the Personal Computer of 1981, the company announces in March the NetVista brand of new personal computing devices, including next-stage PCs, Internet access devices and thin clients. Among the products introduced are the NetVista All-in-One high performance device, NetVista LegacyFree PC, NetVista Internet Appliance, and NetVista Zero Footprint Thin Client. Two months later, IBM announces the All-in-One NetVista X40 and S40 which extend the classic ThinkPad design to the desktop. The company broadens its NetVista family of desktop business computers in June with the A20, A40 and A40p models. It launches the NetVista A20i, A20m, A40i, A20 and A40 systems to round out the NetVista brand of desktop computer devices in September, and announces the NetVista A60i desktop computer in November.

IBM announces the ThinkPad X series, the ultraportable full-featured notebook computer slimmer then a deck of cards and lighter than a half-gallon of milk.

In October, IBM introduces the eServer xSeries 330, the industry’s first 1 Ghz thin server and the first web application server in the IBM eServer family. A few days later, it launches a new line of eServer appliances, including the xSeries 130 and 135, two speedy web-hosting appliance servers; xSeries 150, a storage appliance with scalability up to 1.7TB; iSeries 400 model 270 and model 820, two Lotus Domino server appliances. And in November, the company announces the eServer x200 and x220, two servers designed for small and medium businesses.

IBM ships 73 percent more terabytes of storage than in 1999, increasing shipped disk storage to more than 11,000 terabytes in 12 months. Combined, all IBM “Shark” enterprise storage servers worldwide hold more than seven petabytes of data, roughly equal to the printed text of 700 U.S.

Libraries of Congress.

1406HHX The company launches a new technology initiative, code-named “Storage Tank,” to deliver storage networking, i.e., a universal storage system capable of sharing data across any storage hardware, platform or operating system. In March, IBM announces two products that set world records for data storage: the Deskstar 75GXP, holding 75 gigabytes (GB) of data, and the Deskstar 40GV, holding 40 GB and setting a new areal density record of 14.3 billion bits per inch. The next month, IBM introduces the world’s most versatile, highest capacity notebook computer hard disk drives and the first with built-in features designed to deliver smoother, more lifelike video images. The new offerings include the Travelstar 32GH, 30GT and 20GN. IBM reports in August that it is the first company to ship products based on a breakthrough industry standard technology for tape storage. Using IBM’s Linear Tape-Open Ultrium products, customers can store information with up to twice the capacity and speed and about the same cost of existing competitive technology.

IBM begins to market new disk storage systems to original equipment manufacturers (OEM). The new offerings include Windows NT and UNIX storage server solutions and network attached storage (NAS) appliances. The new solutions incorporate industry-leading RAID controllers from Mylex Corporation, which was acquired by IBM in 1999 to strengthen IBM’s NT and UNIX attached storage offerings, as well as its storage area network and NAS solutions portfolio. The first product to debut from the marketing initiative is the IBM ProFibre Storage Array, about the size of a briefcase and capable of storing the contents of a large academic research library.

IBM introduces the new IBM Network Station Windows-based Terminal, designed for customers who want a fast, simple way to access Windows applications and other server-based applications while enjoying thin-client benefits; triples its line of space-saving Thin Film Transistor flat panel monitors by offering the IBM T54A, T74A and T86A; and announces the T84H hybrid monitor, an 18-inch flat panel monitor to process both analog and digital signals.

In April, IBM rolls out the Web-ready Infoprint 21 workgroup laser printer, which allows users to print documents stored on the Internet or a local hard drive without having to open a single file. Five months later, IBM announces the Infoprint 12 desktop laser printer for small and home office environments. Also in 2000, IBM introduces Infoprint Color 130 Plus, breakthrough color printing technology that bridges the gap between transactional statements and personalized color graphic printing applications for commercial and corporate print shops, and brings to market the IBM 4400 series, a new family of thermal printers designed to enhance supply chain operations.

IBM announces a $1 billion commitment to data management leadership and B2B transactions and introduces DB2 Universal Database Version 7 -- the only database in the industry to fully integrate e-business, business intelligence and content management capabilities. During the year IBM introduces WebSphere Commerce Suite version 4.1 and WebSphere Commerce Studio, ecommerce software to help companies move to the next generation of e-business; WebSphere Transcoding Publisher, new software that dynamically translates Web information, including text and images, to a format readable on a variety of Internet appliances; and WebSphere Commerce 1406HHX Suite, Marketplace Edition as the first software to enable businesses to create online marketplaces that interact with handheld devices such as mobile phones, PDAs and pagers.

IBM introduces Linux software and services for the S/390 enterprise server. In November, the company announces the IBM Small Business Suite for Linux -- including DB2 Universal Database, WebSphere Application Server and Lotus Domino -- the first Linux-based integrated software solution for small businesses.

In March, IBM unveils the IBM Content Manager, a first-of-a-kind offering to help companies manage the exploding amount of digital information facing organizations in the e-business world. Content Manager, based on DB2, sits at the heart of some of the world’s largest media collections, including the Dutch National Library, the National Palace Museum in Taiwan, the Vatican Library and the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia.

IBM introduces ViaVoice for Windows, Release 8.0, a family of voice recognition software.

In building and managing the technology infrastructure for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, IBM turns in a Gold Medal performance. The official Games Web site, powered by IBM, handles unprecedented Internet traffic with 11.3 billion hits, a 1,700 percent increase over the Nagano Games official site in 1998. More than 13 million lines of software code are written and thoroughly tested before the Games begin. Nearly 6,000 people provide technology support for 300 medal events in 37 sports competitions held in 39 venues. More than 7,300 IBM PCs and ThinkPads are connected to the Olympic Games information technology network, 540 Netfinity Servers support the Games Management System by storing massive amounts of data, 50 IBM RS/6000 PC and three RS/6000 SP servers manage and organize data generated by Olympics.com and an intranet system, and three S/390 Parallel Sysplex power the Central Results System.

IBM Global Services adds hosted storage and storage management to its portfolio of networkdelivered services.

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