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«Year Pages 2000 2-9 2001 10-19 2002 19-31 2003 31-39 2004 39-52 2005 52-61 February 2006 1406HHX Business Performance IBM revenue climbs to $85.09 ...»

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IBM develops a new method of manufacturing low power, high performance microprocessors using an industry-first combination of silicon-on-insulator, strained silicon and copper wiring technologies. IBM puts the technique immediately to work in volume 90 nanometer production at its 300mm manufacturing facility in East Fishkill, N.Y. The company’s award-wining 64-bit PowerPC 970FX microprocessor is the first chip built using this trio of IBM technology breakthroughs.

The company says that Sony Group is investing $325 million to facilitate production of next generation 65 nanometer chips in IBM’s state-of-the-art 300mm semiconductor manufacturing facility in East Fishkill. This investment will help IBM provide capacity for the manufacture of the new microprocessor -- code named Cell -- and other chips to be used in future computer entertainment systems and Sony’s wide array of next generation digital consumer electronic products. Pilot production of Cell microprocessors and other chips for Sony is expected during early 2005.

Sprint and IBM announce a five-year, multi-billion dollar customer service agreement. The agreement is the core of Sprint’s new consumer customer service strategy. Teaming with IBM Business Consulting Services will enable Sprint to have greater flexibility to scale to service according to demand and to adapt in real-time to changing market conditions and new product and services offerings.

IBM Business Consulting Services announces that it has entered into a seven-year, multi-million dollar agreement with Marathon Oil Company under which it will administer select accounting functions.

Nokia, the world’s leader in mobile communications, signs an information technology (IT) services agreement with IBM valued at approximately 200 million Euros under which IBM will globally run IT Helpdesk operations as well as manage and further develop Nokia’s desktop IT environment.

IBM states that it is working with the New York Stock Exchange on a new order management and messaging system in support of the 1.6 billion shares traded daily. The system will be one of the world’s most sophisticated examples of “Extreme Availability,” relying on IBM computers, infrastructure software and engineering expertise for a network designed to virtually eliminate downtime.

The company unveils a new IT service in which IBM remotely automates, manages and supports a customer’s multi-platform data center, while the customer retains ownership of all IT systems 1406HHX and staff. The new flexible support service -- based on Universal Management Infrastructure -helps customers improve the use and cost management of their data centers.

IBM launches a major healthcare initiative to help healthcare providers and payers manage costs, reduce medical errors and deliver better patient care. The initiative will infuse an estimated $250 million of investments into IBM’s healthcare business over the next three years for the hiring of new healthcare specialists, solutions development, R&D projects, IBM Business Partner collaborations and other programs.

The U.S. Department of Defense selects IBM Business Consulting Services to help manage and support the development of policy on the use of Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) tags by 43,000 defense suppliers. RFID tags enable physical objects to be identified at any point during manufacturing and distribution.

IBM announces E-mail Security Management Services, a new managed security service designed to help companies reduce the risks inherent with e-mail communications.

IBM Global Services introduces new offerings designed to help retailers meet a January 1, 2005, deadline when new bar code standards become effective.

The company rolls out IBM Desktop Management Services, a new suite of “price-per-suite” remotely-delivered services to help small and medium-sized businesses manage their PCs and printers, including the ability to alleviate the growing headache of viruses and spam.

IBM broadens its IBM Express Portfolio -- which offers hardware, middleware, services and financing tailored to the needs of small and medium businesses -- with the first Infoprint Express and Education Pack offerings, along with new Express models of the ThinkPad X40 together with the ThinkPad R50e and R51 notebooks.

IBM announces new identity management solutions designed to help businesses and government agencies approach identity management as a core business requirement and protect their data, computer systems, users and facilities from unauthorized access.

The company introduces IBM Solution for Compliance in a Regulated Environment (SCORE), a new regulatory compliance solution intended to make it easier and more cost-effective for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies to comply with regulatory mandates for R&D, manufacturing, and sales and marketing processes.

IBM expands its Asset Recovery Solutions program -- which provides customers a secure, costeffective method to retire unneeded computer hardware -- from the Americas to all regions of the world.

Alliances Mayo Clinic and IBM announce a broad collaboration to accelerate advances in patient care and research with an aggressive set of technology initiatives. The collaboration will focus on new 1406HHX techniques to harness patient data to improve diagnoses, deep computing power to model diseases to find cures, and new devices to access information to transform how patients and physicians interact, leading to more individualized care. Under the collaboration, Mayo Clinic will be the first medical institution to tap the power of IBM’s Blue Gene supercomputer.

RealNetworks, Inc., and IBM announce they will develop and bring to market a solution that will enable media companies, network operators and other businesses to create, protect and deliver on demand consumer digital audio and video services based on open standards.

Samsung Electronics joins a strategic semiconductor technology development partnership with IBM, Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing and Infineon. Initially, the four companies will focus on 65 nanometer technology and will extend, over time, to include 45 nm process development.

IBM and Intel Corporation announce their collaboration on a new Linux-based mobile workstation pilot to increase the productivity of engineers working in Electronic Design Automation.

IBM and Cisco Systems, Inc., announce that the two companies have collaborated to design and build the world’s most complex, programmable custom chip to power the Cisco Carrier Routing System, a new class of routing system for moving data, voice and video across Internet Protocol networks. The Cisco Silicon Packet Processor is the world’s most sophisticated 40-Gbps (gigabits per second) application specific integrated circuit (ASIC), featuring an unprecedented 38 million gates, approximately 185 million transistors and 188 high performance programmable 32-bit RISC processors executing 47 billion instructions per second.

IBM and 14 other companies announce their intention to form Power.org, an open standards community around chips and systems which use Power Architecture technology.

Eastman Kodak Company and IBM say they will collaborate on the development and manufacture of image sensors to power mass market consumer products, such as digital still cameras and camera phones.

Boeing and IBM announce an alliance to address an estimated $200 billion market for ground and space-based systems to enhance U.S. military communications, intelligence operations and homeland security.

PeopleSoft Inc. and IBM announce they will establish the most significant enterprise applications alliance in the history of the two companies.

IBM and Massachusetts General Hospital announce they are working together to study how the development of a grid-based, distributed computing infrastructure can facilitate improved collaboration and information sharing among cancer researchers.

IBM and Karolinska Institutet, the Nobel Prize-awarding research institute, announce they will team to build Sweden’s first IT-enabled biobank to advance the understanding of the links between genetics, environment and disease.

1406HHX Science & Technology With 3,248 patents in 2004, IBM earns more U.S. patents than any other company for the twelfth consecutive year. IBM has 1,314 more patents than any other company. This is the fourth consecutive year IBM has received more than 3,000 U.S. patents and remains the only company to receive more than 2,000 patents in one year.

The University of California at Irvine selects a powerful IBM supercomputer as its Earth System Modeling Facility (ESMF) to model and predict changes to the Earth’s surface, atmosphere and oceans up to 300 years into the future. The ESMF is capable of calculating 528 gigaflops (a billion floating-point operations per second) and consists of seven IBM eServer p655 systems, connected together with IBM’s clustering technology, each with eight POWER4+ microprocessors, and one IBM eServer p690 system, with 32 POWER4+ microprocessors.

IBM and the Spanish Minister of Education & Science unveil the most powerful supercomputer in Europe. Named “MareNostrum,” the system is built with highly scalable and flexible IBM eServer BladeCenter JS20 blade servers and is based on the Linux operating system and IBM’s POWER microprocessors. MareNostrum has already reached a sustained performance of 20.53 teraflops and is expected to ultimately reach as many as 40 teraflops of peak performance.

IBM and ASTRON, a leading astronomy organization in the Netherlands, announce they will use IBM’s Blue Gene/L supercomputer technology as the basis to develop a new type of radio telescope capable of looking back billions of years in time.

IBM reports that scientists at AIST, a leading Japanese research laboratory, will use an IBM Blue Gene/L supercomputer to advance their research in proteins, potentially accelerating breakthroughs in drug design. Expected to be installed in February 2005, the Blue Gene/L system will consist of four racks, with a peak processing speed of 22.8 trillion calculations per second (22.8 teraflops). Blue Gene/L will be 24 times more powerful and use a fraction of the floor space compared to the current computer systems installed at the AIST’s Computational Biology Research Center.

Company researchers at the Thomas J. Watson Research Center in Yorktown Heights, N.Y., develop a simple, low-cost process to make extraordinarily thin films of semiconductor materials that allows electrical charges to move through them about 10 times more easily than had been reported for all other similar approaches. A significant scientific milestone, such an increase can lead to a broad array of low-cost electronics and new pervasive-computing applications.

IBM reports that the University at Buffalo Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics of the State University of New York will use an IBM supercomputer and research expertise to study the structure and behavior of human proteins. The outcome of the research could lead to more targeted drugs to treat diseases as cancer, Alzheimer's, AIDS and multiple sclerosis. The new supercomputer, capable of a peak performance of more than 1.32 teraflops, will consist of a cluster of 266 IBM eServer BladeCenter HS20 systems, each with two 2.8 GHz Intel Xeon 1406HHX processors and 1 GB of memory. Seven IBM xSeries 345 Intel processor-based servers connect to five terabytes of IBM TotalStorage FAStT700 storage servers to house large volumes of biological and research data. The supercomputer forms the basis of the IBM eServer Cluster 1350, a pre-packaged and tested supercluster that is ultra-dense and incredibly easy to manage.

IBM and the University of Texas at Austin report they plan to build the largest university grid computing project in the United States. The UT Grid will unite the vast computational resources of the nation’s largest university campus, with more than 50,000 students and 20,000 faculty and staff members. Meanwhile, the University of Oregon, Electrical Geodesics, Inc., and IBM announce a new project that uses Grid computing, Linux and IBM supercomputer technology to speed and improve the diagnosis of Epilepsy, stroke and depression.

IBM researchers develop a high-speed photodetector that could greatly increase the speed at which information travels to and from microchips, boosting performance in computers and other types of electronic systems.

IBM scientists achieve a breakthrough in nanoscale magnetic resonance imaging by directly detecting the faint magnetic signal from a single electron buried inside a solid sample. This achievement is a major milestone toward creating a microscope that can make three-dimensional images of molecules with atomic resolution.

The U.S. Department of Defense selects new high-performance computing systems from IBM for deployment at the Naval Oceanographic Office’s Major Shared Resource Center. Once deployed, the systems are expected to be the fastest supercomputer in the U.S. military and one of the fastest supercomputing clusters in the world. The supercomputer will consist of IBM eServer p655 systems connected together with IBM’s clustering technology, based on POWER4+ microprocessors and using the AIX operating system environment.

IBM introduces a breakthrough chip morphing technology, leading to a new class of semiconductor products that can monitor and adjust their functions to improve their quality, performance and power consumption without human intervention.

IBM scientists measure a fundamental magnetic property of a single atom -- the energy required to flip its magnetic orientation. This is the first result by a promising new technique they developed to study the properties of nanometer-scale magnetic structures that are expected to revolutionize future information technologies.

The company announces the latest series of Shared University Research awards, bringing the IBM’s contributions to foster collaborative research to more than $70 million over the past three years. The new awards will support 20 research projects with 27 universities worldwide. The projects range from a multiple university exploration of on demand supply chains to an effort to find biomarkers for organ transplants.


IBM researchers demonstrate a technique that triples the performance of a standard transistor used in semiconductors by a process that is compatible with conventional CMOS technology, a major step toward achieving continued performance enhancement of chips and the electronic systems that use them.

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