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«Year Pages 2000 2-9 2001 10-19 2002 19-31 2003 31-39 2004 39-52 2005 52-61 February 2006 1406HHX Business Performance IBM revenue climbs to $85.09 ...»

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IBM becomes the first vendor to offer an all-wireless line of products and services to make it easier for companies to extend their business to mobile devices. Included in the move are IBM’s lines of ThinkPad notebook computers, pervasive devices and servers; software, support and services to give customers mobile access to critical applications in the office, on the road or anywhere in between; and programs to enable IBM’s network of 90,000 business partners to sell and develop wireless solutions.

1406HHX IBM announces a new rack-mounted computer workstation -- the IntelliStation R Pro -- and the flat-panel T210 monitor that help free up space and reduce energy and maintenance costs on cramped financial trading floors. … In addition, the company rolls out the IntelliStation M Pro, using microprocessors based on IBM’s copper chip technology for improved 3D performance.

IBM’s desktop product launches in 2001 include: the NetVista A20 and A20i … NetVista A60 and A60i … the NetVista X40 and X40i all-in-one desktop PCs, along with a new wireless keyboard and mouse … new NetVista A60 and A61 systems featuring Pentium 4 processor speeds of up to 1.7GHz … the new NetVista A21 … the NetVista M series, focusing on maximizing performance and stability … an upgraded NetVista A series … and an improved NetVista X series. … In October, IBM announces the most comprehensive set of changes to its lineup of NetVista thin clients in more than two years, creating a new suite of products that leverage the Linux operating system. Included in the announcement are two new thin client devices -- the NetVista N70 and the NetVista N2200 Thin Client Linux Express.

IBM’s notebook product launches in 2001 include: the ThinkPad A21e essentials model -- an affordable commercial notebook for budget-conscious businesses … ThinkPad i Series 1200 and 1300 wireless notebook models … the ThinkPad A22m and A22p, offering many of the capabilities of a desktop workstation with the flexibility of a mobile PC … the ThinkPad T22, with the latest technology in a thin and light form … the ThinkPad X21, featuring low voltage Intel processors and nearly five hours of battery life … a new ThinkPad R series line (R30) … a new ThinkPad A series (A30) … an improved ThinkPad X series (X22) … and the refreshed ThinkPad T series (T23).

IBM announces the general availability of the ThinkPad TransNote, the world’s first portfolio notebook combining a mobile computer with a digital notepad and featuring one of the industry’s most radical design changes since the clamshell.

IBM introduces a new line of workgroup printing solutions, including the Infoprint 1120, 1125, 1130, 1140 and 1145 printers. The company also announces the IBM Infoprint 4100 family as the next generation of high-speed continuous-form printers, and the Infoprint 1116, a 16-page-perminute, entry-level laser printer.

The company unveils the T220, the world’s highest resolution flat panel monitor, with a 22.2inch screen that shows 12-times more detail than current monitors.

IBM announces a new portfolio of products and technology to lead the industry’s rapid migration to open storage networking. Included in the announcement are the industry’s first open NAS Gateway -- IBM Total Storage Networked Attached Storage 300G -- which allows Local Area Network-based clients and servers to easily interoperate with an existing Storage Area Network;

and the IBM TotalStorage IP Storage 200i, a high-performance, low-cost iSCSI storage appliance connecting users to pooled storage on a network using Internet protocols.

1406HHX IBM rolls out a comprehensive lineup of new storage networking products, including: IBM TotalStorage NAS 200, a tower (one processor and up to 216 GB) or rack (two processors and up to 1.74 GB); TotalStorage NAS 300, designed for mission critical applications; and TotalStorage NAS 300G, to bridge the gap between local area network and a storage area network.

IBM becomes the first storage vendor to offer mainframe customers a Fibre Channel-based connection (FICON) to their high-end disk systems. FICON provides peak data transfer rates almost six times faster than the current ESCON technology employed by competitors. In addition, the company rolls out the Model B20 and Model B10 of IBM’s TotalStorage Virtual Tape Server that for the first time incorporate IBM’s patented copper chip technology.

In October, IBM announces an array of storage networking products for mid-market customers, including a new storage server -- the IBM TotalStorage Fibre Array Storage Technology 700 Storage Server -- and enhanced network attached storage and Internet protocol storage products designed to provide increased scalability and performance.

IBM says that it will deliver the broadest portfolio of Linux storage products in the industry, including high to low end disk and tape systems.

The company is the first to mass-produce computer hard disk drives using a revolutionary new type of magnetic coating that is expected to eventually quadruple the data density of current hard disk drive products. Key to IBM’s data storage breakthrough is a three-atom-thick layer of ruthenium, a precious metal similar to platinum, sandwiched, like “pixie dust,” between two magnetic layers. In November, IBM introduces Deskstar 120GXP, the industry’s lowest-power consumption 3.5-inch desktop hard drive with a 120 GB capacity and performing at 7200 rpm;

and the Travelstar 60GH and Travelstar 40GN family.

IBM announces the availability of z/OS, a new self-managing 64-bit operating system for the IBM eServer z900. z/OS features Intelligent Resource Director, an exclusive IBM technology that makes the z900 the only server capable of automatically reallocating processing power to a given application on the fly.

IBM says its middleware software portfolio will capitalize on the company’s new eServer p690 (“Regatta”) to deliver an e-business infrastructure solution offering the highest speed connections in the world running on a UNIX system.

IBM announces the availability of the Globus Toolkit for IBM eServer systems. The Toolkit is the middleware that joins large numbers of disparate servers into huge mega-computers, allowing application developers to create computer Grids in which users share supercomputing power, data and applications via the Internet.

1406HHX IBM launches WebSphere Translation Server software to help remove language as a barrier to global communication and e-commerce by enabling businesses to provide real-time Web pages, e-mail and chat conversations in multiple languages. … The company announces WebSphere Commerce Suite Version 5.1, new e-commerce software to cut through the complexities and costs of selling goods across borders and cultures. … IBM unveils WebSphere Technology For Developers as the industry’s first software for Web services. … IBM introduces WebSphere Version 4 software, the first in the industry to fully address a fundamental shift in the einfrastructure market, where one-size-fits-all software has become obsolete.

The company introduces IBM Director, a systems management software solution which includes an advanced self-healing computer feature called Software Rejuvenation to automatically reduce server downtime by predicting and repairing software failures before they happen.

IBM announces the worldwide availability of iSeries Connect, an integrated software product to help small to mid-sized customers link their businesses to expanding global e-marketplaces. Two months later, the company also announces across-the-board support of open Internet standards for its infrastructure software to provide businesses with new levels of connectivity on the Web and new software capabilities to exploit that connectivity.

CommerceQuest becomes IBM’s 10,000th DB2 Universal Database licensee.

IBM Microelectronics announces a new family of chips -- the IBM PowerPC IAP (Internet Appliance Platform) -- that is expected to help launch a wave of lower-power Internet-attached consumer electronics.

IBM unveils 30 new Web-hosting services to meet growing market demand, and Web-hosting contracts exceed $1 billion during the first half of the year.

IBM is selected by a consortium of four U.S. research centers in August to build the world’s most powerful computing Grid, an interconnected series of Linux clusters capable of processing 13.6 trillion calculations per second. The Grid system -- known as the Distributed Terascale Facility -will enable thousands of scientists around the United States to share computing resources over the world’s fastest research network in search of breakthroughs in life sciences, climate modeling and other critical disciplines. That same month, IBM is selected to partner with several centers in the U.K. National Grid to link a massive network of computers throughout the United Kingdom, leveraging the company’s expertise in scalable servers and storage, open standards, selfmanaging technologies, services and e-business software.

The Recording Academy and IBM launch the 43rd Annual GRAMMY Award Webcast. … For the sixth consecutive year, IBM produces and hosts the 2001 Masters Tournament Web site, including, for the first time, wireless access, Internet radio and expanded remote camera coverage with streaming video. … IBM builds and hosts the Tony Awards Web site in partnership with 1406HHX Tony Award Productions. … NHL.com, the official Web site of the National Hockey League, decides to run its Web site on IBM Linux systems as part of an overall site improvement plan.

As part of the company’s Project eLiza -- a multi-billion dollar program to develop selfmanaging systems that reduce the cost and complexity of the IT infrastructure -- IBM delivers the industry’s first services to automate key e-business processes that predict, identify and intercept problems on a real-time basis; a partner program in which major IT vendors and customers develop a road map for advanced e-business technology; and new technologies for IT security and management, including software from Tivoli.

IBM announces a worldwide initiative to align its extensive safety and security offerings within an expanded IBM Global Services Practice and to create a new corporate-level Global Solutions Office to address broader and emerging safety and security issues in industry, global commerce and society.

IBM offers IBM StartNow Wireless Solutions to help small and medium businesses connect a mobile work force to corporate data.

AstraZeneca, one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, signs a $1.7 billion, sevenyear, outsourcing agreement with IBM. The agreement covers the provision of IT infrastructure services to 45 countries, and is the largest of its kind in the pharmaceutical industry.

IBM and Carrier unveil a new wireless remote monitoring and control service called “Myappliance.com” as the first Web-enabled air conditioner that wirelessly communicates in real time with other devices, such as mobile phones and PCs. The new service will be built on an e-infrastructure supported by IBM services, software and hardware.

Building on a 20-year relationship, IBM and J. D. Edwards form an alliance to jointly sell and market collaborative commerce solutions to selected markets and accounts within the public sector and the wholesale distribution industry.

Using IBM technology and the new IBM NetVista Internet Appliance, crew members on Royal Caribbean International’s newest ship, Radiance of the Seas, receive onboard access to e-mail, Internet and productivity applications.

Alliances IBM, Hitachi, Ltd., and its wholly-owned subsidiary, Hitachi Data Systems, announce a strategic technology agreement to extend interoperability between the companies’ storage servers and allow customers to more easily deploy open storage networks.

Pfizer, Microsoft and IBM form a new independent company -- Amicore -- to develop software and services for physician practices.

1406HHX IBM enters an alliance with Internet HealthCare Group to provide IHCG’s partner companies with IBM information technology.

IBM and LSI Logic Corporation complete a technology licensing agreement to accelerate the integration of high performance digital signal processor capability into custom chips for nextgeneration networking equipment, wireless handsets and other advanced communication products.

IBM and eBay Inc. form a strategic software, sales and marketing alliance.

IBM and MDS Proteomics form an alliance to speed drug development for a wide range of diseases.

IBM and Trilogy establish an alliance to jointly market and deploy e-business and channel management solutions to Global 2000 companies in the financial services and automotive industries.

ALLTEL and IBM form a joint venture to provide Corebank, a continuous real-time core banking system to European financial services organizations.

IBM and NeTune Communications launch an alliance that includes an IBM equity investment in NeTune, a $112 million outsourcing agreement and a commitment to jointly develop digital solutions for the entertainment industry.

IBM and Financial Fusion agree to jointly offer Global 1000 financial institutions in North America a broad suite of e-business services and solutions for online retail banking and capital markets.

MCNC, a nonprofit corporation, and IBM announce they will collaborate on one of the first computer Grids in the United States to offer computing, data storage and networking resources for life sciences research. The new Grid system will be accessible to thousands of researchers and educators throughout North Carolina to help accelerate the pace of gnomic research.

Science & Technology For the ninth consecutive year, IBM is awarded the most U.S. patents -- with a record 3,411 -- for a 20 percent increase over its previous record set in 2000. This achievement makes IBM the first patent holder to be granted more than 3,000 U.S. patents in a single year.

IBM scientists develop a breakthrough transistor technology that could lead to the production of a new class of smaller, faster and lower power computer chips than are now possible with silicon.

They build the world’s first array of transistors out of carbon nanotubes -- tiny cylinders of carbon atoms that measure as small as 10 atoms across and are 500 times smaller than today’s silicon-based transistors.

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