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«Year Pages 2000 2-9 2001 10-19 2002 19-31 2003 31-39 2004 39-52 2005 52-61 February 2006 1406HHX Business Performance IBM revenue climbs to $85.09 ...»

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1406HHX The U.S. Government dedicates ASCI White, the world’s fastest supercomputer at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California. ASCI White, an IBM system, covers a space the size of two basketball courts and weighs 106 tons. It contains six trillion bytes (TB) of memory, almost 50,000 times greater than the average personal computer, and has more than 160 TB of IBM TotalStorage 7133 Serial Disk System capacity -- enough to hold six Library of Congress book collections.

IBM and the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory announce they will jointly design a new supercomputer in the Blue Gene family. Called Blue Gene/L, the machine will be at least 15 times faster, 15 times more power efficient and consume about 50 times less space per computation than today’s fastest supercomputers.

The U.S. National Center for Atmospheric Research selects IBM to provide the world’s powerful supercomputer for predicting climate changes. Code-named “Blue Sky,” the system will be powered by IBM’s SP supercomputer and IBM eServer p690 systems, and is designed to achieve a peak speed of seven trillion calculations per second with 31.5 trillion bytes of IBM SSA disk storage.

IBM and The National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) at the University of Illinois announce that NCSA will install two IBM Linux clusters, creating the world’s fastest Linux supercomputer in academia. The clusters will have two teraflops of computing power and will be used by researchers to study fundamental scientific questions, such as the nature of gravity waves first predicted by Albert Einstein.

NASA astronauts on Atlantis and Discovery shuttle missions successfully store and bring back digital images on IBM’s award-winning one-gigabyte, one-inch IBM Microdrive.

IBM researchers discover a new process for manufacturing computer displays that can vastly improve screen quality and viewing angles while saving manufacturers millions of dollars.

IBM achieves a breakthrough method to alter silicon -- the fundamental material at the heart of microchips -- which is expected to boost chip speeds by up to 35 percent. Called “Strained Silicon,” the technology stretches the material, speeding the flow of electrons through transistors to increase performance and decrease power consumption in semiconductors.

Scientists at IBM’s Almaden Research Center perform the world’s most complicated quantumcomputer calculation to date. They cause a billion-billion custom-designed molecules in a test tube to become a seven-qubit quantum computer to solve a simple version of the mathematical problem at the heart of today’s data security cryptographic systems.

1406HHX IBM builds the world’s fastest silicon-based transistor using a modified design and IBM’s proven silicon germanium technology to reach speeds of 210 GigaHertz while drawing just a milliamp of electrical power. The new transistor will drive communications chips to speeds of 100GHz within two years -- five times faster and four years sooner than recent competitive approaches.

IBM scientists make a “voltage inverter” -- one of the three fundamental logic circuits that are the basis for all current computers -- from a carbon nanotube, a single tube-shaped molecule of carbon atoms that is 100,000 times thinner than a human hair.

IBM and the Korea Institute of Science Technology and Information agree that IBM will provide one of the 10 largest supercomputers in the world -- capable of 4.24 trillion calculations per second -- for use in Korea’s life science and high performance research efforts.

IBM unveils the IBM PowerPC 405LP, the first of a family of chips capable of ultra-low-power operation and ideal for battery-powered portable consumer electronic devices.

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., IBM and Toshiba Corporation announce plans to research and develop an advanced chip architecture for a new wave of devices in the emerging broadband era.

IBM joins the Extreme Ultra Violet LLC industry consortium to support the development of EUV lithography technology which would allow semiconductor manufacturers to etch circuit lines smaller than 0.1 micron.

IBM researchers disclose advances in the development of an alternate type of transistor that could lead to major semiconductor improvements. Called a “double-gate” transistor, the device can carry twice the electrical current, operate at twice the speed and be reduced in size well below conventional transistors.

IBM and the U.S. Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory agree to research and develop advanced computer architectures to increase the understanding of diseases. At the heart of the agreement is IBM’s Blue Gene research project, which combines advanced protein science with IBM’s next-generation cellular architecture supercomputer design.

Researchers at the Winship Canver Institute at Emory University team with NuTec Sciences, Inc.

and IBM to develop an integrated information system that will enable physicians to tailor cancer treatments based on a patient’s specific generic makeup.

Boeing Satellite Systems and IBM say they have created the world’s most powerful satellitebased digital signal processor, designed to make space borne wireless communications available to a wide audience of users.

IBM researchers demonstrate Wireless Security Auditor, the industry’s first automated tool to monitor 802.11 wireless networks and collect security-related information.

1406HHX IBM launches a company-wide initiative to improve the energy efficiency of information technology for enterprises and consumers and establishes a worldwide low-power computing research effort to be coordinated at its research lab in Austin, Texas.

Facilities IBM completes the Toronto Software Laboratory in Canada, occupies Beacon Square -- a fourstory office building in Boca Raton, Florida -- and opens a high-tech center in Boston for ebusiness collaboration, design and development.

Corporate Citizenship IBM’s global contributions, funded through the IBM Corporation and the IBM International Foundation, total $127 million. In addition, employees donate more than four million hours of their time and contribute $51.2 million to educational institutions and nonprofit organizations in the United States.

Business Performance IBM revenue declines two percent from the prior year to $81.9 billion, and net income is $3.58 billion, compared to $7.7 billion in 2001. There are 315,889 employees and 674,326 stockholders at year’s end.

Organization Samuel J. Palmisano is elected chief executive officer effective March 1, while remaining president of IBM. In October he is elected chairman of the board, effective January 1, 2003. (On that date, Palmisano becomes chairman, president and chief executive officer of IBM.) Louis V.

Gerstner, Jr., remains IBM chairman through the end of 2002.

IBM and PricewaterhouseCoopers agree in July that IBM will acquire the former’s global business consulting and technology services unit -- PwC Consulting. Under the terms of the agreement, IBM will pay PricewaterhouseCoopers an estimated purchase price of $3.5 billion in cash and stock. The transaction gives IBM an unmatched capability to help customers solve their business issues and to exploit world-class technology for improved business performance. IBM and PricewaterhouseCoopers complete IBM’s acquisition of PwC Consulting in October. The combination creates a new global business unit, IBM Business Consulting Services -- comprising more than 30,000 IBM and 30,000 transferring PwC Consulting professionals -- which becomes part of IBM Global Services.

In November IBM says that it will combine the Server Group and the Storage Systems Group into a new Systems Group, effective January 1, 2003.

1406HHX IBM Research launches On Demand Innovation Services, a new services arm which for the first time provides customers with a discrete team of researchers who will specialize in high-end business transformation and technology consulting. The new organization is initially staffed with 200 IBM Research consultants and supported with investments of $1 billion over the next three years.

The company launches a new services business -- IBM Engineering & Technology Services -focused on helping companies across a variety of industries design innovative electronic products.

IBM completes its acquisition in January of CrossWorlds Software, Inc., a leading provider of software to automate business processes that integrate multiple applications. CrossWorlds becomes a unit of the IBM Software Group.

IBM acquires TrelliSoft, Inc., a privately-held provider of storage resource management software based in Illinois, and Access360, a privately-held provider of identity management software based in California.

In October, IBM says that it intends to acquire EADS Matra Datavision, a wholly-owned subsidiary of EADS Group. EADS Matra Datavision is the leading Product Lifecycle Management provider in France.

The following month, IBM acquires Tarian Software, a privately-held provider of e-records management software based in Ottawa, Ontario.

IBM and Rational Software Corp. agree in December that IBM will acquire Rational for approximately $2.1 billion. Rational provides open, industry standard tools and services for developing business applications and building software products and systems.

Products & Services In February, IBM introduces the eServer z800, a lower-priced, entry-class mainframe that fundamentally changes the economics of mainframe computing. With this move, IBM delivers for the first time advanced Parallel Sysplex clustering technology to entry-class mainframe customers...... In September, a 16-way IBM eServer z900 Turbo running the Z/OS 1.4 operating system sets a new speed record for secure e-business transactions.

IBM in February announces the eServer p610 Models 6C1 and 6E1, which consume 57 percent less electricity and generate up to 63 percent less heat -- and cost substantially less -- than the competing Sun 280R.... and in April, the company rolls out the eServer p670, a mid-range server with POWER4 microprocessor technology that costs up to 34 percent less than comparable Sun Microsystems’ machines...... Also in April, IBM demonstrates the scalability of the IBM eServer p670 and its AIX operating system by supporting a record 12,600 users of the Oracle ® 1406HHX E-Business Suite with an average response time of 1.199 seconds...... A month later, the 32-way IBM eServer p690 server sets a new transaction processing record, handling 403,255 transactions per minute in the TPC-C benchmark (compared to 389,434 processed by a competing HewlettPackard 9000 enterprise server, while using only half the number of processors)...... In May, the U.S. National Centers for Environmental Prediction select a massive IBM supercomputer that when fully deployed will be about four times faster than the most powerful supercomputer in the world. The supercomputer will be delivered in stages, beginning in 2002. The first phase -- a cluster of 44 IBM eServer p690 servers supported by 42 terabytes of IBM TotalStorage FAStT500 Storage Server disk storage -- will have a peak speed of 7.3 teraflops (7.3 trillion calculations per second). IBM will expand the system to reach a peak speed well in excess of 100 teraflops by 2009...... In June, IBM reports that it has shipped 1,000 IBM eServer p690 systems in less than six months of system availability, marking a key milestone in one of the most successful rollouts in the server industry. (The 1,000th p690 is delivered to The Spiegel Group, a specialty retailer, to help power the Marketmax merchandising suite of software and consolidate the workload of 15 non-IBM servers.)..... Also in June, the High Performance Computing Center for North Germany selects the IBM eServer p690 as the clustered technology to support its supercomputing infrastructure. The IBM supercomputer, delivering four trillion calculations per second, will form the basis of the Center’s grid infrastructure, providing all universities and research institutes within Germany’s six Northern Federal states with accurate analysis and mathematical models...... The same month, the U.S. Naval Oceanographic Office acquires a p690-based supercomputer, named Blue Ocean, to perform basic research in the development of a practical vaccine for malaria and other infectious diseases. Processing over six trillion calculations a second, the supercomputer will also assemble the world’s most detailed model of ocean waves, currents and temperatures...... Also in June, the company rolls out the IBM eServer p630 that offers 84 percent greater performance than Sun’s V480. (IBM reports in December that it has begun shipping the p630 to customers.)..... General Motors in August selects a supercomputing infrastructure based on IBM’s pSeries 690 server to power GM’s vehicle design applications...... In November, IBM announces the eServer p650, the world’s most powerful eight-way UNIX server. The p650 is the first server to include IBM’s newest 64bit microprocessor, POWER4+, and it brings to the midrange the blazing performance and autonomic computing capabilities of the groundbreaking IBM eServer p690...... Also in November, IBM debuts the IBM eServer p655, an ultra dense UNIX server targeted at the high performance computing market that is capable of reaching half a trillion operations per second in a single frame in peak processing power.

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) awards a contract to IBM in November to build the two fastest supercomputers in the world with a combined processing power of up to 467 trillion calculations per second, exceeding the combined power of the world’s 500 fastest supercomputers. The first system, called ASCI Purple -- will provide DOE with the first supercomputer capable of up to 100 teraflops; the second supercomputer, a research machine called Blue Gene/L, will have a performance of up to 367 teraflops with 130,000 processors running Linux.

1406HHX The Research Center Juelich in Germany purchases a new supercomputer based on IBM POWER4 microprocessor technology that will achieve a peak performance of 5.8 trillion computations a second. When delivered and installed, the new system will be the fastest supercomputer in Germany.

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