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«Year Pages 2000 2-9 2001 10-19 2002 19-31 2003 31-39 2004 39-52 2005 52-61 February 2006 1406HHX Business Performance IBM revenue climbs to $85.09 ...»

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IBM announces the IBM eServer i890, featuring mainframe-class technology and the company’s game-changing POWER4 microprocessor. The 32-way i890, running the latest release of the iSeries operating system -- OS/400 Version 5 Release 2 -- nearly doubles the processing power of the previous top-of-the-line iSeries, the i840, and delivers enhanced server consolidation capabilities with support for up to 32 OS/400 or Linux dynamic logical partitions.

During 2002, IBM introduces: in February, the IBM eServer xSeries 330 with Memory eXpansion Technology that can effectively double memory and significantly increase performance compared with servers with an equal amount of memory...... in March, the IBM eServer xSeries 440 with Enterprise X-Architecture technology. Offering a building block style architecture, the x440 allows customers to pay for computing power incrementally as they need it, and is designed to support up to 16 processors and 64 GB of memory. (IBM begins shipping the 16-way IBM eServer x440 in volume in December.)..... in June, the IBM eServer x235 twoway server for medium-size businesses deploying solutions such as file and print as well as more critical mail/collaboration solutions...... in July, the IBM eServer x345, a rack-based server designed to dramatically reduce the proliferation of cables that add complexity and cost to highdensity environments...... the following month, the IBM eServer x335, a rack-optimized server that sets the design standard for web application serving (able to run both the Linux and Windows operating systems, the x335 offers customer flexibility to link together many servers in powerful clusters or computing grids) and new two- or four-way eServer x440 entry models......

in November, new models of the four-way IBM eServer x255 rack and tower system, new fourway models of the eServer x360 rack-dense server, new four- and eight-way models of the highly scalable eServer x440 and the IBM eServer x225 featuring the Intel Xeon processor.

IBM announces plans in April to introduce a powerful blade system that delivers high performance computing in an ultra-dense server. Five months later, the new IBM eServer BladeCenter system is introduced as one of the most powerful blade servers in the industry.

Blade servers -- which are on removable cards that plug into a chassis (or shared infrastructure) are used to consolidate information technology (IT) infrastructures in such areas as e-mail and collaboration, e-commerce applications, Linux clusters and other enterprise applications. The need for high reliability is magnified in blade systems where potentially hundreds of servers are stacked like books on a shelf in a single small space.

In October, IBM defines the next phase of its company-wide Autonomic Computing initiative, including plans for a series of products and offerings coordinated by the recently formed Autonomic Computing cross-company unit, and a new autonomic deployment model that outlines a staged approach for helping customers chart a course for establishing an autonomic IT environment.

1406HHX Among the company’s 2002 product introductions are: in February, workstations offering up to

2.5 times faster graphics performance than Sun’s fastest workstation. The new offerings include the IntelliStation POWER 265 UNIX workstation and the IntelliStation Pro Series (E Pro 6204 and 6214, and M Pro 6229 and 6850)...... and, in November, the mid-range IntelliStation M Pro 6219, designed for the ultimate in graphics performance; the high-end IntelliStation Z Pro 6221, in a new compact minitower optimized for multitasking and multithreaded applications; and the IntelliStation POWER p630 for 3D visualization in MCAD/CAE, geophysical and scientific analysis. Weta Digital, Ltd., says in May it will move a significant proportion of production work related to “The Lord Of The Rings” film trilogy onto more than 150 IBM Intellistation 6580-WEA workstations running Linux.

IBM introduces in June, the IBM NetVista A30 and A30p desktop PCs for small businesses, and the NetVista M42, with the fastest technology available in a desktop from IBM; and, in October, the IBM NetVista S42, one of its smallest yet most functional desktops.

IBM announces “ThinkVantage Technologies,” a set of PC solutions designed to help customers drive down IT support costs, such as IBM RapidRestore PC, a software tool preloaded on IBM PCs that can restore previously saved data and applications after a software failure.

The company’s 2002 ThinkPad notebook introductions include the A31p, IBM’s first mobile computer designed to meet the specific, high-performance needs of workstations...... the T30, a thin and light mobile computing powerhouse with UltraNav, a revolutionary, programmable multi-pointing system that allows users to quickly and easily choose the way they want to work.

..... the R32 notebook for the small and medium business and education markets...... and the X30 notebook, a 3.6-pound ultraportable computer that can stretch battery life to eight hours.

IBM also launches the IBM SurePOS 300 Series point-of-sale (POS) system, as well as new models of the IBM SureOne, IBM SurePOS 600 Series and IBM SurePOS 500 Series.

In storage products activities in 2002: IBM debuts the Travelstar GNX hard disk drive in February..... in May, IBM supports the introduction of “Bluefin,” a new technology that is expected to provide an industry-wide management solution for interoperable storage area networks...... the following month, the company ships its 10,000th IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Server (“Shark”), to Commerzbank, a leading international investment and banking institution based in Frankfurt, Germany...... in July, the company introduces: the IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Tape Drive 3590 Model H, that stores up to 50 percent more information than the previous model; the Ultrastar 146Z10, an industrial-strength server hard disk drive for use in the most intensive business environments (it is the first 10,000 rpm hard drive of its generation to ship in volume, with a top capacity of 146 gigabytes); the IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Server (“Shark”) Model 800 powered by IBM’s copper microchips and industry’s first 2-Gigabit-per-second Fibre/FICON data transfer rates; and the IBM TotalStorage Network Attached Storage 100, a thin self-managing, self-healing appliance for e-mail archiving, server consolidation, storage backup or archiving paper documents...... in September, the company debuts the IBM Deskstar 180GXP, the world’s fastest desktop hard disk drive...... in November, IBM launches the Travelstar 80GN, the world’s highest capacity mobile hard disk


drive at 80 GB, made possible by enhancements to the company’s patented “Pixie Dust” technology which boost storage density by 100 percent...... also in November, IBM announces the IBM TotalStorage Network Attached Storage 200, TotalStorage NAS Gateway 300, and TotalStorage FAStT, new network attached storage systems that double the processor speed and storage capacity of previous models.

The following printer products are rolled out in 2002: the Infoprint Color 1220 and 1228 printers in January..... the Infoprint 2085 and Infoprint 2105 midrange cut-sheet printers in April … the IBM 6400 Model 020 matrix printer, which is designed for industrial print applications and prints at 2,000 lines per minute, and enhancements to the Infoprint 4000 and 4100 high-speed, high-volume production printers, in May...... and the Infoprint 4100 HS2 simplex model and 4100 HD3/HD4 duplex model for continuous forms printing in October.

IBM announces: z/OS 1.3, the latest release of the flagship operating system of the eServer mainframe...... IBM WebSphere Voice Server for Transcription, new speech recognition technology for advanced, enterprise-wide, industry-specific dictation and transcript......

WebSphere Everyplace Access, new software to give employees access to data over virtually any device on any network...... in April, more than 30 new and enhanced Tivoli software products and a strategy to help customers more cost-effectively manage their e-business infrastructure......

IBM Tivoli Privacy Wizard, a new publicly-available software tool that helps organizations define privacy policies based on legal and organizational requirements and standardize privacy implementation across the enterprise...... in June, IBM Content Manager version 8, to help customers manage and integrate all forms of information located in various data sources, including scanned images, audio, video and information from multiple software vendors’ products...... the next month, DB2 version 8...... in September, ViaVoice Translator, affordable machine translation software that enables speedy and convenient language translation on handheld computers...... in October, IBM Lotus Sametime 3 for instant messaging and IBM Lotus QuickPlace 3, the self-service Web tool for team collaboration.

IBM moves key applications to Linux, including the application that monitors server performance for its worldwide Lotus Notes e-mail system, supporting more than 300,000 IBM employees worldwide. IBM estimates deployment of Linux on IBM eServer systems will help achieve more than $10 million per year in savings in the total ownership costs within its worldwide IT infrastructure.

The Home Depot, the world’s largest home improvement retailer, selects IBM WebSphere and DB2 e-business software to serve more than 1,300 stores, 300,000 associates, millions of customers and integrate more than 45,000 business partners.

1406HHX IBM introduces Web Services Hosting technology, tools that allow developers and service providers to host and monitor Web services...... The company announces Service Provider Delivery Environment, an open-standards framework to give wireless and wireline telecommunications service providers the flexibility to introduce new voice, text and Internetbased services to their customers faster, easier and at lower cost...... IBM assists the Masters Golf Tournament in producing and hosting masters.org with expanded live streaming video coverage and downloadable hole-by-hole scoring. There are 1.5 million unique users logged on during Masters week, an increase in visitors of 37 percent over the year before...... In May, IBM supports the Broadway theater Tony Awards by designing, producing and hosting the awards Web site...... In July, IBM introduces Linux Virtual Services, that for the first time enables corporations to access large-scale computing infrastructure on-demand over the Internet.

..... IBM designs, develops and hosts the USTA’s USOpen.org, one of the most highly trafficked Web sites of any annual sports event. More than 2.4 million unique users visit the site during the U.S. Open tennis tournament, nearly 20 percent more than in 2001.

IBM announces in February new software, storage and services for Grid computing, as well as plans to Grid-enable its entire product portfolio. Grid computing enhances Web services by coordinating global applications and resources at various locations, regardless of the underlying implementations and services. It shields the user from the complexities of the technology infrastructure and reduces complexity in two key ways: by virtualizing all of the resources and making them transparent to the user, and by infusing the infrastructure with open protocols that permit tremendous flexibility in deployment and automated management...... IBM and the U.S.

Department of Energy (DOE) announce in March a collaboration to begin deploying the first systems on a nationwide computing Grid which will empower researchers to tackle scientific challenges beyond the capability of existing computers. Beginning with two IBM supercomputers and a massive IBM storage repository, the DOE Science Grid will grow into a system capable of processing more than 10 trillion calculations a second and storing information equivalent to 200 times the number of books in the Library of Congress...... Irving WladowskyBerger, vice president, Technology and Strategy, predicts publicly in May that Grid computing based on open standards will over time make e-business as accessible and easy as flipping a switch...... A month later, IBM’s Grid computing general manager says businesses can improve the utilization of their technology infrastructures by 30 percent or more by taking advantage of Grid technologies to enable on-demand computing.

IBM rolls out the Digital Media Factory, an open-technology framework comprised of IBM ebusiness infrastructure that can help all types of companies manage, store, protect and distribute digital video, audio and images.

IBM and Steelcase Inc. announce the creation of BlueSpace -- an interactive and personalized office of the future. The joint project combines IBM’s technology expertise with Steelcase’s workplace knowledge to create a new office environment that integrates the physical workspace with advanced computer, sensor, display and wireless technologies.

1406HHX In May the company ships the 100 millionth chip made with silicon germanium, a technology pioneered by IBM that is revolutionizing the design of cell phones and other wireless electronic products.

IBM introduces the PowerPC 440GP and 405GPr processors designed to give chip designers a richer mix of features for a broad set of embedded applications; the IBM PowerNP NP2G network processor; and powerful new processors for the IBM eServer z900 with double-digit price/performance improvements...... In April, IBM discloses technical details of the new IBM PowerPC 440GX, which combines the PowerPC 440 processor core and other key functions on a single chip. (The new embedded processor, an upgrade to IBM’s PowerPC 440GP, is targeted to support CPU speeds of 466 to 600 MHz.)..... In June, IBM announces the industry’s most advanced custom chip capability. The new IBM application-specific integrated circuit offering, called Cu-08, supports circuits as small as 90 nanometers (a nonometer is a billionth of a meter), as well as innovative materials and design techniques to drive power consumption down by as much as 40 percent while pushing performance up as much as 20 percent...... In October, the company introduces the IBM PowerPC 970 64-bit microprocessor and the PowerPC 405EP processor (for wireless local area network access points and other networking applications).

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