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«Year Pages 2000 2-9 2001 10-19 2002 19-31 2003 31-39 2004 39-52 2005 52-61 February 2006 1406HHX Business Performance IBM revenue climbs to $85.09 ...»

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IBM acquires Think Dynamics, a Toronto-based company whose software helps customers dynamically allocate the right computing resources at the right time to the right processes. The Think Dynamic team is integrated into the IBM Software Group under the Tivoli brand.

IBM acquires the application porting services business from Sector7, a privately held software applications services company that specialized in helping customers to lower IT costs by migrating software applications to operate on IBM platforms using the Linux and AIX operating systems.

IBM acquires Productivity Solutions Inc., a leader in the fast-growing market of automated selfcheckout solutions that are used to speed checkout in retail and grocery stores. PSI is integrated into IBM’s Retail Store Solutions division.

IBM acquires Green Pasture Software, Inc., a leading provider of document management software. Green Pasture’s operations are integrated into IBM’s Enterprise Content Management business.

Products & Services IBM announces the eServer zSeries 990, the world’s most sophisticated server and the new flagship of the eServer family. The new z990 sets a new standard for enterprise-class computing and is the result of a four-year, more than $1 billion investment in the zSeries platform involving 1,200 IBM developers. IBM delivers the first z990 in June to Farmers Insurance Group as the backbone of a new state-of-the-art, Web-based claims processing system. Four months after that, 1406HHX IBM announces the general availability of Model C (24-way) and Model D (32-way) eServer z990.

In February IBM ships -- to Discover Financial Services -- the 2,000th IBM eServer p650, only two months after the product’s initial availability. That same month, the company announces the eServer pSeries 630, leveraging IBM’s POWER4+ microprocessor as the industry’s most powerful entry level (4-way) Web server. In May, IBM announces: an ultra-fast high-end IBM eServer p690 system that provides a 65 percent performance boost over its predecessor, a new mid-range eServer p670 system that provides 90 percent better performance than the previous version of the p670, and a new ultra-dense high-performance eServer p655 that delivers performance increases of as much as 83 percent. Also in May, the company rolls out a new low-end IBM eServer system -- the p615 -- that offers 110 percent more performance at onethird lower cost than its predecessor (the p610), making it an attractive option for small- and medium-sized businesses. One month later, IBM begins shipping the first p690s with POWER4+ microprocessors.

As part of the broadest transformation of its eServer iSeries in more than a decade, IBM announces iSeries 825 and 870, which join the iSeries 890 at the high-end of the iSeries family.

Used by more than 200,000 customers around the world, the IBM eServer iSeries is one of the industry’s most popular servers.

The company introduces the IntelliStation POWER 275, the first workstation to include IBM’s POWER4+ microprocessor technology, with triple the performance at a lower cost than its predecessor. In July, IBM rolls out IntelliStation M Pro models 6220 and 6230 that offer increased graphics performance for users in such fields as engineering, digital content creation and electronic design automation.

IBM reports that the first servers based on its next generation POWER5 microprocessors are up and running in IBM’s Poughkeepsie, N.Y., laboratories. Internal performance tests indicate that POWER5 based eServer systems, which should begin shipping to customers in 2004, are expected to offer four times the system performance over the first POWER4 based servers.

The IBM eServer xSeries 440, using IBM TotalStorage FAStT700 storage, sets a performance record for a 16-way server running the TPC-C online transaction processing benchmark. In June, IBM introduces the eServer xSeries 445 based on the second generation of IBM’s Enterprise XArchitecture technology that will scale up to 32 of the newest Intel Xeon processors MP. That same month, the company also announces the eServer xSeries 450, the first IBM Enterprise XArchitecture-based system to use the new Itanium 2 processor with 6MB of level 3 cache memory and the eServer x382 that includes up to two Itanium 2 processors in a 2U (2.25 inches) system that is optimized for the Linux cluster configurations used primarily by the technical and scientific communities.

In January IBM introduces a new ThinkPad R40 notebook computer equipped with three major new technologies -- a comprehensive new approach to wireless leadership, easier access to service and support, and a broad set of usability improvements. Two months later, IBM completely redesigns its flagship ThinkPad T40 notebook computer with industry-leading 1406HHX performance, and new standards for battery life, portability, ergonomics and the most secure wireless access available. IBM also announces in March two additional ThinkPad notebooks: the ultraportable X31 and new models of the R40. The following month, IBM rolls out the ThinkPad G40, combining the affordability of a desktop PC with the design and portability of a ThinkPad notebook. In October, IBM launches the ThinkPad R50 and T51 that include the world’s first automatic hard drive protection technology. That same month, the company introduces the ThinkPad T41p and R50p, which combine the mobility of a ThinkPad notebook with high-speed graphic performance and superior wireless and security capabilities.

In November IBM sells the 20 millionth ThinkPad -- a T41 -- since launching the ThinkPad line in 1992. The computer is presented later that month to the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University in recognition of the business school’s leadership in the application of technology to improve business performance.

IBM equips 430 Britannia Airways pilots with ThinkPad X24 laptop computers to provide electronic access to all of the airplane manuals required on the flight decks of the airline’s fleet of Boeing 757s and 767s. The notebooks also will be used to facilitate essential calculations to improve flight efficiency.

The first models of IBM’s redesigned PC line, the new ThinkCentre desktop, are introduced in May. With a significantly smaller footprint, the ThinkCentre S50, as well as the M50 and A50p, feature an easy access, tool-free chassis design, simplifying maintenance, upgrades and service for customers. In September, IBM rolls out several new models of the ThinkCentre desktop line, including the S50, M50, A50p and A30.

The company reaches a new milestone in its blade server sales by winning its 5,000th eServer BladeCenter order in February, less than three months after introducing the product. In May, IBM marries two of the most powerful trends in computing -- Linux clusters and Blade servers -by introducing the IBM eServer Cluster 1350, the first pre-packaged and tested supercluster that is ultra-dense and incredibly easy to manage. In November, IBM revolutionizes the ultra-dense blade server market with the unveiling of the JS20, the industry’s first blade server based on POWER architecture.

In March, IBM introduces a suite of autonomic computing software technologies that allow IT systems to react automatically to unexpected surges in demand and dynamically deploy computing resources to handle them. Two months later, the company announces the general availability of its new DB2 Information Integrator software to help customers instantly access, integrate, manage and analyze all forms of information -- stored on any platform -- across and beyond the enterprise.

IBM rolls out a broad portfolio of infrastructure software for small and medium businesses under the Express banner from its DB2, Lotus and Tivoli brands, joining successful WebSphere offerings announced in late-2002.

1406HHX In July, IBM announces Enterprise Privacy Authorization Language (EPAL) as the first computer language to provide enterprises with a way to automate the enforcement of privacy policies among IT applications and systems.

IBM integrates instant messaging tools into the latest versions of its Lotus Notes and Domino.

The company announces TotalStorage FAStT 900, a new midrange disk storage offering highend capabilities with up to 120 percent performance improvements over previous models, and TotalStorage Linear Tape-Open Ultrium 2 drive, next-generation LTO tape systems offering the fastest LTO tape drive performance available. In April, the company rolls out IBM TotalStorage FAStT600, an entry-level storage server for medium-sized businesses.

IBM launches a new family of storage virtualization products to help customers lower their IT costs. The family includes IBM TotalStorage SAN Volume Controller, a combined solution of customized dual IBM eServer xSeries servers running embedded Linux operating system and IBM’s virtualization software, and IBM TotalStorage SAN Integration Server, a complete storage area network (SAN) solution for customers implementing new SANs. Virtualization software allows pooling of storage across disparate storage systems into a single consolidated view.

IBM introduces its next generation enterprise tape platform, the TotalStorage Enterprise Tape Drive 3592.

Five new enterprise workgroup printers are introduced, including the Infoprint Color 1357, a mid-volume, color LED printer with a print speed of up to 28 ppm; Infoprint 1312, an entry-level high-performance monochrome laser printer; Infoprint 1332, a low-to-mid-volume, monochrome laser printer; Infoprint 1352, a mid- to high-volume, monochrome laser printer; and Infoprint 1372, a high-volume, monochrome laser printer with a print speed of up to 45 ppm. IBM adds color and monochrome scanning, digital copying, faxing and e-routing capabilities to a single device to the 1332, 1352 and 1372.

Marking 30 years of providing reliable, retail-hardened point-of-sale systems for the world’s top retailers, IBM announces the next generation of its SurePOS 700 family -- including the 720, 740 and 780 -- that converges two of the most widely used retail POS systems in the world, the IBM 4694 and the newer IBM SurePOS family.

The company introduces the IBM ThinkVision L200p Monitor, a high-end flat panel LCD display that simplifies screen adjustments, and the ThinkVision L150 and L150p 15-inch highend flat panel LCD monitors. In November, IBM launches the ThinkVision L190p, a 19-inch high-end flat panel LCD monitor ABB and IBM complete a 10-year agreement to outsource nearly 90 percent of ABB’s information systems infrastructure operations, including the transfer of more than 1,200 1406HHX employees to IBM. The agreement is valued at $1.1 billion and builds on a well-established relationship between the two companies.

Michelin signs an eight-year partnership agreement with IBM valued at 1 billion euros, under which IBM will assume the management and maintenance of Michelin’s IT infrastructure in North America and Europe.

AXA Group signs a $1 billion contract with IBM for on demand services to enhance the performance and efficiency of AXA’s global computing infrastructure.

The U.S. National Football League and IBM announce a three-year agreement naming IBM as the NFL’s official IT partner. The agreement is centered on helping the NFL create the technology platform required to support next-generation digital media and other critical new business ventures for the NFL.

General Dynamics Electric Boat awards IBM a multi-year contract to build the shipbuilding industry’s first Internet-based supply chain network.

ChevronTexaco Corporation selects IBM as its global preferred supplier for strategic, financial, management and information technology consulting services.

The Proctor & Gamble Company signs a 10-year, $400 million agreement with IBM Business Consulting Services for human resources outsourcing services, under which IBM will support nearly 98,000 P&G employees in 80 countries.

In a six-year, $254 million agreement, John Hancock Financial Services, Inc., selects IBM to build an on demand technology infrastructure that will allow the company to accommodate unplanned surges in customer demand while improving reliability.

IBM announces that nearly 200 of the industry’s leading life sciences applications have now been ported to IBM eServer systems.

The company reports a broadening of its custom chip business beyond traditional application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) designs, with plans to offer a variety of new alternatives to reduce time, cost and design complexity in creating a customized solution for customers.

IBM announces the PowerPC 440EP embedded processor, the company’s first 440-based standard product to include hardware support for floating-point operations, USB and flash interfaces on a single chip.

In April, IBM launches a major initiative, including new services and software, to help customers deal with the skyrocketing costs and complexity of maintaining decades-old software applications that run 70 percent of the world’s major business operations. Called “spaghetti 1406HHX code,” some applications date back 20 years or more yet handle about 30 billion basic business transactions every day.

IBM announces one of the world’s first comprehensive intrusion detection services designed to help customers protect against security breaches on wireless local area networks.

Alliances AMD and IBM agree to jointly develop chip-making technologies for use in future highperformance products.

deCODE genetics and IBM form an alliance to deliver a set of integrated applications, technologies and services for analyzing, managing and storing genetic, genealogical and clinical data.

Raytheon Company and IBM announce plans to work together to design custom semiconductors and systems for customers in the aerospace and defense industry.

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