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«Year Pages 2000 2-9 2001 10-19 2002 19-31 2003 31-39 2004 39-52 2005 52-61 February 2006 1406HHX Business Performance IBM revenue climbs to $85.09 ...»

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Products & Services The company announces the IBM eServer zSeries 890, a powerful mainframe for medium-sized enterprise customers. It extends the capabilities of the company’s flagship IBM eServer zSeries 990 mainframe to mid-sized companies at a lower entry cost and size.

In February, an IBM eServer p690 server system with 32 POWER4+ microprocessors running on DB2 Universal Database v8.1 shatters the world record for computing processing power using half the number of chips of the competition to process 1,025,486 transactions per minute.

On October 5, IBM announces the IBM eServer p5-520 and p5-550 Express models. Based on the IBM POWER5 microprocessor, these Express servers introduce mainframe-inspired technology and performance to clients at prices and configurations that fit the budgets of even the smallest midsize firms. Ten days later, the company rolls out the IBM eServer p5 595 and eServer i5 595 to provide powerful capacity, virtualization capabilities and performance, along with the new 32-way IBM eServer p5 590 -- up to 45 percent faster and costing 45 percent less than its predecessor, the highly successful eServer pSeries p690. The three new systems introduce new economics to the IT industry by providing the ability to run over 250 virtual servers on a single machine. The next month, an IBM eServer p5 595 running DB2 attains a milestone in computing history, soaring past the barrier of three million transactions per minute on the TPC-C benchmark and setting a new world record for computing speed.

IBM unveils in November a pre-release version of a new sleek, high-density POWER5 processor-based server system -- the p5-575 -- that can be easily clustered for high performance supercomputing.

The company in May introduces the eServer i5, the first systems to be powered by the much anticipated POWER5 microprocessors. Running i5/OS, the next generation of OS/400, the new 1406HHX eServer i5 systems provide small and medium-sized businesses with unprecedented power, flexibility and cost benefits. The eServer i5 Model 520 (one to two-way POWER5 processors) and eServer i5 Model 570 (one to four-way POWER5 processors featuring Capacity on Demand) offer up to 40 percent in system price/performance improvements over previous iSeries models.

In January, IBM introduces the eServer BladeCenter HS40, an ultra-slim, 4-way Intel Xeon MP processor-based blade server that offers unprecedented, on-demand processing power for consolidation-minded businesses. Blades are ultra-slim servers that are stacked in a chassis side by side, much like books on a shelf. Because they take up significantly less space than traditional rack servers, Blade servers enable customers to reduce “sever sprawl” and better manage their computing infrastructures. That announcement is followed two months later by the debut of the IBM eServer BladeCenter T, a powerful extension of IBM’s industry-leading BladeCenter family of products that is designed to address the unique needs and requirements of the telecom industry.

IBM announces in March the eServer xSeries 206 and xSeries 306 with innovative features that help lower the ownership cost of entry level servers. The new systems include revolutionary new simple-swap Serial ATA drives and integrated management and data protection features never before available in entry level systems. In August, the company introduces new “scale-out” IBM eServer xSeries servers that include high-performance features inspired by IBM mainframes and supercomputers. The new eServers include the x206, x226, x236, x306, x336 and x346.

IBM rolls out in September the eServer 326, the only second-generation server based on the AMD Opteron processor from a major vendor. The e326 incorporates sophisticated mainframeinspired features to provide reliable performance for compute-intensive applications such as financial modeling, digital rendering, life sciences analysis, design automation, database management and other high-performance business and research tasks. That same month, the company introduces the IBM eServer OpenPower 720, a POWER5 microprocessor-based server tuned for Linux. It brings a decade of 64-bit architecture experience and mainframe-inspired reliability features to an entry level server.

In March, IBM announces the IntelliStation A Pro workstation -- the first workstation from a major, worldwide vendor to be powered by AMD Opteron processor technology. The A Pro is designed to meet the increased memory and graphics requirements of next-generation applications and offers customers a seamless transition from 32-bit to 64-bit computing.

IBM unveils in February its completely redesigned ultraportable notebook computer, the IBM ThinkPad X40, setting new standards for portability, battery life and wireless connectivity in ultraportable systems. Starting at only 2.7 pounds, the new X40 is the lightest and thinnest ThinkPad ever and boasts the smallest footprint in its class with a full-size keyboard. Two months later, the IBM ThinkPad R50e, R51 and G40, all equipped with cost-saving IBM ThinkVantage Technologies, are debuted. In May, the company rolls out the IBM ThinkPad T42 and T42p, new 15-inch models providing increased flexibility and comfort with larger, brighter and higher resolution screens. Select models come with “Flexview” technology, offering 170HHX degree viewing angles in all directions. (The new ThinkPad T42p mobile workstation is selected in November as the central information hub for the Clever Homes’ NewHouse demonstration home. The ThinkPad works with the integrated home network system to monitor household functions such as energy usage, security, lighting and music.) In October, IBM introduces the first ThinkPad with an integrated fingerprint reader. Selected models of the ThinkPad T42 offer an unmatched level of data protection through a new biometric capability and embedded security subsystem. That same month, the company launches the IBM ThinkPad G41, a powerful notebook that incorporates the dynamic processing power and high-precision graphics of a desktop in a mobile system.

The IBM ThinkPad notebook computer becomes the first product to be named to PC World’s World Class Hall of fame. The magazine’s editors recognize the ThinkPad because it has consistently embodied innovative design, excellent reliability and powerful features since its 1992 introduction.

The company introduces the IBM ThinkCentre A51p, incorporating advanced performance graphics and enhanced processing power for small and medium business customers looking to run multiple applications simultaneously without overwhelming the PC.

IBM announces sleek, rugged new SurePOS 500 point-of-sale systems for the demanding food service and hospitality industries, with faster, more compact, easier-to-use models that feature infrared touch-screen technology and “cooling tunnel” technology designed to help protect sensitive electronics from the heat, smoke and crumbs in a restaurant kitchen.

The company introduces the Store Integration Framework -- the architecture and technology tools to link a retailer’s point-of-sale systems with new wireless devices such as kiosks, Webpad tablet computers, smart shopping carts and Personal Digital Assistants, and then link all of these to the rest of the retailer’s systems across the entire store and into the supply chain.

During the year, Pathmark Stores, the first IBM supermarket customer to use scanning point-ofsale systems 30 years ago, is upgrading all of its stores to advanced IBM SurePOS 700 systems and new supermarket application software to speed checkout and increase capabilities.

Meanwhile, Sears Roebuck and Co. is updating its existing POS systems with IBM’s new SurePOS 740 systems, 4610 receipt printers and flat panel touch displays throughout its U.S.

retail stores.

IBM says that will provide the systems integration for a groundbreaking Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) project with METRO Group, the world’s fifth largest retailer. RFID tags enable physical objects to be identified at any point during manufacturing and distribution. At METRO Group’s Extra Future Store in Rheinberg, Germany, all RFID components communicate through one flexible central system hub developed by IBM.


During 2004, IBM announced a number of storage products, including:

In January, IBM TotalStorage NAS Gateway 500 storage system, using POWER 4 microprocessors and networking software designed to help clients speed shared data across various locations where data reside.

In February, IBM TotalStorage Data Retention 450, for clients facing looming government and industry regulations who need to retain and preserve electronic business records quickly and safely. The system integrates storage, server and software retention components into a single, securable cabinet.

In April, IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Server 750, designed to help customers in the midrange leverage many of the reliability and advanced functions of the Enterprise Storage Server while meeting the smaller capacity and price needs of new mainframe and other system servers.

In May, IBM TotalStorage FAStT100 Storage Server and Write Once Read Many (WORM) media technology for the IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Tape Drive 3592 designed to provide companies with tools to address data retention and government regulatory needs while offering new levels of security, reliability and technology investment protection.

In September, IBM TotalStorage DS300, the industry’s lowest price entry-level storage server designed to give midsize businesses a simple, reliable and affordable option to transport data through standard Internet protocols.

In October, IBM TotalStorage DS6000 and DS8000 data storage systems that bridge the gap between once incompatible high-end and midrange storage classes. (The DS6000 series begins at just 580GB and scales up to 67.2 terabytes in a box only slightly larger than a VCR.

The DS8000 series is available in with dual two processor or dual four processor configurations, and can address over 96 petabytes of data -- or more than 4,500 times the amount of information found in the Library of Congress.) And in November, IBM TotalStorage 3580 LTO (Linear Tape-Open) Generation 3 Tape Drive, the industry’s fastest midrange tape drive, offering up to 80 MB per second and capable of storing the data equivalent to five million entries of a telephone book in as little as three seconds.

IBM announces three printers in 2004: the Infoprint 1410 multifunction printer that enables customers to print, copy, fax and scan from a single machine; the Infoprint Color 1334 printer, an entry-level laser printer designed specifically for small businesses or work groups requiring a fast, reliable monochrome printing solution, with capabilities for the occasional color job; and the Infoprint 1412, an evolution from the Infoprint 1312, -- a monochrome laser printer featuring faster page output, an enclosed paper drawer and a two-element toner cartridge.

1406HHX Also introduced is the IBM ThinkVision C220p monitor, a high performance cathode ray tube that delivers precise imaging and color clarity at about half the price of some comparable screen size flat-panel monitors.

During 2004, IBM makes a number of software product announcements, including:

In February, new security technology with the latest release of its mainframe operating system, z/OS 1.5, providing the industry’s first single point of control for managing a multilevel security environment. Combined with IBM’s DB2 Universal Database for z/OS Version 8, the IBM solution provides multilevel security on the eServer zSeries mainframe to help meet the stringent security requirements of government agencies and financial institutions.

Also in February, new middleware software solutions designed to help customers in financial markets, banking and insurance to solve business problems unique to their industries.

In March, the general availability of DB2 Universal Database for z/OS Version 8 for IBM’s eServer zSeries mainframes. The new database software delivers over 100 new features and functions that help businesses automate the way information flows throughout the enterprise.

Also in March, a new suite of storage infrastructure management software to centralize, automate and simplify the management of complex and heterogeneous storage environments.

The new IBM TotalStorage Productivity Center is designed to help companies better control the rise in consumption of storage hardware while maintaining system uptime that can lower costs across the enterprise.

In addition in March, new software to help customers streamline operational efficiencies and solve key business challenges that are specific to the automotive and electronic industries.

In May, new middleware software solutions to help customers in healthcare, life sciences, retail and telecommunications solve industry-specific problems.

In September, general availability of DB2 Universal Database (code name Stinger), the industry’s first software that automatically self-manages and self-tunes databases containing key business information without human intervention.

In October, Tivoli Monitoring for Transaction Performance 5.3, to help give customers a more complete map of Web-based transactions while identifying transaction failures and inefficiencies.

In November, IBM Workplace products and solutions to help customers accelerate their migration from traditional PC-centric computing deployments to standards-based, networkcentric workplaces.

In December, the immediate availability of software -- IBM Global Data Synchronization for WebSphere Product Center -- that enables retailers, distributors and manufacturers to


collaborate with one another so they can share critical business information and integrate it with their internal systems.

Also in December, new WebSphere software designed to extend computing to the edge of business, offering remote locations such as retail stores, distribution centers or manufacturing sites the same computing capabilities for local applications and business processes that are available to enterprise headquarters.

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