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«South Dakota Driver Manual -Table of Contents THE DRIVER LICENSE Selective Service and the Driver License.. 3 Who Can’t Get a License Types of ...»

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South Dakota Driver Manual

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Table of Contents


Selective Service and the Driver License….........………………………………………………………..……... 3

Who Can’t Get a License

Types of Driver Licenses

Examination Procedures

Organ and Tissue Donation

Driver License Renewal

Keeping Your Driver License

Revocations and Suspensions

South Dakota Point System


Trip Planning

Check the Vehicle

Clean Glass Surfaces

Windshields and Windows

Adjust Seat and Mirrors

Use Safety Belts and Child Restraints


Traffic Control Devices

Traffic Signals

Traffic Signs

Pavement Markings

Other Lane Controls

Shared Center Lane

General Rules




Basic Driving




Controlling Speed


Seeing Well


Look Ahead

Look To The Sides

Look Behind

Use Your Lights


Letting Others Know You Are There

Letting Others Know What You Are Doing

Adjusting Speed

Adjusting To Road Conditions


Slippery Roads

Water On The Roadway

Adjusting To Traffic

Keep Pace

Entering Into Traffic

Leaving Traffic

Slow Moving Traffic

Trouble Spots

Interstate Highway Driving

Entering the Interstate

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------i South Dakota Driver Manual

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Proper Driving Techniques on the Interstate

How Well Can You See?

Sight-Distance Rule

Sharing Space

Space Ahead

Space Behind

Space To The Side

Space To Merge

Space To Cross Or Enter

Space To Pass

Space For Special Situations

Separate Risks

Compromise Space


Points To Remember

Backing Up


Rear Blind Spots

Side Blind Spots

Wide Turns


Runaway Truck Ramps

Construction Areas

Bus Related Issues


Vision And Hearing




Drinking And Driving

Why Is Drinking And Driving So Dangerous?

If You Drink, When Can You Drive?

Effects of Body Weight

Effects on Decision Making

Alcohol And The Law

Other Drugs and Driving




Vehicle Emergencies

Brake Failure

Tire Blowout

Power Failure

Headlight Failure

Gas Pedal Sticks

Avoiding Collisions

With Antilock Braking System

Without Antilock Braking System

Dealing With Skids

Protect Yourself In Collisions


At The Accident Scene

If Someone Is Injured

Report The Accident

Damaging Unattended Vehicles


----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ii South Dakota Driver Manual

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------This manual gives you information on safe driving rules and practices to help you become a safe driver. Be sure to read the manual carefully. Unless you know the information contained in this manual, you cannot pass the knowledge test.

The Driver License Anyone who operates a motor vehicle or motor-driven cycle on public roadways in South Dakota is required to have a driver license. You are required to have a South Dakota driver license if you live here for more than 90 days. If you are a commercial driver license holder, you must apply for a South Dakota license within 30 days. South Dakota law states that every licensee shall have their driver license in their immediate possession at all times when operating a motor vehicle.

The following people can drive on a valid operator license from their home state, so long as they are at least 16 years old.

Military - Members of the Armed Forces on active duty or members of foreign military on temporary duty with the Armed Forces, as well as their spouse and children.

Student - Students who are here to further their education and who are considered a non-resident for tuition purposes.

–  –  –

• Are able to submit proof of name, age and address (no photo copies).

Your Social Security number will be requested, and you must establish your identity by presenting a certified birth certificate or valid U.S. passport. You will also be required to prove your residential address. If you are not a United States citizen, you will be required to present a record issued by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services authorizing your legal presence in the United States, as well as the other required social security number and address documents. Our examiners have the right to question any documents and request additional information for verification of identity prior to license issuance.

• Have parental/guardian consent if under age 18 for every application completed.

–  –  –

• Turn in any driver license or identification card.

• Are not currently suspended, revoked, or denied in South Dakota or any other state.

–  –  –

• Have no unpaid fines for moving traffic violations.

• Are from a foreign country and can show U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services documents with date of legal presence in the United States.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------South Dakota Driver Manual

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Required Documents The documents listed below must be provided before we can issue you a South Dakota driver license

or identification card. Please read carefully:

1. ONE of the following to prove identity, date of birth, and lawful status:

–  –  –

Anyone who has changed their name since birth (and does not have a valid U.S. passport in their current name) needs to show proof of the name change(s). Acceptable documents for proof of legal name change are certified marriage certificate(s) (issued by a state vital records agency), a certified adoption document, or a certified court order authorizing a name change (such as divorce decree). If you have been married multiple times, you will need to provide proof of all name changes [unless you have taken back your maiden/birth name (and this is the name currently on your driver license/ID card) or hold a valid U.S. passport].

2. ONE document to prove Social Security number. The documents below serve as proof of Social Security number (document must include your full social security number). The regulations do not allow us to accept any other document as proof of Social Security number.

–  –  –

3. TWO documents to prove your residential address. A parent’s proof of address is acceptable for a minor child. Please bring two of the documents listed below (each must contain your current


–  –  –

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------South Dakota Driver Manual

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------These new rules will help to establish a more secure driver license and will help address our shared concern about national security, identity theft, and highway safety.

If you have questions please check our website at www.dps.sd.gov or call the central Driver Licensing Program office at 1-800-952-3696.

This manual will provide information needed to drive a passenger vehicle. If you want a license to drive a commercial motor vehicle, you need to read the Commercial Driver License (CDL) Manual.

If you want a license to drive a motorcycle, you need to read the Motorcycle Manual.

Selective Service Requirements Registering with the Selective Service is required for young men to stay eligible for Federal Student Aid, Job Training, and Government Jobs. Any male applicant aged 18 to 25 must submit on his driver license application that he has registered with the Selective Service, or that he is authorizing the Department of Public Safety to forward to the Selective Service the personal information necessary to register. For more information regarding Selective Service Registration, contact Selective Service at 1-888-655-1825.

Fees Cash, check, or money order only (no credit, checking or debit cards)

–  –  –

For testing purposes, the fee allows you three attempts to pass a test within a 6-month period. After 3 attempts, or 6-months, the fee must be paid again.

A one time proration of fees is given to applicants under 21 years of age who are being issued less than a 5-year license.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------South Dakota Driver Manual

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Who Can’t Get A South Dakota Driver License?

• Persons under 14 years of age.

• Persons who have a license or driving privilege withdrawn in South Dakota or any other State.

• Persons who have accumulated child support arrearages of $1,000 or more. (These people will be issued one 6 month temporary.)

• Persons present illegally in the U.S.

• Persons who have been determined medically or psychologically unfit to drive.

Types of Driver Licenses Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian.

Instruction Permit — To obtain an Instruction Permit, you must be at least 14 years of age and pass the vision and knowledge test. The permit is valid for one year or on the same date as the expiration date on the valid documents authorizing the applicant’s presence in the United States, whichever occurs first. The cost is $20.00. Minors at least 14 years of age, but less than 18 years of age, must hold the valid permit continuously for 180 days (90 days if successful completion [score of 80% or better on both written and driving portions of driver education] of an approved Department of Education driver education course) prior to upgrade of permit to a Restricted Minor’s Permit or Operator’s License. If under 18 years of age and the Instruction Permit expires, a minor would be required to obtain another Instruction Permit for either the 90 or 180 day requirement.

Restrictions: During the hours of 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. a licensed driver 18 years of age or older with at least one year’s driving experience must be present in the seat next to the person holding the Instruction Permit. Between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. the permit holder must be accompanied by a parent/legal guardian.

Effective July 1, 2013, no holder of an Instruction Permit may use any type of wireless communication device while operating a motor vehicle upon public highways. A ‘wireless communication device’ is defined as any wireless electronic communication device that provides for voice or data communication between two or more parties, including a mobile or cellular telephone, a text messaging device, a personal digital assistant that sends or receives messages, an audio-video player that sends or receives messages, or a laptop computer.

Note: If you are under 18 years of age, and your Instruction Permit expires, you will be required to re-test and hold the new Instruction Permit for another 180 days (or 90-days with successful completion of a state-approved driver education course) before upgrading to a restricted/operator license.

Restricted Minor’s Permit — To obtain a Restricted Minor’s Permit, you must be at least 14 years of age, complete the requirements of the Instruction Permit, pass the driving test and not have been convicted of a traffic violation during the past six months prior to obtaining the Restricted Minor’s Permit. An individual up to age 18 years of age may hold a Restricted Minor’s Permit. The permit is valid for 5 years or until the same date as the expiration date on the valid documents authorizing the applicant’s presence in the United States, whichever occurs first.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------South Dakota Driver Manual

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Restrictions: Entitles the holder, while having the permit in his immediate physical possession, to operate a motor vehicle during the hours of 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. if the motor vehicle is being operated with the permission of the minor’s parent or legal guardian; and during the hours of 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.

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