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Introduction J. del Valle / O. García — Language, church and state in territorial Arizona E. M.

DuBord — The politics of Spanish and English in territorial New Mexico A. Fernández Gibert — Public health and the politics of language in early twentieth-century Texas G.

Martínez — Categorizing Latinos in the history of the US Census: the official racialization of

Spanish J. Leeman — Part V. The Making of Spanish Beyond Spain and the Americas:

Introduction M. Fernández and J. del Valle — The status of Judeo-Spanish in the Ottoman Empire Y. Bürki — Language and the Hispanization of Equatorial Guinea S. Castillo Rodríguez — The representation of Spanish in the Philippine Islands M. Fernández.

Vallisneri, A.: Che ogni italiano debba scrivere in lingua purgata italiana.

A cura di D. Generali 2013 – 82 pp. € 11,50 Vanderschüren, C.: Infinitivo y sujeto en portugués y español. Un estudio empírico de los infinitivos adverbiales con sujeto explícito 2013 – xi + 353 pp., 37 fig. € 89,95 Veny, J. / L. Pons i Griera: Atles lingüístic del domini català, I: Introducció;

1: El cos humà. Malalties 2001 – 336 pp., 187 map. € 72,00 Veny, J. / L. Pons i Griera: Atles lingüístic del domini català, II: 2: El vestit;

3: La casa i ocupacions domèstiques 2003 – 441 pp., Map., fot. € 110,00 Veny, J. / L. Pons I Griera: Atles lingüístic del domini català, III: 4: La família: cicle de la vida; 5: Món espiritual: l’església. Festes religioses.

Creences; 6: Jocs; 7: Temps cronològic. Meteorologia; 8: Topografia) 2006 – 437 pp., map., fot. € 110,00

–  –  –

Veny, J. / L. Pons i Griera: Atles lingüístic del domini català, V: 10: Industries relacionades amb l’agricultura; 11: Els vegetals 2010 – 432 pp. € 110,00 Veny, J. / L. Pons I Griera: Atles lingüístic del domini català, VII: 12: Vida pastoral; 13: Els animals domèstics 2012 – 388 pp., Map. € 110,00 Vossen, C.: Madre Latín y sus hijas. Las lenguas de Europa y su origen.

Traducción de Fernando Lorda Pérez y Santiago Recio Muñiz. Notas y actualización de Santiago Recio Muñiz 2013 – 525 pp. € 29,95

–  –  –

Ahrenholz, B., ed.: Einblicke in die Zweitspracherwerbsforschung und ihre methodischen Verfahren 2012 – vi + 377 pp. € 99,95 Andersen, G. / K. Bech, eds.: English Corpus Linguistics: Variation in Time, Space and Genre. Selected Papers from ICAME 32 2013 – vi + 257 pp. € 59,50 ÍNDICE: K. Bech / G. Andersen: New developments in corpus linguistics and the study of language variation and change — Variation in time: Corpus studies in the history of English — C. Mair: Writing the corpus-based history of spoken English: The elusive past of a cleft construction — L. Moessner: Discourse communities and their writing styles: A case study of Robert Boyle — G. F. Stenbrenden: The diphthongisation of ME u: The spelling evidence — Variation in space: Corpus studies of contemporary features of English — C. Koch / T.

Bernaisch: Verb complementation in South Asian English(es): The range and frequency of “new” ditransitives — X. Yao / P.

Collins: Functional variation in the English present perfect:

A cross-varietal study — J. Elsness: Gender, culture and language: Evidence from language corpora about the development of cultural differences between English-speaking countries — K. Luckmann de Lopez: Clause-final man in Tyneside English — C. Suárez-Gómez / E.

Seoane: They have published a new cultural policy that just come out: Competing forms in spoken and written New Englishes — Variation in genre: Corpus studies of English for

Specific Purposes — D. Lees Fryer: Exploring the dialogism of academic discourse:

Heteroglossic Engagement in medical research articles — M. Fuoli: Texturing a responsible corporate identity: A comparative analysis of Appraisal in BP’s and IKEA’s 2009 corporate PÓRTICO LIBRERÍAS PS 1107 — Lingüística 103 62 social reports — N. Schutz: How specific is English for Academic Purposes? A look at verbs in business, linguistics and medical research articles.

Asu, E. L. / P. Lippus, eds.: Nordic Prosody. Proceedings of the XIth Conference, Tartu 2012 2013 – 434 pp., 63 tabl., 124 gráf. € 80,40 Canning, P.: Style in the Renaissance. Language and Ideology in Early Modern England 2014 – 224 pp. € 31,20 Ciszewski, T.: The Anatomy of the English Metrical Foot. Acoustics, Perception and Structure 2013 – 203 pp. € 50,55 Collins, B. S. / I. Mees, eds.: English Phonetics: Twentieth-Century Development, 6 vols.

2013 – 3.008 pp. € 998,40 ÍNDICE: VOLUME I: AFZELIUS’S PRONOUNCING DICTIONARY: J. A. Afzelius, A Concise Pronouncing Dictionary of Modern English (Stockholm: Norstedt, 1909) — VOLUME II.

LLOYD JAMES: BROADCASTING AND SPOKEN ENGLISH: Arthur Lloyd James, The Broadcast Word (London: Kegan Paul, 1935) — Arthur Lloyd James, Our Spoken Language (London: Thomas Nelson, 1938) — Arthur Lloyd James. Speech Signals in Telephony (London: Pitman, 1940) — VOLUME III.

LLOYD JAMES’S BROADCAST ENGLISH: Arthur Lloyd James, Broadcast English I:

Recommendations to Announcers Regarding Certain Words of Doubtful Pronunciation (London: BBC, 1935) — Arthur Lloyd James, Broadcast English II: Recommendations to

Announcers Regarding the Pronunciation of Some English Place Names, 2nd edn. (London:

1930) — Arthur Lloyd James, Broadcast English III: Recommendations to Announcers Regarding the Pronunciation of Some Scottish Place Names (London: BBC, 1932) — Arthur Lloyd James, Broadcast English IV: Recommendations to Announcers Regarding the Pronunciation of Some Welsh Place Names (London: BBC, 1934) — Arthur Lloyd James, Broadcast English V: Recommendations to Announcers Regarding the Pronunciation of Some Northern-Irish Place-Names (London: BBC, 1935) — Arthur Lloyd James, Broadcast English

VI: Recommendations to Announcers Regarding the Pronunciation of Some Foreign PlaceNames (London: BBC, 1937) — Arthur Lloyd James, Broadcast English VII:

Recommendations to Announcers Regarding the Pronunciation of Some British Family Names and Titles (London: BBC, 1939) — VOLUME IV. ENGLISH PHONETICS INCLUDING DIALECTAL VARIETIES: — Ida Ward, The Phonetics of English, 3rd edn. (Cambridge: Heffer, 1939) — H.

E. Palmer, The Principles of English Phonetic Notation, 2nd edn. (Tokyo: Institute for Research in English Teaching, 1928), pp. 1-140 — Le Maître phonétique, forerunner of the presentday Journal of the International Phonetic Association (JIPA), was the official journal of the PÓRTICO LIBRERÍAS PS 1107 — Lingüística 103 63 International Phonetic Association. Edited by Daniel Jones and Paul Passy, and later by A. C.

Gimson. All material appeared in phonetic transcription, which, where appropriate, will also be accompanied by an orthographic transcript — VOLUME V. LANDMARKS IN THE STUDY OF ENGLISH INTONATION: H. O. Coleman, ‘Intonation and Emphasis’, Miscellanea Phonetica (Bourgla-Reine and London: IPA, 1914) — Harold E. Palmer, English Intonation with Systematic Exercises (Cambridge: Heffer, 1922) (the first edition is reproduced with annotations by Daniel Jones) — J. D. O’Connor and G. F. Arnold, Intonation of Colloquial English, 2nd edn.


Etsko Kruisinga, A Handbook of Present-day English, Volume I (‘English Sounds’) (Utrecht:

Kemink, 1919) — Jack Windsor Lewis, A Guide to English Pronunciation: For Users of English as a Foreign Language (Oslo: Scandinavian University Books, 1969).

Dabrowska, M.: Variation in Language. Faces of Facebook English 2013 – 366 pp., 57 tabl. € 58,35 Dance, R. / L. Wright, eds.: The Use and Development of Middle English.

Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Middle English, Cambridge 2008 2013 – 302 pp., 7 fig., 40 tabl. € 61,65 Diewald, G. / L. Kahlas-Tarkka / I. Wischer, eds.: Comparative Studies in Early Germanic Languages. With a Focus on Verbal Categories 2013 – vi + 318 pp. € 106,00 ÍNDICE: Introduction, G. Diewald & al. — *haitan in Gothic and Old English, R. Cloutier — Incipient Grammaticalisation: Sources of passive constructions in Old High German and Old English, R. Mailhammer / E. Smirnova — Passive auxiliaries in English and German: Decline versus grammaticalisation of bounded language use, P. Petré — Causative habban in Old English: Tracing the Development of a Budding Construction, M. Kilpiö — Remembering ( ge)munan : The rise and decline of a potential modal, M. Eitelmann — The emergence of modal meanings from haben with zu-infinitives in Old High German, A. Jäger — Hearsay and lexical evidentials in Old Germanic languages, with focus on Old English, O. Timofeeva — Markers of Futurity in Old High German and Old English: A Comparative Corpus-Based Study, G. Diewald / I. Wischer — The Verb to be in the West Saxon Gospels and the Lindisfarne Gospels, C. Bolze — Aspectual properties of the verbal prefix a- in Old English with reference to Gothic, V. Broz — Þær wæs vs. thâr was: Old English and Old High German existential constructions with adverbs of place, S. E. Pfenninger — On gain and loss of verbal categories in language contact: Old English vs. Old High German, T. Vennemann.

–  –  –

Esquibel, J. / A. Wojtys, eds.: Explorations in the English Language: Middle Ages and Beyond. Festschrift for Professor Jerzy Welna on the Occasion of his 70th Birthday 2012 – 402 pp., 33 tabl., 44 gráf. € 74,85 Evans, M.: The Language of Queen Elizabeth I. A Sociolinguistics Perspective on Royal Style and Identity 2013 – 266 pp. € 28,70 Even-Simkin, E. / Y. Tobin: The Regularity of the ‘Irregular’ Verbs and Nouns in English 2013 – xvii + 273 pp. € 112,00 Forchini, P.: Movie Language Revisited. Evidence from Multi-Dimensional Analysis and Corpora 2012 – 142 pp., tabl., gráf. € 37,00 Greule, A.: Deutsches Gewässernamenbuch. Etymologie der Gewässernamen und der zugehörigen Gebiets-, Siedlungs- und Flurnamen 2014 – viii + 634 pp. € 129,95 Heier, A.: Deutsche Fremdwortlexikografie zwischen 1800 und 2007. Zur metasprachlichen und lexikografischen Behandlung äusseren Lehrguts in Sprachkontaktwörterbüchern des Deutschen 2012 – xvii + 577 pp., 20 fig. € 129,95 International Journal of English Studies, 13/1 — 2013 2013 – 184 pp., tabl. € 15,00 ÍNDICE: N. Snape & al.: L1 transfer in article selection for generic reference by spanish, turkish and japanese L2 — J. Bu: A study of the acquisition of discourse markers by chinese learners of english — C. Gkonou: A diary study on the causes of english language classroom anxiety — A. Zareva / A. Fomina: Strategy use of russian pre-service TEFL university students: using a strategy inventory for program effectiveness evaluation — N. del Campo Martínez: The metaphoric motivation of the caused-motion construction: a case study of perception — C. García de la Maza: The conventionalisation of contextual effects in middle

structures — L. Álvarez Recio: Anti-catholicism, civic consciousness and parliamentarianism:

Thomas Scott’s Vox regis (1624) — L. H. Madsen: «Remember... Whose girl you are»:

Dynamics of domination in Sarah Waters’s Affinity (1999) — Book reviews.

PÓRTICO LIBRERÍAS PS 1107 — Lingüística 103 65 Jaeger, A.: Der Status von bekommen + zu + Infinitiv zwischen Modalität und semantischer Perspektivierung 2013 – 311 pp., 17 fig., 71 tabl. € 63,90 Jucker, A. H., & al., eds.: Meaning in the History of English. Words and Texts in Context 2013 – xii + 341 pp. € 106,00 Kopaczyk, J. / A. H. Jucker, eds.: Communities of Practice in the History of English 2013 – vii + 291 pp. € 102,00 ÍNDICE: Communities of practice as a locus of language change: A. H. Jucker / J. Kopaczyk — I. Letter writers: The role of communities of practice in the emergence of Scottish Standard English: J. Cruickshank — Mixing genres and reinforcing community ties in nineteenthcentury Scottish correspondence: Formality, familiarity and religious discourse: M. Dossena — Communities of practice, idiolects, and community grammar: Variation in the past tensebe paradigms in the Civil War letters from Northeastern South Carolina: R. Dylewski — Community or communities of practice?: 1820 petitioners in the Cape Colony: M. Wlodarczyk — II. Scribes and Printers: Crafting text languages: Spelling systems in manuscripts of theMan of Law’s Taleas a means of construing scribal community of practice: J. Rogos — Typographical and graphomorphemic features of five editions of the Kalender of Shepherdesas elements of the early printers’ community of practice: H. Rutkowska — Printing houses as communities of practice: Orthography in early modern medical books: J. Tyrkkö — Elizabeth Montagu’s Shakespeare essay (1769): The final draft and the first edition as evidence of two communities of practice: A. Sairio — III. Professionals: Of ledenum bocum to engliscum gereorde : Bilingual communities of practice in Anglo-Saxon England: O. Timofeeva — How a community of practice creates a text community: Middle Scots legal and administrative discourse: J. Kopaczyk — “These two, Physitians and Chirurgeons, are to be intimate friends together”: Early Modern English community of medical practitioners: A. Hebda / M.

Fabiszak — The formation of the Royal Society as a community of practice and discourse:

M. Gotti.

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«Sick of Local Government Corruption? Vote Islamic.1 J. Vernon Henderson Ari Kuncoro Brown University University of Indonesia NBER Brown University March 2, 2006 Abstract: Indonesia has a tradition of corruption among local officials who harass and collect bribes from firms. Corruption flourished in the Suharto, pre-democracy era. This paper asks whether local democratization that occurred after Suharto reduced corruption and whether specific local politics, over and above the effects of local...»

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