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Formal Properties of ‘now’ — Events, Instants and Temporal Reference — Deixis in Discourse:

Reichenbach on Temporal Reference — Semantics and Pragmatics: Introduction to Semantics

and Pragmatics — Free Choice Permission — Semantics versus Pragmatics — Vagueness:

Introduction to Vagueness — Two theories about adjectives — The Paradox of the Heap — Discourse Representation: Introduction to Discourse Representation — A Theory of Truth and Semantic Representation — Context, Thought and Communication — Disambiguation in Discourse — Presupposition: Introduction to Presupposition — Presupposition Computation and Presupposition Justification: One Aspect of the Interpretation of multi-sentence Discourse — The Importance of Presupposition — Propositional Attitudes: Introduction to Propositional Attitudes — Prolegomena to a Structural Account of Belief and Other Attitudes — Temporal Reference inside and outside propositional attitudes — Interview with Hans Kamp.

Kamwangamalu, N. / R. B. Baldauf Jr. / R. B. Kaplan, eds.: Language Planning in Africa. The Cameroon, Sudan and Zimbabwe 2013 – 238 pp. € 106,00 ÍNDICE: Language policy and planning in Africa: Cameroon, Sudan and Zimbabwe: N. M.

Kamwangamalu & al. — The Language Situation in Cameroon: J.-P. Kouega — The sociolinguistics of nationalism in the Sudan: the politicisation of Arabic and the Arabicisation of politics: A. Abdelhay & al. — A Very ‘Oily’ Sociolinguistics of the ‘New’ Sudan: Old Wine in New Bottles: B. Makoni & al. — Zimbabwe Colonial and Post-Colonial Language Policy PÓRTICO LIBRERÍAS PS 1107 — Lingüística 103 22 and Planning Practices Sinfree: B. Makoni & al. — A critical analysis of the historical and contemporary status of minority languages in Zimbabwe: S. B. Makoni.

Kaplan, R. B. / R. B. Baldauf Jr. / N. Kamwangamalu, eds.: Language Planning in Europe. Cyprus, Iceland and Luxembourg 2013 – 246 pp. € 106,00 ÍNDICE: Language policy and planning in Europe: Cyprus, Iceland and Luxembourg: R. B.

Kaplan & al. — Language policy and language planning in Cyprus: X. Hadjioannou & al.: The language situation in Iceland: A. Hilmarsson-Dunn / A. P. Kristinsson — The Language Situation in Luxembourg: K. Horner / J. J. Weber.

Kecskes, I. / J. Romero Trillo, eds.: Research Trends in Intercultural Pragmatics 2013 – xiv + 507 pp. € 119,95

ÍNDICE: Linguistic and Cognitive Aspects: F. Baider: Hate: Saliency Features in Crosscultural Semantics — V. Bardzokas: The semantics and pragmatics of causal connectives:

conceptual and procedural aspects of Modern Greek ãiati and epeiäi — M. Dynel: Being cooperatively (im)polite: Grice’s model in the context of (im)politeness theories — J.

Garmendia: Irony: making as if we pretend to echo — E. Ifantidou: Pragmatic awareness: An index of linguistic competence — L. Maguire / J. Romero-Trillo: Context dynamism in classroom discourse — Socio-Cultural Aspects: L. Fernández-Amaya: Simultaneous Speech in American English and Spanish Telephone Closings — M. Formentelli: A model of stance for the management of interpersonal relations: formality, power, distance and respect — A.

Gladkova: The Russian social category svoj: a study in ethnopragmatics — M. Piñango:

Outlining and proposing the constructs of institutional framework and institutional practice for the study of intercultural communication — G. Tréguer-Felten: Can a lingua franca bridge the communication gap between corporations set in different cultures? — Wei Ren, Chih-Ying Lin and Helen Woodfield — Variational Pragmatics in Chinese: Some insights from an empirical study — Discourse and stylistics: A. B. Cabrejas Peñuelas / M. Díez Prados: The evaluative

function of cohesive devices in three political texts — P. Garcés-Conejos Blitvich & al.:

Relational work in anonymous, asynchronous communication: A study of (dis)affiliation in YouTube — A. Grzywna: Manipulation and pragmatics in political discourse — V. GuillénNieto: Intercultural business pragmatics: The case of the business letter of introduction — K.

Mandoki: Zoo-pragmatics: performative acts among animals — J. Santaemilia Ruiz / S.

Maruenda Bataller: Naming practices and negotiation of meaning: A corpus-based analysis of Spanish and English newspaper discourse — C. Santamaría-García: A compelling need to evaluate: social networking sites as tools for the expression of affect, judgment and appreciation — A. Smirnova: Strategies of discursive manipulation in the headlines of articles about Russia in the quality British press.

Kilarski, M.: Nominal Classification. A History of its Study from the Classical Period to the Present 2013 – xiv + 405 pp. € 117,00 PÓRTICO LIBRERÍAS PS 1107 — Lingüística 103 23 Kinginger, C., ed.: Social and Cultural Aspects of Language Learning in Study Abroad 2013 – ix + 344 pp. € 41,00 ÍNDICE: Part I. Orientation: Introduction: Social and cultural aspects of language learning in study abroad: C. Kinginger — Researching whole people and whole lives: J. A. Coleman —

Part II. Qualitative and case studies: Self-regulatory strategies of foreign language learners:

From the classroom to study abroad and beyond: H. W. Allen — «Opening up to the world»?:

Developing interculturality in an international field experience for ESL teachers: E. Smolcic —

Politics of identification in the use of lingua francas in student mobility to Finland and France:

F. Dervin — An American in Paris: Myth, desire, and subjectivity in one student’s account of study abroad in France: T. Wolcott — Exploring the potential of high school homestays as a context for local engagement and negotiation of difference: Americans in China: D. Tan / C.

Kinginger — The transformation of “a frog in the well”: A path to a more intercultural, global mindset: J. Jackson — Part III. Pragmatics and identity: «I joke you don’t»: Second language

humor and intercultural identity construction: M. Shardakova — Getting over the hedge:

Acquisition of mitigating language in L2 Japanese: N. Iwasaki — Identity and honorifics use in Korean study abroad: L. Brown — A corpus-based study of vague language use by learners of Spanish in a study abroad context: J. Fernández — Afterword: C. Kinginger.

Knight, D.: Multimodality and Active Listenership. A Corpus Approach 2013 – 272 pp. € 31,20 Kunnan, A. J., ed.: The Companion to Language Assessment, 4 vols.

2013 – 2.240 pp.

Precio introductorio hasta 28.02.2014 € 493,00 • Después € 618,00 Lee, J. F. / P. A. Malovrh: The Developmental Dimension in Instructed Second Language Learning. The L2 Acquisition of Object Pronouns in Spanish 2013 – 280 pp. € 93,60 Lenzing, A.: The Development of the Grammatical System in Early Second Language Acquisition. The Multiple Constraints Hypothesis 2013 – xx + 280 pp. € 107,00 Liedtke, F. / C. Schulze, eds.: Beyond Words. Content, Context, and Inference 2013 – vi + 340 pp. € 99,95 ÍNDICE: Introduction: Beyond Words: F. Liedtke / C. Schulze — Section I. General concepts: Short introduction: F. Liedtke — Communication in the narrower and broader sense. A PÓRTICO LIBRERÍAS PS 1107 — Lingüística 103 24 reconstruction in terms of Sign Theory: R.Keller — Pragmatics in Optimality Theory: R.

Blutner — Section II. Acquiring inferential abilities: Short introduction: C. Schulze — Word learning by exclusion - pragmatics, logic and processing: S. Grassmann — Children’s knowledge of scales in the acquisition of almost: P. Amaral — Relevance inferences in young children: 3year-olds’ understand a speaker’s indirectly expressed social intention: C. Schulze — Early pragmatics with words: N. Pouscoulous — VI Contents — Section III. Grammar, Meaning, and Enrichment: Short introduction: F. Liedtke — Procedures and prosody: Weak encoding and weak communication: B. Clark — Pragmatic templates and free enrichment: F. Liedtke — Pragmatic enrichment in adjectival passives: The case of the post state reading: H. Gese — Pragmatic inferencing and expert knowledge: P. B. Schumacher / J. Meibauer — Section IV.

Constraints, memes, and constructions: Short introduction: F. Liedtke — Empirical and theoretical evidence for a model of quantifier production: C. Cummins / N. Katsos — Construction as memes – Interactional function as cultural convention beyond the words: E.

Diedrichsen — A pragmatic Pandora’s box: Regularities and defaults in pragmatics: M.


López, L.: Indefinite Objects. Scrambling, Choice Functions, and Differential Marking 2012 – 192 pp. € 26,30 Maher, J.: The Survival of People and Languages. Schooners, Goats and Cassava in St. Barthelemy, French West Indies 2013 – xviii + 240 pp. € 113,40 Mailhammer, R., ed.: Lexical and Structural Etymology. Beyond Word Histories 2013 – xi + 324 pp. € 99,95

ÍNDICE: R. Mailhammer: Introduction: Etymology beyond word histories — R. Mailhammer:

Towards a framework of contact etymology — H. Koch / L. Hercus: Obscure vs. transparent cognates in linguistic reconstruction — H. Koch: The etymology of a paradigm: the PamaNyungan 3SgF reconsidered — R. Hendery: Constructional etymology: The sources of relative clauses — T. Vennemann: Concerning myself — P. McConvell: Granny got cross: semantic

change of kami ‘mother’s mother’ to ‘father’s — mother’ in Pama-Nyungan — A. François:

Shadows of bygone lives: The histories of spiritual words in northern — Vanuatu — M.

Osmond: Markers of the spirit world in Oceanic languages — J. Giacon: Etymology of Yuwaalaraay Gamilaraay bird names — D. Nash: The smuggled budgie: case study of an Australian loanblend — L. Hercus: Archaisms in placenames in Arabana-Wangkangurru country.

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Manual de estilo Chicago-Deusto. Edición adaptada al español. Adaptación y edición de J. Torres Ripa 2013 – xix + 957 pp. € 59,00 Markel, N.: The Five Vital Signs of Conversation. Address, Self-Disclosure, Seating, Eye-Contact, and Touch 2012 – x + 109 pp. € 36,25 Martínez del Castillo, J., ed.: Eugenio Coseriu (1921-2002) en los comienzos del siglo XXI, I 2012 – 295 pp. € 25,00 ÍNDICE: J. Martínez del Castillo: Una teoría sobre el hombre — Semántica, lexicología y gramática: W. Dietrich: Por una semántica diacrónica estructural y cognitiva — B. GarcíaHernández: En torno a la semántica coseriana. Sinonimia y sistema clasemático — M. Martínez Hernández: La oposición prefinal dis-/eu- en el vocabulario español (académico y médico).

Su relación con el Corpus Hippocraticum — A. F. Seguí: Las oposiciones de Jakobson, las

neutralizaciones de Coseriu y el principio de no contradicción — R. Fornieles Sánchez:

Aportaciones de Coseriu a los estudios de periodismo. El ‘lead protoperiodístico’ en Homero — J. C.

Huisa Téllez: La dimensión tradicional de los textos en la lexicografía hispanoamericana:

una propuesta de estudio — C. Martín Ávila: La concepción del léxico nomenclator. La teoría terminológica — R. González Pérez: Lexemática histórica y cambio semántico en el contexto actual de la lingüística — L. Unceta Gómez: Metáforas para pensar. Los verbos latinos de ‘pensamiento’ y ‘opinión’ desde un enfoque diacrónico estructural — R. López Gregoris: De

la estructura al texto. Los verbos de ‘coser’ en latín. Estudio estructural — O. C. Cockburn:

Los verbos latinos en -izare (-issare, -idiare). Desarrollo lexemático y clases semánticas — J.

J. García Sánchez: «Palabras y lugares». La distinción coseriana entre significado y designación reflejada en la toponimia — M. Sánchez-Saus Laserna: Apuntes para una caracterización semántica de los centros de interés en los estudios de disponibilidad léxica — A. Salvador Rosa: Los semas implicados. El significado y sus límites — M. A. Penas Ibáñez: Clases léxicas aspectuales de ser y estar.

Martínez del Castillo, J., ed.: Eugenio Coseriu (1921-2002) en los comienzos del siglo XXI, II 2012 – 365 pp. € 25,00

ÍNDICE: J. Martínez del Castillo, ed.: Lenguaje y epistemología lingüística: R. van Deyck:

Le Coseriu de 1952-1958. Une révolution méconnue à l’èpoque — K. Ezawa: Die «(sprach-)norm»

und das «sprechen» — H. Weydt: Tipo de lenguaje y aprendizaje de idiomas. Partículas,

sustantivos compuestos, verbos prefijados en alemán: su denominador común — E. R. Trives:

Impresión primordial de realidad y el léxico de la trascendencia — A. Domínguez Rey: Trasfondo fenomenológico del lenguaje — M. Rivas González: Rendimiento y límites de la oposición

entre significado y objeto extralingüístico — J. Kabatek: Intuición y empirismo — J. Martínez del Castillo: La lingüística del decir. Hermenéutica del acto lingüístico — O. Loureda, ed.:

PÓRTICO LIBRERÍAS PS 1107 — Lingüística 103 26 Lingüística del texto: M. Casado Velarde: Confianza y sospecha ante el discurso según Eugenio Coseriu — O. Loureda: La historicidad del hablar y las partículas discursivas: consideraciones desde la sincronía — H. Castellón Alcalá: Sobre los lenguajes del poder — E. TamaianuMorita: Rethinking Coseriu’s notion of ‘unit of textual meaning’ (sinneinheit) — J. J. de Bustos Tovar, ed.: Lingüística diacrónica: E. Blasco Ferrer: Sistema y tipo en la reconstrucción de prelenguas — J. J. de Bustos Tovar: La concepción del cambio lingüístico en la Escuela

española de filología. El concepto de lengua histórica de Coseriu — A. Narbona Jiménez, ed.:

Variación y variedad lingüísticas: A. Narbona Jiménez: Sobre la complejidad del análisis de un tipo de variación — M. C. Henríquez Salido: El profesor Eugenio Coseriu ante los problemas del gallego — A. López Serena: Lo universal y lo histórico en el saber expresivo: variación situacional vs. variación discursiva — M. Duro Moreno, ed.: Traducción: J. Albrecht: Eugenio

Coseriu, la théorie de la traduction et la «traductologie» moderne — M. Duro Moreno:

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