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Rijkhoff, J. / E. van Lier, eds.: Flexible Word Classes. Typological Studies of Underspecified Parts of Speech 2013 – 368 pp., fig. € 87,40 ÍNDICE: E. van Lier and Jan Rijkhoff: Flexible Word Classes in Linguistic Typology and Grammatical Theory — K. Hengeveld: Parts-of-speech Systems as a Basic Typological Determinant — J. Don and Eva van Lier: Derivation and Categorization in Flexible and Differentiated Languages — D. Gil: Riau Indonesian: A language without nouns and verbs — J. Peterson: Parts of Speech in Kharia: A formal account — F. Rau: Proper Names, Predicates, and the Parts-of-speech System of Santali — D. Beck: Unidirectional Flexibility and the Noun-verb Distinction in Lushootseed — W. B. McGregor: Lexical Categories in Gooniyandi, Kimberley, Western Australia — S. Nordhoff: Jack-of-all-trades: The Sri Lanka Malay flexible adjective — W. Bisang: Word Class Systems Between Flexibility and Rigidity: An integrative approach.

PÓRTICO LIBRERÍAS PS 1107 — Lingüística 103 31 Ritchie, W. C. / T. K. Bhatia, eds.: The New Handbook of Second Language Acquisition 20132 – 750 pp. € 147,70 Rojo, A. / I. Ibarretxe Antuñano, eds.: Cognitive Linguistics and Translation. Advances in Some Theoretical Models and Applications 2013 – xii + 421 pp. € 99,95 ÍNDICE: A. R. / I. Ibarretxe-Antuñano: Cognitive Linguistics and Translation Studies: Past,

present and future — Part I. Cognitive Linguistics and Translation Theory: S. L. Halverson:

Implications of Cognitive Linguistics for Translation Studies — R. Muñoz Martín: More than a way with words: The interface between Cognitive Linguistics and Cognitive Translatology — C. Martín de León: Who cares if the cat is on the mat? Contributions of cognitive models of meaning to translation — Part II. Meaning and translation: H. C. Boas: Frame Semantics and translation — E. Samaniego Fernández: The impact of Cognitive Linguistics on Descriptive Translation Studies: Novel metaphors in English-Spanish newspaper translation as a case in point — M. Brdar / R. Brdar-Szabó: Translating (by means of) metonymy — Part III.

Constructions and translation: E. Tabakowska: (Cognitive) grammar in translation: Form as meaning — I. Ibarretxe-Antuñano / L. Filipoviæ: Lexicalisation patterns and translation — A.

Rojo / J. Valenzuela: Constructing meaning in translation: The role of constructions in translation problems — Part IV. Culture and translation: E. Bernárdez: A cognitive view on the role of culture in translation — F. Sharifian / M. Jamarani: Cultural conceptualisations and translating political discourse — Part V. Beyond translation: M. I. Feist: Experimental lexical semantics at the crossroads between languages — A. Hatzidaki: A cognitive approach to translation: The psycholinguistic perspective.

Ruiz Gurillo, L. / M. B. Alvarado Ortega, eds.: Irony and Humor. From Pragmatics to Discourse 2013 – vi + 270 pp. € 102,00 ÍNDICE: The pragmatics of irony and humor: L. Ruiz Gurillo / M. B. Alvarado Ortega — 1.

Irony and Humor: The power of inversion: Irony, from utterance to discourse: S. Rodríguez

Rosique — Intentionality and irony: S. Attardo — An inference-centered analysis of jokes:

The intersecting circles model of humorous communication: F. Yus — 2. Irony and Humor in Mediated Discourse: Discursive mechanisms of informative humor in Spanish media: E. M.Gª de Paredes — Narrative strategies inBuenafuente’shumorous monologues: L. Ruiz Gurillo — Cartoons in Spanish press: A pragmatic approach: X. A. Padilla-García — Phonological humor as perception and representation of foreignness: J. Muñoz-Basols & al. — 3. Irony and Humor in Conversational Interaction: Failed humor in conversational utterances in Spanish: M. B. Alvarado Ortega — Humor and argumentation in everyday talk: A. Viana — Tackling the complexity of spontaneous humorous interaction: An integrated classroommodeled corpus approach: K. Feyaerts.

Rycker, A. de / Z. M. Don, eds.: Discourse and Crisis. Critical PerspectiPÓRTICO LIBRERÍAS PS 1107 — Lingüística 103 32 ves 2013 – vii + 498 pp. € 107,00 ÍNDICE: Introduction: Discourse in crisis, crisis in discourse: A. de Rycker / Z. M.

Don — ‘Crisis’ in Modernity: A sign of the times between decisive change and potential irreversibility:

L. Chalozin-Dovrat — Part I. Organizational Discourse: Serving a high-risk warrant: The role of context in police crisis negotiations — T. D. Royce: Misalignments in Finnish emergency call openings: Legitimacy, asymmetries and multi-tasking as interactional contests: T. Vaajala & al. — Collaboration in crisis: Pursuing perception through multiple descriptions (how

friendly vehicles became damn rocket launchers): M. Nevile — Part II. Political Discourse:

The political use of a national crisis: Bush’s legitimation of the USA Freedom Corps in the wake of September 11: S. C. Sandaran / A. de Rycker — Reflections in the eyes of a dying tiger: Looking back on Ireland’s 1987 economic crisis: B. K. O’Rourke / J. Hogan — Local community leaders’ constructions of women’s interests and needs: Impeding resolution of Kenya’s development crisis: J. Ndambuki — The financial crisis hits hard: The impact of emerging crisis on discursive strategies and linguistic devices in EU Financial Stability Reviews (2004-2010): O. Denti / L. Fodde — Part III.

Media Discourse: Red or Yellow, Peace or War:

Agonism and antagonism in online discussion during the 2010 political unrest in Thailand: P.

Jimarkon / R. W. Todd — The 2008 urban riots in Greece: Differential representations of a police shooting incident: E. D. Kitis — Benefit or burden?: Press representation of immigrant workers during the Spanish economic recession: I. Alonso Belmonte & al. — Mexico City and the H1N1 health crisis: The discursive interconnectedness of viruses, murders, policy fiascos and tumbling pesos: M. Matus-Mendoza / A. de Rycker — Polarization in the media representation of terrorism crises: Transitivity and lexical choices in Malaysia’s leading English dailies: M. L. Lean & al. — Epilogue: A paradoxical approach to crisis: J. Priestley.

Salaberry, M. R. / L. Camajoan, eds.: Research Design and Methodology in Studies on L2. Tense and Aspect 2013 – viii + 457 pp. € 69,95 ÍNDICE: Introduction — Research design and methodology in L2 studies of tense and aspect: L. Comajoan / M. R. Salaberry — Part I. Theoretical Representations of Tense and Aspect in L2 Studies: A Cognitive Grammar perspective on tense and aspect: S. Niemeier — The Spanish preterite and imperfect from a cognitive point of view: A. Doiz — Frequencybased grammar and the acquisition of tense and aspect in L2 learning: N. Ellis — Generative approaches to the L2 acquisition of temporal-aspectualmood systems: D. Ayoun / J. Rothman — Part II. Research Design and Methodology in L2 Studies of Tense and Aspect: Research design: A two-way predicational system is better than a four-way approach: P. González — Research design: Operationalizing and testing hypotheses: M. R. Salaberry — Research design: From text to task: K. Bardovi-Harlig — Defining and coding data: Lexical aspect in L2 studies: Y. Shirai — Defining and coding data: Narrative discourse grounding in L2 studies: L.

Comajoan — Data analysis: Quantitative approaches: R. Bayley — Data analysis: The qualitative analysis of actionality in learner language: A. Giacalone-Ramat / S. Rastelli —

Integrating the analyses of tense and aspect across research and methodological frameworks:

M. R. Salaberry & al.

PÓRTICO LIBRERÍAS PS 1107 — Lingüística 103 33 Schiffman, H. F., ed.: Language Policy and Language Conflict in Afghanistan and its Neighbors. The Changing Politics of Language Choice 2011 – xvi + 372 pp. € 133,12 Schwieter, J. W., ed.: Innovative Research and Practices in Second Language Acquisition and Bilingualism 2013 – xiii + 335 pp. € 40,00 ÍNDICE: Preface: J. W. Schwieter / G. Klassen — Part I. Linguistic perspectives and implications for L2 pedagogy: Mental representation and skill in instructed SLA, B. vanPatten — Input and output in SLA: Applying theories of mental representation and skill, W. Wong — Interaction and the Noun Phrase Accessibility Hierarchy: A study using syntactic priming, J. Behney / S. M. Gass — Generative approaches and the competing systems hypothesis: Formal acquisition to pedagogical application, D. Long / J. Rothman — Why theory and research are important for the practice of teaching: The case of mood choice in Spanish relative clauses, J. B. de Garavito — Input-based incremental vocabulary instruction for the L2 classroom, J. Barcroft — Experimentalized CALL for adult second language learners, N. Presson & al. — Accounting for variability in L2 data: Type of knowledge, task effects, and linguistic structure, S. Perpiñán — The development of tense and aspect morphology in child and adult heritage speakers, A.

Cuza & al. — Part II. Cognitive perspectives and implications for L2 pedagogy: Control and representation in bilingualism: Implications for pedagogy, D. Friesen / E. Bialystok — Language selection, control, and conceptual-lexical development in bilinguals and multilinguals, J. W.

Schwieter / A. Ferreira — Lexical access in bilinguals and second language learners, G. Sunderman / E. Fancher — Cognitive foundations of crosslinguistic influence, S. Jarvis & al. — Part III.

Concluding remarks: Ideas for the practice of instructed SLA and their rationale: A summary and commentary, J. Lee.

Seuren, P. A. M.: From Whorf to Montague. Explorations in the Theory of Language 2013 – 384 pp. € 81,15 ÍNDICE: Introduction — The Settling of a Language — The Whorf Hypothesis — Relativism or a Universal Theory? — What Does Language have to do With Logic and Mathematics? — A Testbed for Grammatical Theories — The Chomsky Hierarchy in Perspective — Reflexivity and Identity in Language and Cognition — The Generalized Logic Hierarchy and its Cognitive Implications — The Intensionalization of Extensions.

Siemund, P. & al., eds.: Multilingualism and Language Diversity in Urban Areas. Acquisition, Identities, Space, Education 2013 – viii + 369 pp. € 81,00

–  –  –

Stolz, T.: Competing Comparative Constructions in Europe 2013 – xii + 373 pp., 26 fig. € 128,00 Sullivan, K.: Frames and Constructions in Metaphoric Language 2013 – vii + 180 pp. € 96,00 Taboada, M. / R. Trnavac, eds.: Nonveridicality and Evaluation. Theoretical, Computational and Corpus Approaches 2013 – vi + 222 pp. € 101,95 ÍNDICE: Introduction: Nonveridicality and Evaluation across Disciplinary Boundaries: M.

Taboada / R. Trnavac — Part 1. Evaluation and Nonveridicality in Semantics: (Non)veridicality, Evaluation, and Event Actualization: Evidence from the Subjunctive in Relative Clauses: A.

Giannakidou — Have to, Have Got to, and Must: NSM Analyses of English Modal Verbs of ‘Necessity’: C. Goddard — How ‘Logical’ are Logical Words? Negation and its Descriptive vs. Metalinguistic Uses: J. Moeschler — Part 2. Evaluation, Nonveridicality and Coherence in Computational Modelling: Determining Negation Scope in German and English Medical Diagnoses: O. Gros / M. Stede — Assessing Opinions in Texts: Does Discourse Really Matter?: F. Benamara & al. — Part 3. Corpus Studies on Evaluation and Coherence in Nonveridical Contexts: Subjectivity and Prototype Structure in Causal Connective Use across

Discourse Contexts: N. Stukker / T. Sanders — ‘If You Do It too then RT and Say #Idoit2’:

The Co-Patterning of Contingency and Evaluation in Microblogging: M. Zappavigna.

Tenbrink, T. / J. M. Wiener / C. Claramunt, eds.: Representing Space in Cognition. Interrelations of Behaviour, Language, and Formal Models 2013 – 336 pp. € 87,40 ÍNDICE: T. Tenbrink & al.: Introduction — Part I. Empirical Insights: H. Taylor / T. T.

Brunyé: Describing the Way Out of a Cornfield: Understanding congitive underpinnings of comprehending survey and route descriptions — M. Avraamides & al.: Spatial Representations for Described and Perceived Locations — M. Denis / G. Fernández: The Processing of

Landmarks in Route Directions — Part II. Computational Models: M. Barclay / A. Galton:

Selection of Reference Objectives for Locative Expressions: The importance of knowledge and perception — E. Chown: Spatial prototypes — P. Kordjamshidi & al.: Learning to Interpret Spatial Natural Language in Terms of Qualitative Spatial Relations — Part III.

Intuitive Assistance: Inessa Seifert and Thora Tenbrink: Cognitive Operations in Tour Planning — M. Gallay & al.: Navigation Assistance for Blind Pedestrians: Guidelines for the design of devices and implications for spatial cognition — N. Nguyen / I. Wachsmuth: A Computational Model of Cooperative Spatial Behaviour for Virtual Humans — M. Bhatt & al.: The ‘Space’ in Spatial Assistance Systems: Conception, formalisation, and computation.

Tolosa Igualada, M.: Don de errar. Tras los pasos del traductor errante 2013 – 315 pp. € 18,00 ÍNDICE: Prólogo — ¿Qué es don de errar? — Introducción — El error bajo la lupa de los PÓRTICO LIBRERÍAS PS 1107 — Lingüística 103 35 traductólogos contemporáneos — Hacia una caracterización de la traductología procesual — El error de traducción desde la perspectiva del proceso y del producto. Diseño y desarrollo de una experimentación — Análisis de los resultados obtenidos — Hacia un modelo metacognitivo para el tratamiento del error en la formación de traductores — Consideraciones finales.

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