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Tsur, R.: Playing by Ear and the Tip of the Tongue: Precategorial Information in Poetry 2012 – xi + 310 pp. € 111,30 ÍNDICE: Introduction — The poetic mode of speech perception revisited: What our ear tells our mind — The tot phenomenon: A psycholinguistic model of poetry — “Oceanic” dedifferentiation and poetic metaphor — Deixis and abstractions: Adventures in space and time — Three case studies – Keats, Spenser, Baudelaire — Linguistic devices and ecstatic poetry: “The Windhover” – tongue-twisters and cognitive processes — Defamiliarization revisited — Aesthetic qualities as structural resemblance: Divergence and perceptual forces in poetry — Metaphor and figure–ground relationship: Comparisons from poetry, music, and the visual arts — Size–sound symbolism revisited — Issues in literary synaesthesia: A brief glance — The place of nonconceptual information in university education — Points and counterpoints.

Vallverdú, F.: Apunts i contrapunts sociolingüístics: en el centenari de les Normes ortogràfiques 2013 – 123 pp., gráf. € 17,00 Verbeke, S.: Alignment and Ergativity in New Indo-Aryan Languages 2013 – xi + 320 pp., 48 tabl. € 99,95 Vihman, M. M. / T. Keren-Portnoy, eds.: The Emergence of Phonology.

Whole-Word Approaches and Cross-Linguistic Evidence 2013 – 527 pp., 39 fig., 70 tabl. € 94,80

ÍNDICE: Introduction M. M. Vihman / T. Keren-Portnoy — Part I. The Current Framework:

Phonological development: toward a ‘radical’ templatic phonology: M. Vihman / W. Croft — Part II. Setting Papers: Child phonology: a prosodic view: N. Waterson — Words and sounds in early language acquisition: C. A. Ferguson / C. B. Farwell — Developmental reorganization of phonology: a hierarchy of basic units of acquisition: M. A. Macken — Development of articulatory, phonetic, and phonological capabilities: L. Menn — Part III. Cross-Linguistic Studies: One idiosyncratic strategy in the acquisition of phonology T. M. S. Priestly — Phonological reorganization: a case study: M. M. Vihman / S. L. Velleman — How


is child phonology? Towards an integration of linguistic and psychological approaches: M. M.

Vihman & al. — Beyond early words: word template development in Brazilian Portuguese: D.

Oliveira-Guimarães — Templates in French S. Wauquier / N. Yamaguchi — The acquisition of consonant clusters in Polish: a case study M. Szreder — Geminate template: a model for first Finnish words Tuula Savinainen-Makkonen — Influence of geminate structure on early Arabic PÓRTICO LIBRERÍAS PS 1107 — Lingüística 103 36 templatic patterns: G. Khattab / J. al-Tamimi — Lexical frequency effects on phonological development: the case of word production in Japanese M. Ota — Part IV. Perspectives and Challenges: A view from developmental psychology L. McCune — Challenges to theories, charges to a model: the linked-attractor model of phonological development: L. Menn & al.

Way, C. & al., eds.: Tracks and Treks in Translation Studies. Selected Papers from the EST Congress, Leuven 2010 2013 – vi + 298 pp. € 103,00 ÍNDICE: Introduction — Who’s who and what’s what in Translation Studies: A preliminary approach: J. Franco Aixelá — Translation in the network economy: A follow-up study: H.

Risku & al. — Many tracks lead to the goal: A long-term study on individual translation styles: G. Hansen — Triangulating translational creativity scores: A methodological study in translation process research: G. Bayer-Hohenwarter — Translation revision: Does the revision

procedure matter?: I. Robert — Understanding variability in interpreting quality assessment:

User’s sex and judgments for pleasant voice: E. Iglesias Fernández — A project-based methodology in translator training: R. Mitchell-Schuitevoerder — Incorporating translation technology in the classroom: Some benefits and issues on using corpora and corpus-based translation tools: C. Frérot — Tracing marked collocation in translated and non-translated literary language: A case study based on a parallel and comparable corpus: J. Marco — Eye tracking sight translation performed by trainee interpreters: A. Chmiel / I. Mazur — «Who are they?»: Decision-making in literary translation: W. Kolb — The power of voice in translated fiction: Or, following a linguistic track in translation studies: A. Assis Rosa — The author strikes back: The author–translator dialogue as a special kind of paratext: H. Jansen — Les sources de la traduction et leur valeur heuristique en Histoire: hégémonie vs dissidence du discours médical (Espagne, début du XXe siècle): L. Sánchez — Zur Münchhausen-Rezeption in Portugal: Eine Fallstudie: M. A. Gaspar Teixeira.

Wilhelm, R., ed.: Transcrire et/ou traduire. Variation et changement linguistique dans la tradition manuscrite des textes médiévaux. Actes du congrès international, Klagenfurt, 15-16 novembre 2012 2013 – vii + 296 pp., 10 fig. € 39,55 Wlodarczyk, A. / H. Wlodarczyk, eds.: Meta-Informative Centering in Utterances. Between Semantics and Pragmatics 2013 – xvii + 301 pp. € 106,00 ÍNDICE: Introduction: A. WLodarczyk / H. WLodarczyk — Part 1. Associative Semantics and Meta-Informative Centering: Roles and anchors of semantic situations: A. Wlodarczyk — Frames of semantic situations: A. Wlodarczyk — Grounding of the meta-informative status of utterances: A. Wlodarczyk — Attention-centered information in language: H.

Wlodarczyk — Part 2. Neuropsychological Evidence for the MIC Theory: Semantic and episodic memory by reference to the ontological grounding of the old and new meta-informative status: F. J. Stachowiak — Tracing the role of memory and attention for the metaPÓRTICO LIBRERÍAS PS 1107 — Lingüística 103 37 informative validation of utterances: F. J. Stachowiak — Part 3. Meta-Informative Centering in Languages: It-clefts in the meta-informative structure of the utterance in Modern and Present-day English: A. E. Martínez-Insua / J. Pérez-Guerra — Discourse coherence and referent identification of subject ellipsis in Japanese: S. Nariyama — Structure of centre of attention in a multi-party conversation in Japanese: Based on the data of a review meeting concerning a Science Café held in Hiroshima: M. Saijo — Verbal aspect in Slavic languages between semantics and pragmatics: H. Wlodarczyk — The position in the utterance and the melodic realisation of object and reflexive pronouns in classical modern literary Russian: O.

Azam — Accented and unaccented pronouns in Ancient Greek: A pragmatic choice by the speaker: J.-C. Pitavy — Personal subject pronouns and the meta-informative centering of utterances in classical Latin: P. Vedrenne-Cloquet.

Yu, A. C. L., ed.: Origins of Sound Change. Approaches to Phonologization 2013 – 354 pp., fig., tabl. € 87,40 ÍNDICE: Part I. What is Phonologization: L. Hyman: Enlarging the Scope of Phonologization — E. Hume / F. Mailhot: Certainty and Expectation in Phonologization and Language — Part II. Phonetic Considerations: Andrew Garrett and Keith Johnson: Phonetic Bias in Sound Change — H. Lehnert-LeHouillier: From Long to Short and From Short to Long: Perceptual motivations for changes in vocalic length — S. Tilsen: Inibitory Mechanisms in Speech Planning Maintain and Maximie Contrast — C. Narayan: Developmental Perspectives on phonological Typology and Sound Change — Part III. Phonological and Morphological Considerations: A. Kaplan: Lexical Sensitivity to Phonetic and Phonological Pressures — J.

Mielke: Phonologization and the Typology of Feature Behaviour — R. Morley: Rapid Learning of Morphologically Conditioned Phonetics: Vowel nasalization across a boundary — Part IV.

Social and Computational Dynamics: A. C. L. Yu: Individual Variation in Socio-cognitive Processing and Sound Change — J. Kirby: The Role of Probabilistic Enhancement in Phonologization — F. Mailhot: Modelling the Emergence of Vowel Harmony Through Iterated Learning — M. Sonderegger / P. Niyogi: Variation and Change in English Noun/Verb Pair Stress: Data, dynamical systems models, and their interaction.

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Abrégé de la grammaire de Saint Augustin. Texte etabli, traduit et commenté par G. Bonnet 2013 – lii + 145 pp. € 45,00 Adams, D. Q.: A Dictionary of Tocharian B. Revised and Greatly Enlarged, 2 vols.

2013 – xxi + 964 pp. € 224,00

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Syr-Z 2013 – 300 pp. € 74,90 Bakker, E. J., ed.: A Companion to the Ancient Greek Language 2013 – 704 pp. € 37,45

ÍNDICE: E. J. Bakker: Introduction — Part I. The Sources: S. Ferrara: Mycenaean Texts:

The Linear B Tablets — R. D. Woodard: Phoinikeia Grammata: An Alphabet for the Greek Language — R. Wachter: Inscriptions — A. Verhoogt: Papyri — N. Gaul: The

Manuscript Tradition — Part II. The Language: P. Probert: Phonology — M. Weiss:

Morphology and Word Formation — M. Clarke: Semantics and Vocabulary — E. van E.

Boas / L. Huitink: Syntax — E. J. Bakker: Pragmatics: Speech and Text — Part III. Greek in Time and Space: Historical and Geographical Connections: 12. J. Rau: Greek and Proto-Indo-European — S. Colvin: Mycenaean Greek R. Thompson:— 14. Greek Dialects in the Archaic and Classical Ages — S. Hawkins: Greek and the Languages of Asia Minor to the Classical Period — C. Brixhe: Linguistic Diversity in Asia Minor during the Empire: Koine and Non-Greek Languages — S. Torallas Tovar: Greek in Egypt — C. H.

George: Jewish and Christian Greek — S. Torallas Tovar: Greek and Latin Bilingualism — Part IV. Greek in Context: A. Willi: Register Variation — T. Fögen: Female Speech —

E. Dickey: Forms of Address and Markers of Status — F. Schironi: Technical Languages:

Science and Medicine — Part V. Greek as Literature: J. T. Katz: Inherited Poetics — G.

Nagy: Language and Meter — O. Tribulato: Literary Dialects — O. Hackstein: The Greek of Epic — M. Silk: The Language of Greek Lyric Poetry — R. Rutherford: The Greek of Athenian Tragedy — V. Bers: Kunstprosa: Philosophy, History, Oratory — L.

Kim: The Literary Heritage as Language: Atticism and the Second Sophistic — Part VI.

The Study of Greek: C. de Jonge / J. M. van Ophuijsen: Greek Philosophers on Language — A. U. Schmidhauser: The Birth of Grammar in Greece — J. I. Porter: Language as a

System in Ancient Rhetoric and Grammar — Part VII. Beyond Antiquity: S. Wahlgren:

Byzantine Literature and the Classical Past — D. Holton: Medieval and Early Modern Greek — P. Mackridge: Modern Greek — Bibliography.

Barber, P. J.: Sievers’ Law and the History of Semivowel Syllabicity in Indo-European and Ancient Greek 2013 – 464 pp. € 118,60

ÍNDICE: Preface — Part 1. Evidence for Sievers’ Law and the Possibility oh Inheritance:

Introduction — Sievers’ Law: Gothic and Vedic — Chronology and Inheritance — Part II.

Greek Nominal Categories: Sievers’ Law in Greek — Evidence from *-ye/o Nominals — Part III. Verbal Categories: Preliminary Considerations — Greek *-ye/o- Verbs — Conclusions — Bibliography.

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Biville, F.: Les emprunts du latin au grec. Approche phonétique, 2: Vocalisme et conclusions 1996 – 562 pp. € 57,20 Bomhard, A. R.: Reconstructing Proto-Nostratic. Comparative Phonology, Morphology, and Vocabulary, 2 vols.

2008 – xxxvi + 1.811 pp. € 566,80 Cirafesi, W.: Verbal Aspect in Synoptic Parallels. On the Method and Meaning of Divergent Tense-Form Usage in the Synoptic Passion Narratives 2013 – 204 pp. € 105,00 Horrocks, G.: Greek. A History of the Language and its Speakers 20142 – 526 pp. € 37,45 Krause, W.: Schriften zur Runologie und Indogermanistik. Hrsg. H. Beck, K. Duewel, M. Job 2013 – vi + 813 pp. € 199,95 ÍNDICE: Teil 1: Schriften zur Runologie: Einführung (von Klaus Düwel) — Runica [I] — Vingpórr — Runica II — Das Runendenkmal von Kårstad — Beiträge zur Runenforschung [I] — Eine altgermanische Bezeichnung des Pferdes und der Runenstein von Möjebro — Beiträge zur Runenforschung – Zweites Heft — Die Runenfibel von Bad Ems, Hessen-Nassau — Neue Wege der Runenforschung — Die Runen als Begriffszeichen — Zum Stand der Runenforschung — Ing — Untersuchungen zu den Runennamen I — Untersuchungen zu den Runennamen II — Der Runenstein von Pilgårds — Zur Runeninschrift auf der Scheibenfibel von Schretzheim — Die Runenfibel von Beuchte, Kr. Gosla — Die Inschrift des Runenbrakteaten von Sievern-A — Runica III — Die Runeninschrift von Alt-Ladoga — Die Inschrift der Runenspange von Aquincum — Noch einmal zu der Runeninschrift von Aquincum — Dróttkvætt-strofen fra Bergens brygge — En ny dróttkvættstrofe fra Bryggen i Bergen — Die Runeninschrift auf dem Kamm von Heidaby — Die Hamletstrophe Snæbj Û orns — Zur Herkunft von finn. runo ‘Lied’ — Die gotische Runeninschrift von Le¸tcani — Teil 2: Schriften zur Sprachwissenschaft: Einführung (von Michael Job) — Tocharica — The Imperfect in British and Kuchean — Zu einigen tocharischen Personalendungen — Zur Frage nach dem nichtindogermanischen Substrat des Tocharischen — Eigennamen in tocharischen Texten — VI Inhaltsverzeichnis — Das Numerussystem des Tocharischen — Bemerkungen zu dem nominalen nt-Suffix im Hethitischen und — Tocharischen — Die Herkunft der Germanen — Altindische und altnordische Kunstpoesie, ein Vergleich ihres — Sprachstils — Erklärungen zur ältesten Skaldendichtung — Húsdrápa — framea — Ziu — Die Kenning als typische Stilfigur der germanischen und keltischen Dichtersprache — Egil Skallagrímssons Gedicht PÓRTICO LIBRERÍAS PS 1107 — Lingüística 103 40 Der Söhne Verlust — Die Wortstellung in den zweigliedrigen Wortverbindungen, untersucht für das Altindische, Awestische, Litauische und Altnordische — Die Entwickelung einer alten elliptischen Konstruktion in den indogermanischen Sprachen — Zum Namen des Lachses — Zum Aufbau der Bacchanal-Inschrift — Zur Entstehung des lateinischen u¯ý- und v¯ý-Perfekts — Ein altkretischer Ortsname Bunasos? — Zur Erklärung des irischen Äquativs — Deutungsversuche zu einigen Stellen der Táin — Iranica — Bemerkungen zur Kausativ- und Passiv-Funktion des finno-ugrischen t-Suffixes — Handeln und Leiden im Spiegel der Sprache.

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